Professional Electrical
Enclosure Manufacturer
One-stop solution to turn the idea in your head into products in your hands
Professional Electrical
Enclosure Manufacturer
One-stop solution to turn the idea in your head into products in your hands
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Custom Electrical Enclosure

KDM custom electrical enclosures are made to suit various environments and applications. We offer different features to comply with necessary IP ratings, NEMA standards, outdoor enclosure requirements, mining enclosure regulations, vessel enclosure standards, and so on. To meet your needs, we also offer custom cutouts, company logo prints, ventilated designs, and more. Please share your requirements, and KDM will provide the perfect solution for you.

Why Choose KDM as Your Electrical Enclosure Manufacturer

  • Fast response: receive your quote within 24 hours after application confirmation
  • Expert designers: our engineers can design your custom enclosure in 1-2 days with all required features applied to the product.
  • Certified production: experienced employees and compliance with ISO9001, PPAP, and CPK.
  • Secure packing and delivery: KDM provides custom packing for different projects, as well as door-to-door delivery.
KDM Custom Electrical Enclosure factory

Featured Electrical Enclosure

We offer a full range of wall-mounted electrical enclosures with wall brackets and bolts as accessories for your selection.
Free-Standing Enclosure
You can request different custom details for free-standing enclosures, such as plinths, angle bar bases, ventilation with a filter, and so on.
Pole-Mounted Enclosure
We manufacture pole-mounted IP and NEMA enclosures suitable for outdoor and indoor use. Various pole-mounted brackets are available to ensure a secure attachment.
Stainless Steel Enclosure
We offer stainless steel 201, stainless steel 304, and stainless steel 316L grade options for different applications and environments.
Mild Steel Enclosure
Our mild steel enclosures are painted with special indoor or outdoor polyester and epoxy powder for long-term rust resistance.
Junction Box
KDM offers junction boxes with custom cable entry cutouts, DIN rail brackets, cable organizers, and other features for your project.

Custom Electrical Enclosure Design

KDM will help you customize electrical enclosures in a simple and efficient way. Based on your requirements and applications, we can select the right material, hardware, structure, and design for you. CAD and Solidworks drawings would be available for your approval before production.

custom designed electrical cabinet
How to Get a KDM Quote Within 24h

How to Get a KDM Quote Within 24h?

We can send you the quote if you can do the following:

  • Provide a reference enclosure or a drawing
  • Request the material and surface treatment (e.g. steel+powder coating, or SS304)
  • Decide on the dimensions and quantity of your enclosure
  • List the special features you require (e.g. IP rating, ventilation fans, etc.)

Quality Enclosure Manufacturing

KDM has advanced machines, experienced workers, and a good quality system to ensure the high quality of your enclosures.

Electrical Enclosure Laser Cutting
We operate with a 4000W high-performance laser cutting machine that has a +/- 0.05mm accuracy. No burr - no scratching.
Our machines have a +/- 0.5mm bending precision, resulting in a smooth surface without bending marks.
Electrical Enclosure Welding
Our multi-functioning flexible welding equipment has a high accuracy, minimizing deformation.
Electrical Enclosure Foaming
KDM high-speed and accurate foaming machines ensure material resistance and compliance of the rubber gaskets with IP standards.
Electrical Enclosure Polishing
Our well-experienced polishing workers perfect the overall finished appearance of your enclosures.
Electrical Enclosure Assembly
We have an expert assembling team that provides consistent assembly quality for every KDM enclosure
electrical enclosure Assembly and Inspection
KDM inspects all enclosures for compliance with ISO9001, PPAP and CPK regulations and standards.
Plastic Powder Coating
To suit various outdoor and indoor enclosure applications, KDM offers different polyester- and epoxy-based powder coatings to ensure high quality.

Custom Enclosure Accessories

KDM will take great care of all your requested enclosure features. No compromise.

To make the perfect enclosure, KDM offers many custom accessories for our enclosures. These accessories range from hardware to electrical parts. For different enclosures, we provide various wall brackets, DIN rails, canopies, louvers with filters, PDU, air conditioners, casters, rain caps, and much more.

KDM accessories are competitive in pricing, and can be the perfect match to suit any custom application. We also give a one-year warranty for all of these custom accessories.

Custom LOGO for Your Electrical Enclosure

KDM can include a custom logo on your electrical enclosures—with no MOQ. The logo can be made by silk-screen printing, laser etching, UV printing, engraving, and so on. Multi-color printing is also available at a low cost.

A custom logo carton packing is also possible if you request. Of course, we will provide colored boxes according to your requirements. Contact us now to customize your enclosure.

Latest Enclosure Projects

KDM has developed many enclosure projects for different industries, you just need to send us your requirement and get an instant quote.
Battery Rack Enclosure
KDM offers all kinds of battery enclosures with great ventilation and IP rating. Sturdy shelving is specially designed and tested for loading capacity.
Free Standing Enclosure with Canopy
KDM free-standing enclosures are designed with different canopies, or rain caps. These canopies are used as a rainproof feature, a solar panel fixture, and more.
Double-Door Wall-Mounted Enclosure
KDM has made hundreds of designs for double-door wall-mounted enclosures. We can also create a custom design for your enclosure based on your application.

How We Manufacture Electrical Enclosures

KDM engineers start an electrical enclosure project with a drawing and the client’s approval of the design before production. With all the features and details confirmed, the drawings are put into our production computer system. The manufacturing process passes through sheet shearing, laser cutting, bending, welding, polishing, gasket sealing, assembly, and surface treatment. Every detail is made and inspected according to your requirements.

KDM has a strict quality control system based on ISO9001 and PPAP standards. In addition, based on different enclosure types and their quantities, we pack products in shrink wrapping, cartons, pallets, wooden boxes, and so on, to ensure a safe delivery to your destination.

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