Frequently Asked Questions about KDM electrical enclosure
Questions You May Ask About KDM Electrical Enclosure

Frequently Asked Questions

You can find most questions you may ask about the KDM factory or KDM enclosures. Questions about any electrical enclosure, or even industry info.

Do you send the catalog and price list?

We can send you the catalog.  However, 95% of our goods are custom made.  In this way, we do not have a price list.  Of course, we can offer you some standard items prices for reference if you need.

How to get a rough cost?

We can send a simple form for your option selections to finalize the cost.

Can you cover the shipping cost?

Yes, we offer you different terms, such as FOB, CIF, DDU, DDP and so on.

How to choose the right design?

You need to consider your enclosure applications.  For example, for outdoor enclosure, you normally need a rain canopy.  If you want to put the enclosure on the wall, you might need wall brackets.  For details, please contact us.

How to choose the suitable material?

You need consider the environment and cost.  For tough environment like seaside, it is better to use stainless steel 316L.  Of course, this material is much more expensive than mild steel, but it will have a long life expectancy.  For indoor applications, the mild steel with powder coating might be enough.  It is cost effective as well.

What are the material options?

We normally offer mild steel, stainless steel 201, stainless steel 304, stainless steel 316, and also aluminum.

What are the cost differences among different materials of enclosures?

Normally the material cost from high to low is in this sequence, aluminum, stainless steel 316L, stainless steel 304, stainless steel 201, and then mild steel.

Can you offer us the drawing?

Yes, we offer drawings for all our items before production, mainly CAD, and SolidWorks drawings.

Can you design the enclosures per my requirements?

Yes, our engineers can design the enclosures based on your requests.

Can you make the products per our drawing?

Yes, we can make the product based on your drawings.  However, we will check your drawings first, and might revise some details which might not be achieved in the production.

Can you provide custom enclosures?

Yes, our advantage is for custom enclosures.  95% of our goods are custom made.

What is the lead time for the bulk production?

Normally 20-30 days after details and drawings are confirmed.  We also offer expedite options with additional charge.

How many days for a sample?

3-7 days

How soon can you finish the drawing?

Normally 2-3 days.

Where is your nearest port?


What is the cost to get the drawing?

As long as it is a project for us to make, we offer free drawings.

Is there any additional service charge for the custom enclosures?

No, no charge.  We are trying to make your project a success and win together.

Can you give free samples?

Yes, but it depends.  Every year, we give more than two hundred free samples to different customers to expand the business together.

Can you make IP-rated enclosures?

Yes, we have SGS IP rating reports for our standard products.  For custom item, we can also submit the products for testing companies to get the IP reports for you.

Can you offer Nema standard enclosures?

Yes.  NEMA standards and IP ratings are similar on dust and water resistance requirements.

Is your product RoHS compliant?

Yes, all products are RoHS compliant.

Do you have a MOQ?

No, you can order 1pc to start.

How do you protect the goods from damage in transit?

Based on different shipping methods and products, we offer all kinds of packing options, such as carton, pallets, wooden crate and so on.

Is your wooden packing allowed to enter my country?

Yes, we do not use solid wood for any packing.  We use plywood.  No fumigation required.

Can I ship the enclosures with LCL shipment?

Yes, we are exporting dozens of enclosures shipments by LCL each month.  Our strong pack ensures no damage in transit.

Can you make the enclosure in the color red color?

Yes, we can make the enclosures in all kinds colors based on RAL standard.

Can you make the custom logo?

Yes, we can make your logo in silkscreen, laser carving, printing and so on.

Can you make the custom packing?

Yes, we can make the packing per your request, including color boxes.

Can you do the custom cutout?

Yes, we can.  It is free of charge.

Do you offer any electrical parts?

Yes, we can provide ventilation fans, light and so on.

How do you protect the goods for sample delivery?

For samples, we normally use wooden carton for protection.

What is your payment term?

Normally 50% deposit, and balance before shipment.

Do you have any quality insurance?

We provide one-year quality insurance.

What is the material for the mounting plate?

For mounting plates, we normally use galvanized steel, powder coating steel, or bakelite.

How can ensure the product quality?

Before shipment, we will provide goods pictures, videos, or you can also have online inspection.

How can I know the strength of your company?

You can arrange the online factory audit.  We will show you around in our factory.

Can we visit your factory?

Yes, you can arrange the schedule with us, and visit us.  We are paying regular visits to our customers as well.  After this Covid-19, we will start our visiting again.

How can we save space for delivery?

For different sizes of enclosures, we might put small into big ones to save space.  In addition, we have knock-down style enclosures which reduce the volume significantly.

Do you have any instructions for flat pack enclosures?

Yes, we provide assembly instructions for each type of flat pack enclosure.

What is the disadvantage of flat pack enclosures?

The flat pack enclosures can not reach a high IP rating, such as IP66.

Can we have Ikea packing for the enclosures?

Yes, for flat packing enclosures, we can provide Ikea packing.

How to avoid the enclosure damaged in transit if you put small enclosures into big ones?

We will use foam and fixtures to fix the inner enclosure.

Do you have Rittal items?

Yes, we can similar Rittal designs, and can custom all kinds of enclosures per your request.

Do you have the hairline finish for the enclosures?

Yes, for stainless steel enclosures, we provide hairline finish.

Do you have special UV-resistant coating?

Yes, we have outdoor powder for outdoor enclosures.

Do you provide fitting and other fixing hardware?

Yes, we can offer wall brackets, pole brackets, all kinds of screws, nuts and so on.

How can I buy your products if I do not know the importing process?

We can recommend a local broker to help you.  We can also do the DDP term to your warehouse.

Can your enclosures be used in the desert area?

Yes, we have designed heat reflective enclosures, insulated enclosures and so on for the desert environments.

What kinds of insulation materials do you have?

We have glass fiber, glass wool, aluminum foil board and so on.

Do you have noise reduction enclosures?

Yes, we offer insulated enclosures to reduce the noise.

What kinds of visible window material do you have?

Normally we use tempered glass or acrylic.

Is it possible to achieve IP66 rating for enclosures with windows?

Yes, we can use glue to seal the window.

What is the material for the mounting plate?

Normally we use galvanized steel or powder coating steel.

Can you make custom metal sheet parts besides enclosures?

Yes, we are currently making many custom metal sheet items already, such as oil tanks, water tanks, and so on.



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