Custom Electrical Enclosure
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  • Custom the right enclosure based on your picture or drawing.
  • 2D or 3D drawing in 1 day, sample in 3 days.
  • ISO9001 certified Supplier.

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Custom Electrical Enclosure:

Your Premier Manufacturer

  • Over 10 years electrical enclosure manufacturing experience
  • 50 technical engineering to support your enclosure development and manufacturing
  • 4 set laser cutting machine
  • 7/24 online support for your business
KDM electrical enclosure factory

How KMD Steel Custom Your Electrical Enclosure

KDM Steel use sand casting and investment casting technologies to custom some metal parts like flanges in our Casting department.
If your part needs your enclosure surface conductivity, or needs to be more solderable, Plating will be a must process.
Forging include hot forging and hot forging, it is used the shape the metal.
Powder Coating
Most of enclosures need this process except some stainless steel enclosures.
If you need to improve the surface finish of your electrical enclosure, you need the process of polishing.  All electrical enclosures and boxes need the polishing process.
Laser Cutting
KDM Steel has 10 laser cutting machines on this important process, we can do both 2D laser cutting and 3D laser cutting on the metal.
Enclosure Panel Bending
KDM Steel has the in house machine shop to handle the enclosure panel bending process.  We use different bending methods to fabricate your enclosure.
More Technologies
There are many more other methods we use for your electrical enclosures.  Contact us if you need to learn more.

About KDM Steel:

KDM Steel knows electrical enclosure, and knows your requirement on enclosure. Over the last 10 years, KDM Steel only focus on custom different types of electrical enclosure, we start from a 10 employees factory, and grown with a 50 employees. We will provide you the one stop solution for all your electrical enclosure requirement. Any types of electrical enclosure, contact KDM Steel, we will provide you the best enclosure solution, order or no order, we’re always happy to help your business.

Stainless Steel

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