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Wall mount electrical enclosures, also known as wall mount electrical cabinets or wall mount electrical boxes, are the enclosures designed to be mounted on flat wall surfaces. Therefore, the size of these enclosures is normally smaller than their free-standing and floor mount counterparts. It is also impossible for wall mount enclosures to be accessed from a back panel.

However, the relatively smaller size provides the convenience for relocation and maintenance. And the application of these enclosures can be relatively more flexible as well.

KDM Steel wall mount electrical enclosures can come in either single door or double door layouts, while the single door layout is much more common due to the weight limit of the mounting hardware.

KDM Wall Mounted Enclosure

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  • Waterproof Design for Outdoor wall mount enclosure
  • Over 10 years of wall mount enclosure manufacturing experience
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Variety Materials for Your Project

KDM: Your Professional Wall Mount Electrical Enclosure Manufacturer

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The construction strength and durability of KDM Steel wall mount enclosures are also specially enhanced based on their applications.

Different mounting hardware options are also available, including external tabs, mounting brackets as well as pre-punched holes on the rear wall of the enclosure.

KDM Steel enjoys a decade-long experience in manufacturing wall mount electrical enclosures.

Compared to aluminum enclosures, the stainless-steel wall mount enclosures manufactured by KDM Steel enjoy better construction integrity and durability.

Their superior anti-corrosion properties also make them more suitable for extreme environments as well as hazardous weather.

If you’re looking for wall mount electrical enclosure manufacturer, then you’re in the right place. KDM Steel can custom any kind of wall mount enclosure for your business, request a quick quote now.

Why KDM is Trusted By Over 1000 Global Clients

Electrical Enclosure laser-cutting

4000W high performance laser cutting machine, +/- 0.05mm accuracy. No burr, no scratching.

Electrical Enclosure Welding

Multi-Functioning flexible welding equipment, high accuracy, no deformation.

Electrical Enclosure Bending

+/- 0.5mm bending precision, smooth surface without bending marks.

Electrical Enclosure Polishing

10+ welding experience workers, perfect overall appearance.

Electrical Enclosure Foaming

High speed and accuracy foaming machines, fast and qualified Gasket

electrical enclosure assembly

Expert assembling team, consistent assembly quality on every KDM enclosure

Wall Mount Electrical Enclosures: The Helpful Guide for Importers

Wall Mount Electrical Enclosure

Are you looking for better safety for your electrical and electronic equipment?

You better then go with a wall mount electrical enclosure.

KDM wall mount enclosures are designed to be mounted mostly on flat wall surfaces. These cabinets specifically used to electrical components in houses including electrical switchgear, instruments, and pilot devices. Pilot devices include pushbuttons, selector switches, indicator lamps, toggle switches, and stack lights.

KDM wall mount enclosure offered in a range of standard sizes, styles, and features which meet a wide range of your project or business needs. Commonly, the sizes of these enclosures are smaller than other cabinets. Our wall mount cabinets can also be built-in single, double or multi-door configurations. Long-lasting powder coat finishes are done in every wall mount enclosure which enables for use in indoor and outdoor.

KDM fabricate this enclosure using high strength materials including carbon steel, galvanized steel, and (304, 316) stainless steel. KDM construct wall mount enclosures intended based on their application settings.

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KDM wall mount enclosure superior anti-corrosion properties provide additional protection to enclosed types of equipment against dust, tampering. And also makes them more suitable for extreme and harmful weather conditions. Additionally, we provide a range of accessories options including multiple shelving and door structure, hinging, door switches, power sockets, signal towers, and so on.

At KDM, we design wall mount enclosure with additional mounting options such as external tabs, pre-punched holes, mounting brackets on the back of the enclosures. These wall mount cabinets can be used in indoor and outdoor environments. This enclosure happens to comply with NEMA standards. Different NEMA level prevents various hazardous conditions to the enclosed component, and allow you to access internal types of equipment longer.

Besides complying NEMA standards, each of our wall mount enclosure all our products is also made with strict adherence to the UL, and CE safety standards. KDM wall mount enclosure sturdy construction and outstanding prevention performance, making it the best choice you need to keep your equipment.

KDM as a specialist enclosure manufacturer, we can also construct custom configurations of wall mount enclosures. Including custom holes patterns, various colors, and dimensions, that makes it easy for you to utilize our standard enclosures in your own machine design. Moreover, we offer services for your customization such as silk-screening, anodizing, and engraving for your company branding and valuable info.

For over 10 years of manufacturing all kinds of the enclosure, we had rich experience in every piece we produced. Our innovative exceptional enclosure solutions, allow our customers’ to gain a productive business or have an effective project.

