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KDM is engaged in manufacturing a comprehensive range of street light junction box and keep on updating the product range as time goes by.

We had achieved and successfully complete numerous projects. If you are new to this business, we are glad to provide free consultation for the concept design.

KDM is considered among the reliable manufacturer of street light junction boxes. Our range of street light junction box products includes street light pole junction boxes, SMC street light junction boxes, street light pole fuse junction boxes, and more.

  • Best quality range of street light junction box
  • Powerful, reliable, and attractive design street light junction box
  • Complete selection of street light junction box is provided
  • Customized street light junction box including material, dimension, shapes, etc

KDM Street light Junction Box Series

Street light Pole Junction Box

KDM manufacture street light pole junction boxes with durable and effective features to be installed in specific areas. We offered the product at competitive prices.

SMC Street light Junction Box

KDM SMC street light junction boxes are produced to meet all street lighting packaging solutions. There is a wide variety of cabinets available for you to choose from.

IP66 Street light Junction Box

IP66 street light junction boxes offered by KDM are tested and approved to the international quality standard. We can custom cabinet configuration to own layout.

Street light Fuse Junction Box

High-performance street light pole fuse junction boxes are manufactured complying with CE certification. You can buy these products in KDM at a competitive rate.

Street light Junction Box Connector

KDM street light junction box connector is acknowledged to be one of the competitive products we offered.  Otherwise, its design can be configured to own project detail.

Waterproof Street light Junction Box

In KDM, you can acquire a superior quality weatherproof street light junction box. An impact-resistant, shock-resistant, and flameproof product.

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Street light Junction Box
Street light Junction Box

Being one of the leading firms in this industry, KDM is deeply practiced to offer a high-quality range of street light junction boxes.

Attractive and elegant kind of products is possible with innovative technology and quality raw material. Buy street light junction box in any amount of order you need with KDM and avail excellent services.

  • Fire-retardant, impact-proof, weatherproof street light junction box
  • Premium-quality street light junction box
  • CE, ROHS, and ISO certified street light junction boxes
  • Cabinets are made up from superior-grade material

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  • Plastic Junction Enclosure
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KDM Street Light Junction Box

KDM street light junction box is able to deliver superior performance including shockproof, sturdiness, and weatherproof.

It enhances the installation period to be quick and easy thus they allow the long-lasting performance of the system. Offered street light junction boxes had been acknowledged to provide high efficiency.

In a highly corrosive environment, this cabinet structure’s sturdiness is reliable and trustworthy.

KDM, with over 10 years in the field of manufacturing and designing street light junction boxes, had to gain a comprehensive insight into producing excellent boxes.

By adopting the importance of quality workmanship, quick response, and bespoke service, we are able to offer the best product and service to our valued customers.

Full technical support is also provided. Inspection and quality testing are utilized during production to ensure the highest quality standard is met.

Whether they need for business or some special projects, KDM will offer products according to your requirements.

Street light Junction Box

As one of the leading and prominent street light junction box manufacturer, we offered the best, precise and sturdy products we ever-made.

Lightweight, durable and best quality finished boxes that meet exceptional standards are we are committed to offering.

With the huge insight into this field, we had brought a vast selection of street light junction boxes. Over the decade we had been the most trustworthy names of electric component packaging solutions.

The box can be made up of stainless steel, plastic, and aluminum. Depend on the application the raw material is being selected.

Street light Junction Box

The structure’s reliability and features come on. When utilizing steel, makes the structure rustproof and impact-resistant.  Also, this box can be mounted with practical accessories such as cable entry, cut-outs, and locking mechanisms.

If the final application of the box is to be installed in industrial, commercial, pedestrian illumination systems, or flood lighting areas, boxes can be modified. Full customization on a cabinet is provided according to requirements.

KDM is your one-stop-shop solution with a street light junction box and all kinds of electric system packaging needs.

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