KDM Din Rail Enclosures

KDM din rail enclosure is manufactured for control, measurements, and instrumentation applications. We manufacture all kinds of din rail enclosures such as metal, plastic, with a bus connection, without a bus connection, with air vents, and without air vents.


KDM din rail enclosure is the leading option of din rail enclosure in the market. We have the largest production and manufacture of the widest variety of din rail enclosures.KDM din rail enclosure provides easy ways to centralize the mounting of other connected products.KDM features fiberglass enclosures, mall mountings, internal din rail enclosures, and grips.

We manufacture not only high-quality din rail enclosures but also maximum durability enclosures. Our enclosures provide energy-efficient solutions and are shatterproof to protect components inside enclosures. We can customize individual features to enhance its’ outlook and designs.KDM will take your din rail enclosure to the next level.

  • A comprehensive selection of reliable, compact DIN rail enclosure
  • Competitive pricing DIN rail enclosure
  • Custom-built DIN rail enclosure with your own design
  • All KDM DIN rail enclosures meet different safety standards

KDM Din Rail Enclosures Series

Industrial Din Rail Enclosure

The industrial DIN rail enclosure offers a practical and cost-effective way to centralize the products being mounted. Save time and money with KDM industrial DIN rail panels.

Raspberry Pi Din Rail Enclosure

Raspberry pi DIN rail enclosure from KDM comes in an amazing range. Safe, convenient, and functional housing solution. We have the best quality product offered for you.

Aluminum Din Rail Enclosure

The aluminum DIN rail enclosure is designed to offer an optimum solution in mechanical equipment and all other devices. It has robust construction to resist environmental factors.

Ventilated Din Rail Enclosure

KDM ventilated DIN rail enclosure conforms to different safety standards. All products can be modified to meet every specific project requirement. We have the perfect equipment to house sensitive devices.

Lockable Din Rail Enclosure

Lockable din rail enclosure provides cost-effective solutions to all equipment and components. These are ideal for multiple mounting configurations. The entire enclosure figure can be pre-engineered according to requirements.

Din Rail Mounted Enclosure Din Rail Enclosure

The din rail mounted enclosures are manufactured from high-grade materials and the latest technology. The cabinets have great resistance from the corrosive environment and enhance the reliability and safety of components.

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din rail enclosure
DIN rail Enclosure

KDM is the most reliable and trusted manufacturer of din rail enclosures for many years. Our products are suitable for protecting your electrical components and parts. We designed din rail enclosure ideal for any environment with easy and quick to install. It has removable covers to allow them to adapt different components to attach simple connections from PCB to terminals.

  • Enclosure suit for housing wide range of control devices
  • Given product avail at affordable rates
  • The versatile team of professionals to design and develop unit
  • All enclosures are checked on numerous quality parameters

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  • Din Rail Connector
    KDM DIN rail connectors are offered at competitive prices. Safe and reliable unit to connect with the system.
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KDM Din Rail Enclosure

Our din rail enclosure will help you save space, save time, and budget.

KDM simplifies these din rail enclosures to have standard setups making it easy to work with parts and products.

We all know that a lot of companies supply din rail enclosures but KDM assures you that we are manufacturing a superior quality product made from high-quality raw materials.

With more than 10 years of experience in this domain, we are able to fully produce one-of-a-kind products.

We had been supplying products to meet the exact requirements of our clients.

Different customization options are available in KDM in order to meet every application demand.

Moreover, we follow every industry standard in the fabrication process and check all products before shipping.

We always ensure durable and reliable products are what we offered.

There is various design of DIN rail enclosure you can choose from.

We offer a big variety that will give you the choice to find the boxes for your electronics.

The cabinet flexible design allow you to build your own housing.

With state-of-the-art machinery and facility equipment, we offer the possibility to produce innovative and unique cabinets.

Moreover, we can install and add individual features to the design according to application demand.

din rail enclosure

KDM DIN rail enclosures have the capacity to be mounted horizontally, vertically, and on multiple boards.

Vary on sizes, site, and any other main factors.

Each enclosure offered numerous sizes, configurations, and more.

KDM can extend the enclosure range which can facilitate your needs.

For further information, please feel free to contact KDM now.

We can give you advice and useful suggestions. Help meet your demand.