Stainless Steel wall mount enclosures Material

KDM as a China-based wall mount enclosure manufacturer, we specialized in providing top quality wall mount cabinets which are supported by our advanced automation. You can guarantee all our products reliability and longer functional existence.

Our wall mount cabinets are manufactured by our expert designing team who have rich experience in designing and manufacturing fashionable products. We are glad to help you with best enclosure solutions at a reasonable cost.

If you’re looking for a reliable wall mount enclosure supplier, then you’re in the right place. With our 24/7 online support, our sales team will manage your request.

Read this guide to find out why and, to understand more about these type of electrical enclosures.

What is a Wall Mount Electrical Enclosure?

A wall mount electrical enclosure is a type of cabinet that you use to enclose electrical equipment and wiring.

They are known as wall mount enclosures because they are mounted on a flat wall using hardware like brackets, extend pads, etc.


Wall mount electrical enclosure

Wall mount electrical enclosure

These enclosures come in a variety of designs and sizes.

You can opt for an off-the-shelf design/size or have yours custom made to your specifications.

Why You Need a Wall Mount Electrical Enclosure and Cabinet

Well, for plenty of reasons.

One, is that wall mount electrical enclosures are excellent space savers.

You can be able to enclose delicate electrical connections and devices without using much of your space.

Besides, they make your space well organized.

Imagine what will happen if a cable that connects to vital electrical equipment fails?

You will get lost in the wiring clutter and waste a lot of time trying to figure out which cable goes where.

With a quality wall mount enclosure, nonetheless, you can avoid such situations and even make your work easier.

Different types of wall mount electrical enclosure

Another reason is that you can easily install and secure a wall mount electrical enclosure without damaging your devices and equipment.

The best part is that these enclosures come ready to install.

All you need to do is to place it on the wall you want and secure it well.

That’s not all.

If you have highly-risk electrical and electronic equipment that you need to keep out of reach, this is the ideal enclosure for you.

It will conceal and protect your devices as well as ensure the safety of users.

Besides, some come with lockable doors that ensure maximum security for your electrical and electronic equipment.

Designs of Wall Mount Electrical Enclosure

These type of enclosures, as I said before, come in a variety of designs and sizes.

Choosing the ideal design for you, however, will largely depend on your specific application.

That said, here are the different designs of wall mount electrical enclosures:

· Single Door

Single doors are common in wall mount electrical enclosures.


Single door wall mount electrical enclosure

Single door wall mount electrical enclosure

They come with one door that you can customize how far and to which direction it opens.

· Double Door

Not many wall mount electrical enclosures come with double doors.

This is due to the weight limitation of the enclosures’ mounting hardware.

Single door vs double door wall mount electrical enclosure

Single door vs. double door wall mount electrical enclosure

However, if you are in need of easier content access, aesthetic appeal, larger storage space,etc., you can request for a double door wall mounting enclosure.

· Disconnect

Disconnect wall mount electrical enclosures are designed to allow the addition of a flange-mounted disconnect.


In other words, you can use this type of enclosures with disconnects and operating mechanisms from various manufacturers.

· Hinge Cover

Hinge cover wall mount electrical enclosures are designed for installations where a continuous hinge and quick release clamps are required.

Quick release clamps, take note, are quick and easy to operate.

Hinge cover wall mount electrical enclosure

Hinge cover wall mount electrical enclosure

They also have no loose parts.

A hinge cover enclosure will house all your electrical and electronic equipment while protecting against the harsh and dirty environment.

· Slope top

Contrary to the standard flat top enclosures, slope top wall mount electrical enclosures come with a slant roof panel.

The slanting roof is built to help prevent dust accumulation.

So if you intend to use the enclosure in a dusty environment, getting one with a sloping top would be ideal.

Quality Standards of Wall Mount Electrical Enclosure

Safety is a very critical aspect of electrical equipment and devices.

About this, the industry requires that wall mount electrical enclosures comply with one or more of the standards:


NEMA is an acronym for the National Electrical Manufacturers Association.

It is an international body that governs the safety standards of electrical and electronic equipment.

For wall mount electrical enclosures, NEMA requires that they meet the set standards for performance and protection of the electrical equipment they house.

So when shopping for a wall mount electrical enclosure look out for a NEMA rating that’s suitable for your application.

Consider the types – there are 13 NEMA types, and each has a different protection specification.

· IP (IEC 60529)

IP protection ratings are put to assure that products are safe from external solid materials like dust, and dirt.

