KDM HMI Enclosure

HMI Enclosure or human-machine interface enclosure effectively provides security and protection on operator control devices in different situations. This will keep every workplace comfortable and cost-effective for personnel and valuable equipment. It will add great value to the sensitive machines and all operational units.


KDM has a comprehensive selection of HMI enclosure solutions ideal for industrial, commercial machinery applications including food and beverages, pharmaceutical, and more. We are proud to offer the finest-quality HMI enclosure through our full technical services. From laser cutting, casting, forging, panel bending, polishing, accessories installation, and other production methods, all are handled indoor.

If you want a custom solution for your order, take advantage of KDM services. Our complete solution will save you time, charges, and frustration. Our HMI enclosure can effectively house all types of industrial devices including mobile devices, computer monitors, lights, and other equipment controlled and supervised by operators.

  • KDM has over 10 years’ producing optimum quality HMI enclosures
  • Water-resistant and dustproof HMI enclosure offered at a competitive price
  • Full technical support throughout the production of the panel is provided
  • Bespoke service for custom solution of HMI enclosure

KDM HMI Enclosure Series

Plastic HMI Enclosure

KDM plastic HMI enclosure is available in the largest range for wide options. KDM is your reliable source offering quality products.

Small HMI Enclosure

KDM offers a complete line of small HMI enclosures with multiple configurations. You can find the appropriate product for your application.

Outdoor HMI Enclosure

Looking for an outdoor HMI enclosure? Find great options with KDM. We’ve provided the best and high-performance panels for your needs.

Mobile HMI Enclosure

KDM is equipped with state-of-the-art fabrication equipment for mobile HMI enclosure. It is completely assembled within our control room.

NEMA 4 HMI Enclosure

KDM manufacture HMI enclosure complying with NEMA 4 standard. It has high corrosion-resistant and unique features which provide protection with different kinds of components.

Industrial HMI Enclosure

The industrial HMI enclosure manufactured by KDM was able to house a range of industrial devices and equipment such as push buttons, display screens, and more.

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HMI Enclosure
HMI Enclosure

The HMI enclosures are solidly-built to stand-alone and control ingress of environmental element issues in the components. Every enclosure is designed according to international standards including NEMA, UL, CE, IP, and many more. Reliability and safety are ensured and take place. Either installed in areas where harsh weather conditions are the inevitable, dusty, dirty, and wet environment, this enclosure will stand firm.

In an extended period of time, enclosure and sensitive devices will remain strong and protected. Operators will be protected from any harmful effects of any deficiency and malfunctions.

  • Reliable and competitive solution for any housing application
  • Strong structural design made of robust and superior-grade material
  • The enclosure is offered with multiple mounting options
  • Range of product serve simple to complex applications

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KDM HMI Enclosure

No matter where you need it, for business or company projects, look no further than KDM. You will benefit from a productive business than before. KDM has the capability to give you the best services you wanted.

KDM can give you a range of customization options for you to find the appropriate solution you need most. We can configure and modify panels as possible as we could to exactly meet your requirements.

It includes the entire structure, the shapes, sizes, features, and accessories such as cut-outs, touch screens, support arm, pedestals.

Plus, a framed door with a lock and internal hinges can also be built. Easy to use, clean, and maintain panels to be installed in a corrosive environment and any wash-down areas.

HMI Enclosure

We can manage enclosure structural protection through complying with various NEMA standards ratings. It can be rated by NEMA 12, NEMA 4, or NEMA 4X.

Our enclosures are designed to meet the most severe applications of operator interface devices and control components. KDM offers the best product and services in accordance with your specifications.

KDM will be your reliable and dependent HMI enclosure manufacturer and supplier. With over 10 years of specializing in designing and manufacturing HMI enclosures, we had the expertise to develop your ideal solutions.

In both indoor and outdoor applications, our variety of panels can protect every component efficiently. KDM will help you boost your business and investments to a higher level.

If you are interested in our HMI enclosure products, please contact us! We will be eager to resolve your challenges.

What is HMI Enclosure?

HMI enclosure can protect, suspend, and enclose lightweight HMI devices.

It must always be rated for protecting the sensitive system against harsh environments in industrial settings.

Most of the HMI enclosure has protection rating against chemical, dirt, moisture, and temperature variations.

What is HMI Enclosure for?

HMI enclosure is built specifically for the application of Human Machine Interface.

The Human Machine Interface or HMI is mostly seen in industrial settings.

The HMI enclosure with removable front panels allows the installation of HMI components easier.

Moreover, it is designed to accept critical control components and operator interface devices of major manufacturers.

For wash-down areas and harsh environments like food & beverage, the HMI enclosure is the ultimate solution.

What Are the Standard Features of HMI Enclosure?

The standard feature of HMI enclosure includes:

  • Provision for the suspension system and swivel
  • Provision for door sub-panel
  • Removable cover for cutouts and components easy installation
  • Available in powder-coated RAL 7035 gray
  • Available in 304 stainless steel type
  • IP65 protection
  • Corner couplings RAL 7035
  • Corner covers RAL 7035

What is the Available Size of HMI Enclosure?

HMI enclosure is available in many sizes.

This enclosure is measured in inches, such as:

  • 12H x 16W x 6D
  • 20H x 24W x 6D
  • 20H x 24W x 10D
  • 12H x 16W x 10D
  • 14H x 18W x 6D
  • 16H x 20W x 6D
  • 16H x 20W x 10D
  • 14H x 18W x 10D

What is the Advantage of HMI Enclosure?

HMI enclosure is designed with many advantages, including:

  • Easy-to-use
  • Convenient
  • Attractive
  • Functional
  • Ergonomic mounting options
  • Perfect finish
  • High strength

What Are the Accessories for HMI Enclosure?

HMI enclosure needs accessories such as:

  • HMI Keyboard Shelf
  • HMI Pull Handles
  • HMI Cover Plates

What is the Application of HMI Enclosure?

HMI enclosure is applicable for:

  • suspension/support arm system
  • VESA
  • kiosk
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