DIN-Rail Enclosure: The Definitive FAQ Guide

Convenient mounting is one of the key features that an enclosure can have.

For example, the use of wall-mounted enclosures can save a lot of space inside the facility.

Proper placement of equipment inside the enclosure itself also means a lot for the efficient work of electrical systems.

So, when it comes to effective mounting options, DIN rail enclosure is the obvious answer.

But, what are they?

What kind of enclosures can be put on DIN rails?

Let’s find out.

Modular DIN rail enclosure

What is a DIN rail enclosure?

DIN rail enclosure is any enclosure put on DIN rails.

A DIN rail is a metal rail of a standard type that is widely used for mounting circuit breakers and industrial control equipment inside equipment racks.

These products are typically made from metal, like stainless steel or zinc.

Although metallic, they are meant only for mechanical support and are not used as a busbar to conduct electric current, although they may provide a chassis grounding connection.

The name comes from the original specifications published by Deutsches Institut für Normung (DIN) in Germany.

DIN rails can be used for mounting the enclosure itself, or for mounting inner equipment to the walls of the enclosure.

Metallic DIN rail enclosure

What materials are used to manufacture the DIN rail enclosure?

As we said above, for the manufacturing of DIN rails various metals are used.

At KDM Steel, we are using stainless steel to produce the most robust rails that can withstand long years of employment.

DIN rail enclosures come in various constructions to meet the purposes of commercial and industrial use.

It is logical that final requirements for such a piece of equipment will significantly differ from one economical area to another, and the type of material used for enclosure plays a huge role in this case.

Obviously, the first choice for DIN rail enclosures is metal: such enclosures typically have good protection from mechanical impact and other environmental hazards.

KDM Steel uses aluminum and stainless steel in this matter.

However, metals are not the only choice – plastic also does well for some applications.

KDM Steel produces a plastic enclosure as well.

We’ll speak about each type of KDM DIN rail enclosures later in this guide.

DIN rail enclosures

Where can I use KDM Steel DIN rail enclosures?

There is an enormous variety of applications when it comes to KDM DIN rail enclosures.

As you may know, enclosures can contain any kind of electrical equipment, and DIN rails are not an exception.

The array is wide: from small switchboards to huge server systems, PCs for automation and control terminals can be placed inside such a cabinet.

KDM DIN rail enclosures can be used on manufacturing sites of the automotive and aerospace industry, on power plants and inside public facilities, and so on.

Modular DIN Rail

What types of DIN rail enclosures are available for KDM Steel customers?

# 1. Industrial DIN rail enclosure

Industrial enclosures can be effectively used on manufacturing sites, power stations, and other applications that require a high level of protection from mechanical and environmental impacts.

Typically, such enclosures can store various electrical devices inside using DIN rails.

However, it is also possible to order the KDM Steel industrial enclosure that can be fastened to the wall with the help of DIN rails.

Industrial enclosure

# 2. Raspberry Pi DIN rail enclosure

Raspberry Pi is a single-board computer that is often utilized for industrial automation.

It has a certain size and requires additional ports in the DIN rail enclosure.

Rasberri Pi enclosure

# 3. Aluminum DIN rail enclosure

On one hand, aluminum gives practically the same level of protection to the electrical equipment, as stainless steel enclosures.

On another hand, aluminum is a lightweight material, so such enclosures can be easily mounted and moved.

Aluminum DIN rail junction box

# 4. Ventilated DIN rail enclosure

Ventilated DIN rail enclosures are needed for electrical equipment that emits a lot of heat while operating.

Ventilated DIN rail enclosure

# 5. Plastic DIN rail enclosure

The main feature of plastic DIN rail enclosures is their lightweightness, so you can easily mount such cabinets on walls to save a place for other systems.

Plastic junction box

# 6. Small (compact) DIN rail enclosure

The better part of modern electrical devices tries to be as compact as possible.

Logically, we have to comply with this tendency by providing a small DIN rail enclosure for such a piece of equipment.

Compact DIN rail enclosure

# 7. PC DIN rail enclosure

As you may assume from the name, this type of KDM DIN rail enclosure is needed to store and protect personal computers.

PC enclosure

# 8. Modular DIN rail enclosure

Typically, the modular DIN rail enclosure combines several modules together in order to improve their interaction and functionality.

DIN rails on wall

Can DIN rail enclosure dissipate heat?