IP Ratings Wall Mount Electrical Enclosures

IP Ratings Wall Mount Electrical Enclosures

It also assures protection against the ingress of water.

When looking for the IP rating, you’ll notice the rating IP followed by two digits.

These digits are an indication that the product is protected from solids and water to a certain degree.

· RoHS

RoHS is simply a safety standard that restricts the use of certain hazardous materials on electrical and electronic products.

These are materials such as mercury and lead that are known to be harmful to the entertainment.

· CE

CE is a safety mark that is mostly required for products developed/sold in the European economic zones.

This marking on a wall mount electrical enclosure indicates that it conforms to the EU health, safety, and environmental standards.

· UL 50 and 50E

Importing to the United States?

Well, you may need to check and ensure that your product complies with the Universal Laboratories safety standards.

Otherwise, you could run into problems with the US customs and border protection.

Wall Mount Electrical Enclosure Specifications

When looking for a wall mount electrical enclosure to import, there are several aspects that you should consider.


Stainless steel wall mount electrical enclosure

Stainless steel wall mount electrical enclosure

These are:

· Material

Different materials are used to make a wall mount electrical enclosures.

The most common materials being steel, aluminum, rigid plastic, and polycarbonate.

It is therefore crucial that you pick an enclosure that utilizes the highest quality materials.

wall mount electrical enclosures Material

wall mount electrical enclosures Material

To do this, consider your intended application, environment and length of application.

You want to import an enclosure that can withstand the harshest and dirtiest environments

· Frame

Considering the frame, quality is paramount.

Keep in mind that the frame is the foundation of the entire enclosure.

Therefore, a poor quality frame will result in a poor quality enclosure.

When shopping, therefore, prioritize material quality and sturdy construction.

This will ensure the durability and stability of the wall mount electrical enclosure.

· Door

To add to what I have already said about doors, these enclosures can be made with a top door or a front door.

You choose what works best for your application.

wall mount electrical enclosures Material

wall mount electrical enclosures Material

While choosing, make sure that the door is made of strong and durable materials.

Also, look at the opening mechanism to ensure that it won’t give you problems after installation.

· Mounting and Orientation

Mounting and orientation are two critical factors to consider when picking out a wall mount electrical cabinet.

Know how the enclosure will be mounted. Does it come with mounting brackets or not?

Will you need screws?

Also, will you install the enclosure in a vertical or horizontal orientation?

The bottom line here is to choose an enclosure that fits your every specification including mounting option and orientation.

· Grounding

Ensuring Earthing continuity is essential to prevent electrical shocks and fire hazards.

Regarding this, wall mount electrical enclosures should have Earthing studs on the inside, with wall mounting feet and possibly watertight gaskets.

· Protection

Before buying a wall mount electrical enclosure, you need to check its protection level.

Review the NEMA and IP ratings to confirm it is safe to use indoors and/or outdoors.

And, if it can protect against dirt, dust, ice, and the ingress water.

Also, check for CE, RoHS, and/or UL markings to confirm their conformity to health, safety, and environmental standards.

· Size

Unlike the free-standing enclosures, wall mount electrical enclosures do not have a variety of size options.

Most of them are small in size as manufacturers limit their weight for mounting stability.

So do not be shocked if your supplier offers a limited range of sizes for you to choose from.

Note however that you can still find larger size wall mount electrical cabinets for industrial purposes.

Just talk to your supplier about your needs, and I am sure you will come to an understanding.

KMD Steel wall mount Electrical enclosures

Note yet decided on where to buy your wall mount electrical enclosure?

Don’t worry, we (LectSteel) are here for you.


We are a premier manufacturer of affordable off-the-shelf and custom stainless steel electrical enclosures.

Our company offers a comprehensive range of wall mount electrical enclosures as well as accompanying accessories.

Our enclosures are made using the highest quality stainless steel material for maximum durability and aesthetic value.

For the wall mount electrical enclosure, LectSteel offers a variety of mounting hardware options.

These include brackets, external tabs and pre-punched holes at the back of the enclosures.

Of importance is to note that all our products are made with strict adherence to the NEMA, UL, and CE safety standards.

The best part?

LectSteel can custom make and deliver your wall mount electrical enclosure in less than a month.

Just call us now and let us deliver quality, cost-effective wall mount electrical enclosure that’s befitting to you.


All said and done; safety is crucial when it comes to electrical and electronic components and equipment.

Good quality material, sturdy construction, protection, and proper sizing are key elements of the right wall mount electrical enclosure.

So don’t overlook them when picking out a wall mount electrical enclosure.

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