electrical enclosure size guide
Electrical Enclosure Sizes

Electrical Enclosure Sizes

If you want to buy electrical enclosure, and not sure what size you should choose for your project. KDM can consult you. You just need to tell us your requirement. Details of your project, what your enclosures are used for, better you send us your drawing or any images. KDM will provide you the best sizing guide.

Below is FAQ about electrical enclosures size you may interest. If you cannot find the right answer,

Electrical Enclosure Sizes: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

What is Electrical Enclosure Box?

It is a small “housing” you can use in mounting electronic components such as switches, relays, motor controllers, and other related equipment. They come in different sizes and shapes, with the main role being:

  • Protecting equipment from hostile and fluctuating environmental conditions
  • Preventing unauthorized persons from accessing the equipment, thereby acting as a safety measure
  • Eliminates possibilities of electric shock and other related accidents
  • Helps in easy management of electrical components since you will install them in a central place

In most cases, people refer to the electrical enclosure box as an electrical enclosure or electrical cabinet.

Electrical Enclosure

Electrical Enclosure

Are there Standard Electrical Enclosure Sizes?

Different sizes of electrical enclosure

Different sizes of the electrical enclosure

Although manufacturers tend to adopt certain designs for electrical enclosure sizes, there are no known international standards for this.

However, the available standards focus more on the degree of protection and electrical enclosure safety.

They include the NEMA rating, IP rating, UL listing, RoHS, NFPA, CE, etc.

For instance, electrical enclosure sizes may range from 75 x 125 x 35 to 300 x 600 x 136 mm.

It will depend on the unique requirement specifications of the client.

However, the electrical enclosure size should allow for safe mounting of components and the free circulation of air for ventilation.

Mostly, manufacturers offer custom electrical enclosure sizes.

What Does KDM Mean by Standard Enclosure Box Sizes?

These are common enclosure box sizes we have as inventories.

We have designs and dimensions which we can quickly share with you upon request.

At the same time, KDM machines and fabricates custom enclosure box sizes.

You will tell us your specifications, and our technicians will send you 2D and 3D drawings with all dimensions.

Are there NEMA Enclosure Sizes?

Most people use the “NEMA enclosure sizes” to refer to NEMA enclosures that come in various size options.

However, National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) does not have rules and regulations about the electrical enclosure sizes.

The main focus on NEMA is to grade different electrical enclosures depending on their level or degree of protection.

It evaluates electrical enclosures based on their degree to guarantee protection from certain environmental conditions and factors.

The environmental factors may include corrosive vapor, dust, dirt, splashing water, etc.

Can Electrical Panel Enclosure Sizes Affect Temperature Control?

Yes, it can.

For an efficient electrical enclosure cooling, you need enough space for the free circulation of air.

Therefore, as you choose electrical enclosure sizes, it should allow for the free circulation of air and installation of other cooling systems.

More importantly, it must have enough space for the installation of electrical components and maximum heat dissipation.

Also, remember, the surface area affects the heat load of an electrical enclosure.

That is, to calculate the electrical enclosure conductance, you must know the surface area (which is its size).

Electrical Enclosure Conductance = Enclosure Surface Area ×Enclosure Heat Transfer Coefficient

How do You Calculate the Standard Enclosure Surface Area?

The procedure will depend on the design of the electrical enclosure.

It is because some electrical enclosures will take the shape of a cuboid or any other complex shapes.

Whichever the case, divide the electrical enclosure into distinct geometrical shapes such as rectangle, square, triangle, etc.

Then, calculate the area of each surface, after which you will get the total sum.

Does Electrical Enclosure Size Determine the Enclosure Cooling System?

Yes, it does.

It plays a fundamental role when calculating electrical enclosure heat load.

Heat load is a key factor when choosing type, size, design, and efficiency of the electrical enclosure cooling system.

What are Main Dimensions in Electrical Enclosure Sizing?

Every dimension is important, and they vary from one electrical enclosure design to another.

However, you can describe enclosure in terms of length and width when considering dimensions of each outer panel.

Moreover, you should have the dimensions of the ventilation systems and cable holes.

The orientation, whether vertical or horizontal, is important when classifying the electrical enclosure.

How Big Should Electrical Enclosure Size Be?

It will depend on the number of components you want to install in the electrical enclosure.

When choosing an electrical enclosure size, you can consider:

  • Options for cable management system – the cables must allow for a free flow of air
  • Installation of enclosure heating or cooling systems

Electrical enclosure system

Electrical enclosure system

Does KDM Help in Calculating Electrical Enclosure Sizes?


KDM technicians will help you in all aspects of electrical enclosure sizing and dimensions.

You can provide us with the following information:

i. How many components do you want to install in the electrical enclosure

ii. Where you want to install the electrical enclosure (it will help us establish the NEMA & IP rating among other quality standards)

iii. Types of components to install (it will help us determine the cooling systems)

iv. Any design you have in mind

At KDM, we help our clients in concept development, CAD drawing through to the fabrication and surface finishing.

Does KDM have Electrical Enclosure Size Limitations?


At KDM, we manufacture all designs and sizes of electrical enclosures; from smaller to larger electrical enclosures.

You can tell us the size of the electrical enclosure you need – the 2D and 3D drawings will be ready with one day.

KDM does not have minimum and maximum sizes for electrical enclosures.

We customize our electrical enclosure sizes depending on the specific needs of customers.

Talk to us today, for custom electrical enclosure sizes.

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