Yes, the better part of DIN rail enclosures is made in a way so they can dissipate heat in the outer atmosphere.

Higher temperature rises can be expected with unfinished aluminum and unfinished stainless steel enclosures due to their material’s less efficient radiant heat transfer.

Fair to mention that non-metallic enclosures have similar problems with the dissipation of excess heat.

The physical size of the enclosure is the primary factor in determining its ability to dissipate heat.

The larger the surface area of the enclosure, the lower the temperature rise due to the heat generated within it.

In any case, it is better to choose ventilated DIN rail enclosures if you are dealing with equipment producing a lot of heat.

Note: please, read the following research if you want to learn more about the heat dissipation formula.

DIN rail boxes

What kind of enclosures are better: metallic or nonmetallic?

This question is a matter of a huge argument among electronics specialists.

Metallic DIN rail enclosure, on one hand, can provide great protection from mechanical and environmental hazards.

However, it weighs more than a plastic enclosure, so it can’t be easily moved and/or replaced.

While the lightweightness is without a doubt a great advantage, nonmetallic enclosures cannot provide such kind of protection to the inner equipment.

Obviously, it is better to use metallic DIN rail enclosures in places where there is a danger of mechanical impact, like at industrial sites.

Plastic DIN rail enclosures are good for applications where lightweight is a top priority.

Various types of DIN rails

What additional accessories are available with KDM DIN rail enclosures?

First of all, our DIN rail enclosures come with all required fastening tools, like nails, screws, nuts, etc.

Secondly, you can order extra DIN rails for your existing application.  

Finally, you can order DIN rail connectors – small devices needed to connect electrical systems between each other.

These connectors can be conveniently mounted with the help of DIN rails.

DIN rail enclosure drawing

Can I customize the design of DIN rail enclosures?

Yes, you can provide drawings of needed DIN rail enclosures and our specialist will perform the manufacturing.

If you are not able to create drawings on your own, a KDM Steel designer can help you within one working day.

DIN rail connector

Can I get an explosion proof DIN rail enclosure?

Some electrical equipment can cause significant damage, including the possibility of an explosion.

Such an explosion is not so strong as you might think, however, it can cause a lot of damage to the nearby devices, as well as to human health.

As a rule, the better part of KDM metal enclosures is explosion-proof.

If needed, our enclosures can be tested by independent third parties.

How many modules can your DIN rail enclosure carry?

Due to the fact that KDM Steel can produce customized DIN rail enclosures, the number of modules can vary significantly from one modular enclosure to another.

Please, give us your thoughts on your future application, and our specialists will come with the best solution possible.

Plastic DIN rail enclosures

What kind of ingress protection can your DIN rail enclosures provide?

Ingress protection is better known as a reference to the IP rating that is sometimes interpreted as International protection marking.

Our industrial DIN rail enclosures have the best protection – they are tested as IP65/66 enclosures.

The first digit of the code shows the quality of protection from solid objects, while the second digit shows the level of water protection.

Enclosures with an IP65 rating can fully protect the inner equipment from dust, as well as from direct water jets.

DIN rail enclosures with an IP66 rating can provide the same protection from dust and other solid objects.

Also, it is more resistant to water: IP66 enclosures can withstand direct projections of powerful water jets.

If you want to learn more about the IP code and testing procedures, use the following guide.

How to use DIN rail enclosures for surveillance systems?

Due to versatile mounting options, DIN rail enclosures can be effectively used alongside the surveillance systems.

Our stock DIN rail enclosures can store switchboards and other assisting equipment, while custom cabinets can even store cameras.

Please, give our customer support service more details about your surveillance system project.

Camera on DIN rails

What kind of ventilation is optimal for the DIN rail enclosure?

The exact answer highly depends on the type of electrical equipment stored inside the DIN rail enclosure.

Some devices do not produce heat and do not need air for proper functioning, thus they can be stored inside enclosures with minimum holes.

You can order ventilated DIN rail enclosures if you need air circulation, or provide us drawings of cabinets with a ventilation option

DIN rails inside the enclosure

Where can I use the DIN rail enclosure with a door?

On one hand, an enclosure with the door is perfect when there is a constant need for interaction with inner equipment.

On the other hand, such DIN rail enclosures have good resistance indicators, that might be needed for some overloaded equipment.

