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Polish Your Electrical Enclosure for Perfect Surface

KDM Electrical Enclosure Polishing

KDM Steel is renowned for providing a wide range of electrical enclosure polishing services.

Technically, this refers to a finishing method or process, which uses abrasive material to smoothen the surface material of the particular electrical enclosure.

electrical enclosure panel polishing

The polishing process makes the metallic surface of this component become relatively reflective, shiny and freed of defects.

Electrical Enclosure Polishing Process At KDM Steel

At KDM Steel, we perform a variety of metal polishing with different forms of abrasive.

Mostly, the best abrasive compound we use is dependent on the condition of the specific base material used for making the electrical enclosure.

If the base material is somewhat unfinished, the polishing will undoubtedly consist of numerous stages.

During the initial phase, we use a comparatively rougher abrasive compound, which removes imperfections from the material used.

In the subsequent steps, we use finer abrasive elements, which leave the base material somehow unmarked.

To attain the specific finish, we apply polishing and buffing compounds using polishing wheels and ultra-speed polishers.

In different circumstances, we can apply some polishing materials as is.

But in other instances, we use various lubricants during the process.

If you need a brighter finish on your electrical enclosure, we carry out buffing with the aid of die grinders, stationary polishers, or specialized automated equipment.

If polishing electrical enclosure polishing made using relatively soft base material, we use an ultra-fine copper-platted grit to smooth out the marks from impurities.

Additionally, we use an airflow mop to buff such materials.

electrical surface treatment

Often, we use different types of abrasives during polishing, depending on the strength of electrical enclosure base material.

For electrical boxes made from low-tensile materials, we usually use gray silicon carbide abrasives.

On the other hand, electrical cabinets made from relatively high-tensile materials like carbon steel, white and gray aluminum oxide abrasives are preferable.

Types Of Electrical Enclosure Polishing KDM Steel Offers

Double door electrical enclosure

Double door electrical enclosure

KDM Steel has been in the industry for over 10 years.

Over the years, we have been providing a wide range of excellent electrical enclosure services using numerous techniques.

The common ones include the following;

Electro-polishing – This technique uses a combination of a blended chemical electrolyte bath and rectified current to remove flaws from surface of an electrical enclosure.

This process removes metal instead of moving or wiping it across surface.

We use it as an efficient method for reaching places and relieving stress of surface material.

Chemical finishing – We use this process together with ISF machines to utilize chemicals to speed up material removal or finishing process.

Technically, this process involves application of

phosphate or black oxide to enhance surface adhesion.

Honing – It is an electrical enclosure precision finishing process, which generates smooth, flat, and or low Ra surface finishes.

Mirror finishing – KDM Steel can provide electrical enclosure with a mirror finish.

Ideally, this type of finish is reflected when the peaks and valleys on-base material’s surface is relatively small.

Thus, they close together and reflect light, making the surface relatively smooth.

Abrasive flow machining – In this process, a mixture of abrasive grain in a high-viscosity carrier medial transmitted the internal openings of the base material.

We use this polishing process for deburring and generating controlled radius geometry in components.

Additionally, we use orbital AFM processes for external finishing and geometry.

Mass finishing – This is the polishing technique we use for bulk processing.

The movement of media and compounds against the polished components and parts imparts the desired surface finish.

Peening – It is a process where smooth glass beads or metal shots are blasted at a surface to impart compressive residual surface stress.

Consequently, this removes residual tensile surface stresses.

Step By Step Electrical Enclosure Polishing Instructions

At KDM Steel, we offer a comprehensive polishing service, which guarantees efficiency, performance, and durability.

Here are the basic steps we use to apply different finishes on a wide range of electrical enclosures;


At this stage, we determine if the base material needs to be sanded first. It is easy since we have experience and tools to establish if it’s the case.

Afterward, we work our way up in grit from the roughest to the finest sandpaper.

While at it, our technicians sand in a consistent motion without cross-hatching and following the material grain if visible.

electrical enclosure finishing and sanding

Choosing The Ideal Polishing Compound And Buffing Wheel

We always start with a stiffer buff. Most of the buffing wheels are uniquely shaped and often available for getting into hard-to-reach areas of the electrical enclosure being polished.

Then we insert the buff into a standard electric drill, buffing machine, or bench grinder.

We refer to a polishing compound chart to choose the most applicable polishing compound.

Applying Polishing Compound

The next step involves coating the buffing wheel of felt bob by spinning the buff lightly against the polishing compound.

To attain the best results, we often work with at most 3,000 RPM. Ideally, working with a higher RPM may overheat the workpiece preventing the polishing compound from adhering correctly.

Repeat the process with a relatively fine polishing

Finishing With Fine Compound

To attain the ideal finish, we use the finest applicable compound with a loose single stitched buff.

Additionally, we use light pressure and let the buff do the work.

Once we complete the job, we wash surface material using warm soapy water to remove any excess buffing compound or residue.

Elements That Make KDM Steel The Best Electrical Enclosure Polishing Service Provider

kdm electrical enclosure factory

Essentially, KDM Steel is always steps ahead of the competitors in offering electrical enclosure polishing services.

We have qualified personnel with vast experience in different aspects surrounding electrical enclosure polishing.

This enables us to provide quality services within the shortest time possible.

At KDM Steel, the tools and equipment are highly advanced. This facilitates a faster production process and guaranteeing quality final products.

We use quality polishing products to ensure the final product attains the ideal surface coating for the respective application.

In essence, it guarantees efficiency, performance, and durability, which is fundamental in electrical enclosures.

And most importantly, KDM Steel electrical enclosure polishing services are cost-effective.

You end up saving a significant amount of money when you seek our polishing services, irrespective of whether you operate within a tight budget.

Contact us now for affordable electrical enclosure polishing.

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