electrical enclosure manufacturing equipment
KDM Metal Enclosure Manufacturing Equipment

High Quality Electrical Enclosure Manufacturing

KDM always aims to manufacture high-quality electrical enclosures with our premier equipment. You can learn here what equipment we use to manufacture your electrical enclosures. Anything does not understand you can contact our support team.

Laser Cutting Machine

1. Locating accuracy±0.03mm
2. Cutting tolerance within 0.1mm
3. High-Speed Cutting for thin sheets, and high efficiency for medium and thick steel sheets.

Plate Shears Machine

1. With a frequency conversion motor, the locating process is accurate and fast.
2. The lighting and cutting matching setting facilitates manual cutting.
3.Reliable safety guard setting.

Numerical Control Press

1. High frequency punching, max. 1000cpm
2. Punching tolerance±0.1mm
3. Max. sheet thickness 4mm

Metal Bending Machine

1. With high frequency valve and hydraulic control, the machine is of high speed, efficiency, and accuracy.
2.Bending Accuracy +/-0.1mm,angle accuracy±0.2 arcmin.


Riveting Machine

Punching Machine

PU Dispenser

Double PU sealing dispenser is suitable for the sealing of enclosures, sheet metal, auto, lighting, and other sectors. The seals out of such machines helps with the dust and water proof setting to meet max. IP67 grade.


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