The door itself can be made as a whole piece of metal, or it might contain a heat-resistant window for a better view of inner equipment.

Finally, doors can contain secure locks that can protect your equipment from theft and other unwanted interference.

Can I choose the color of a DIN rail enclosure?

Typically, we do not provide additional color options for our enclosures.

KDM Steel DIN rail enclosures come in colors of initial material: for metals, it is grey, while plastics have a white color.

Modular system

PCB and DIN rail enclosures: how are these two correlate?

As you may know, PCB stands for a printed circuit board.

It is a simple device that connects various electrical or electronic components.

PCBs are mainly used in simple devices and various electrical equipment, such as switch boxes.

KDM Steel DIN rail enclosures can be used to store PCBs and protect them from surrounding effects.

Moreover, the whole system can be conveniently stored on DIN rails inside our enclosures.

Or you can separate it and mount parts of the electrical system on walls with the help of DIN rails.


How to install the DIN rail enclosure? Are there different mounting options?

When it comes to the installation of KDM Steel DIN rail enclosures, everything depends on the type you have chosen.

For example, the vast majority of industrial DIN rail enclosures are better to be fastened to the floor because of their weight.

However, it is logical that other DIN rail cabinets can be mounted to the wall with the help of DIN rails.

Note: rails themselves are fastened with screws and bolts.

Plastic enclosure

What details should I consider when buying DIN rail enclosures?

Even though the better part of DIN rail enclosures are made in accordance with widespread international standards (meaning that there would be no issues while installing and using them) there are still a few things you should take into consideration before you make a purchase.

# 1. Keep your setup in line with laws

Let’s be frank, not all countries have strict regulations when it comes to the use of electrical equipment.

However, it is not the case in the USA: for example, residents of this country have to be listed by the UL before storing electrical motors and other equipment.

Needless to say that KDM Steel is aware of such standards, our enclosures are made to meet them.

You might also require materials that are fire retardant or weatherproof depending on the environment and codes.

# 2. Buy the right enclosure for your application

Weatherproof DIN rail enclosures can be ordered for outdoor applications or environments that are particularly wet or muddy.

Obviously, you do not have to install an enclosure that’s not weatherproof rated in such cases.

Doing so, can cause corrosion and dysfunction of expensive equipment housed inside the enclosure.

Also, think of the level of mechanical protection while choosing DIN rail cabinets.

# 3. Choose the proper material for your enclosure

First of all, you should pay attention to the material of DIN rails before choosing an enclosure.

We generally recommend stainless steel DIN rails due to their strength and ability to withstand various hazards.

When it comes to enclosures, the material also plays a huge part, mainly due to the weight of various metals and plastics.

Stainless steel sheets

# 4. Calculate the needed size of DIN rails

As a general rule, 35-millimeter wide DIN rails are the most widespread option.

However, the KDM Steel catalog contains 32- and 15-millimeter wide rails as well.

It is necessary to consider these numbers when making measurements for your future enclosure application.

# 5. Use the mounting freedom of DIN rails

In practice, the main advantage of DIN rails is their ability to fasten various equipment to walls.

In other words, DIN rails are perfect for the vertical storage of devices and cabinets.

Thus, if you can’t and don’t want to use this feature, it would be more logical to stay with other types of enclosures.

Are your DIN rail enclosures NEMA rated?

Speaking of weatherproof qualities, some of the KDM Steel DIN rail enclosures are NEMA-rated as well.

In fact, NEMA standards are quite similar to IP ratings: they also show the ability of the enclosure to protect the equipment from liquid and solid objects.

For example, our IP65/66 DIN rail enclosures can be rated as NEMA 4/4X cabinets.

You can see the comparison table in the picture below.

NEMA and IP comparison

In case you want to learn more about NEMA standards, please visit the following website.

What kind of rails is available for KDM Steel DIN rail enclosures?

KDM Steel is known as an elite manufacturer of stainless steel equipment, and our DIN rails are not an exception.

We produce our DIN rails from high-grade stainless steel only.

By doing so, we can guarantee that these tools can withstand long years of intensive use, as well as the influence of external forces.

As it was said in one of the previous questions, KDM Steel DIN rails are available in the next sizes: 15mm widths, 32mm widths, and in 35mm widths.

Please, visit the following page to see our catalog of stainless steel DIN rails.


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