Electrical Enclosure Assembly
Electrical Enclosure Assembly

Electrical Enclosure Assembly

Electrical enclosures vary significantly in material, structure, size, and design.

Most of these components share a few common objectives, like protecting electrical components from the environment.

They also protect users from electrical shock. However, they also differ in several aspects, including practicality, functionality, and reliability.

One core element, which influences significant differences in electrical enclosures is assembling.

Ideally, different electrical enclosures are assembled differently based on numerous factors revolving around their size, functionality, and structural design.

The particular application setting also determines the actual electrical enclosure assembly design.

Thus, there is a need to find an ideal company offering electrical enclosure assembly services. And this is where KDM Steel comes in handy.

Intrinsically, KDM Steel is a renowned manufacturer of different electrical enclosures. It offers a wide range of services surrounding this component, including assembly.

Importance of Professional Electrical Enclosure Assembly

Electrical enclosure

Electrical enclosure

Nowadays, the demand for a customized electrical enclosure is on a high.

It means different users have varied preferences as far as the assembly and organization of such enclosures are concerned.

Moreover, the size, design, and material of electrical enclosures vary, thus necessitating differences in assembling to suit the particular elements.

A professional electrical enclosure assembly service thus allows you to attain desired results.

All is done in consideration of the numerous components designed for the particular electrical enclosure.

Professionally assembled electrical enclosure provides a long lifetime of service.

control panel Electrical Enclosure Assembly

Ideally, it maintains the necessary integrity and appearance, which are also vital in enhancing efficiency and overall performance.

KDM Steel has a sufficiently knowledgeable, experienced, and competent workforce offering professional electrical enclosure assembly services.

This is vital since it ensures the entire assembling process of this component conforms to the particular industrial and quality standards.

You can easily get custom electrical cabinet assembly when you seek a professional outfit such as KDM Steel.

In essence, project requirements are unique, thus necessitating the need for a tailor-made unit. In many instances, attaining the best results under such circumstances becomes easier when seeking custom electrical enclosure services.

Of course, KDM Steel has qualified designers who assess the project’s feasibility to determine the most suitable customization requirements.

Professional electrical enclosure assembly is generally cost-effective in the long run.

You notice that the experts involved in designing assembling process of this component often factor in several factors, including scope for future modifications among others.

In the long run, it becomes cost-effective, making it easy for you to get value for money from the service.

Factors KDM Steel Consider in Electrical Enclosure Assembly

As a professional outfit in various electrical enclosure assembly matters, KDM Steel always factors in multiple elements.

The essence is to ensure you get the best service possible, guaranteeing you efficiency and reliability. Some of these fundamental factors include the following;

a) Application and IP ratings

The scope of application of your electrical circuit is a vital factor in determining the design of an electrical enclosure assembly.

The assembly of such components may change depending on the electronic specifications of your circuit and engineering applications.

Besides, the Ingress Progression (IP) rating requirements also reflect a critical element in the assembling process of electrical enclosure.

We have a range of IP rated electrical enclosures for you.

b) Thermal Requirements

Thermal specifications and conditions of the electrical assembly must be considered during the assembly process.

It plays an essential role in determining the suitable materials to use when assembling the specific electrical enclosure.

c) Equipment Size

It is a basic yet most important factor, which we often consider when assembling electrical enclosures.

The actual size influences the assembling design, which is crucial depending on the components to fit inside.

d) Scope For Future Modification

This is arguably the most fundamental element, which we often consider when assembling electrical enclosures. It gives you the necessary flexibility to modify various aspects of the electrical cabinet, especially when there is a need to enhance performance.

e) Electromagnetic Compatibility

The increasing incorporation of advanced technologies necessitates consideration of electromagnetic interference during electrical enclosure assembly.

Essentially, the assembling design must factor in EMI protection.

f)  Type Of Material

Electrical enclosures are designed from a wide range of materials exhibiting different structural specifications.

In essence, various materials differ as far as thermal, environmental, and electrical requirements are concerned.

Thus, we conduct assembling of this component based on the specific base material.

g) Mounting And Orientation

How the enclosure will be mounted is another significant factor we always consider during assembling.

It influences how we mount accessories and components to guarantee efficiency and reliability of the enclosure.


Some electrical enclosures use different accessories depending on the actual application.

At KDM Steel, we always ensure that we factor in all the vital accessories to be incorporated in the electrical enclosures when doing the assembling services.

Overview Of KDM Steel Electrical Enclosure Assembly Services

Electrical enclosure assembly

Electrical enclosure assembly

If you are looking for electrical enclosure assembly solutions for different electrical cabinets, KDM Steel is the ultimate choice for you.

We provide premium assembling services for these components by integrating innovative and high-quality designs.

It doesn’t matter the particular industry or application the electrical enclosure is designed for. We have adequate capacity to deliver best results within the shortest time possible irrespective of the order quantity or shape complexity.

KDM Steel electrical enclosure assembly is in full compliance with IEC 62208 and IEC 61439 stipulations. Besides, we comply with other applicable international standards.

The UV and weather resistance of KDM Steel assembled electrical enclosures are engineered to last longer.

Moreover, we integrate reinforced insulation to ensure the enclosures we assemble meet the stipulated requirements.

We use a unique design, which diverts moisture to the backside of the enclosure.

During assembling, KDM Steel also incorporates drainage holes on all the sides of the cabinet base.

The essence, in this case, is to prevent moisture from forming or accumulating inside the box. The holes also come in handy in regulating the temperature of the electrical enclosure when it’s operating.

Most importantly, the assembling services we provide make it easy for you to install different accessories.

We consider the actual application and the potential accessories to be fitted inside the enclosure before commencing the assembling process.

In a nutshell, while electrical enclosure is seemingly one of the most straightforward electrical components to specify, it must be appropriately assembled.

You can trust KDM Steel for professional electrical enclosure assembly services.

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