1. About KDM

KDM Steel is a leading supplier of electrical enclosures. We have built our experience through trial and error, pushing our manufacturing skills to the top of the game for more than 10 years.

Now, KDM Steel is the #1 choice when it comes to electrical enclosures and we are not afraid to state this aloud.


  1. Our catalog has 20 categories of goods both for civic and industrial purposes. There is simply no demand that we can’t fulfill.
  2. We offer a custom design option: we can deliver 2D or 3D drawing in 1 day and ready-made sample in 3 days. You can even provide us with your own design.
  3. We use unique techniques in order to deliver you the best products (e.g., hot forging, plating, sand casting, and so on). You name it – we do it.
  4. Our engineers use the most robust and durable raw materials during production.
  5. KDM Steel is an ISO 9001 certified company which operates under strict European standardization rules.
  6. Our enclosures have IP66 index which means that they are highly protected from various objects which are able to cause damage to equipment (like dust and moisture).


These six key features made KDM Steel one step ahead and two foot higher compare with our direct competitors.

2. Company Facility

Covering over 3000 square meters, KDM owns 3000W optical laser cutting machines, 32 positioning numerical control punching machines, Yawei bending machines, high speed and precision PU foaming machines, 3D flexible welding platforms, and Panasonic welding machines, and also detection machines such as color meter and film thickness gauge.

3. Company Honor

With the principle of “quality first, service priority”, KDM has passed ISO9001 with quality checking for each step.  In addition, KDM has got the water and dust proof certificates of IP55, IP65, and IP66.

Through the cooperation with oversea customers, KDM has won 4 national invention patents and more than 50 practical patents. The company has also got a series of other honors, such as Technology Oriented Private Company of Jiangsu Province, National High Tech Enterprise.

4. Company Dream

KDM stands out of the crowds of the sheet metal fabrication industry by organizing the new technology, great talents, excellent management system in all kinds of projects.  With sharp perception and advanced core technology, KDM also proactively gets into the specific industry and grasps the market share.  On the basis of keeping the steadiness of current talents, KDM will recruit more new technicians with advanced technology to get the whole company into a new and higher step. Lastly, KDM will get rid of the outdated management system, and build modern mechanism, including improved reward and punishment system, clean and organized working environment to ensure the happiness and safety of all workers.

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