KDM Pad mount Electrical Enclosure

KDM pad mount electrical enclosures are designed to provide numerous protections from any environmental conditions. This is a great solution for utility, commercial, and industrial applications.

For indoor or outdoor utilization, we have a range of pad mount enclosures that you can count on. This selection can also be added with accessories for more convenient and easy-to-use installed components. Our pad-mounted electrical enclosure is full of many advantageous features that excelled those of others. Energy-efficient, safer, and highly reliable control solutions are some of its beneficial aspects.

  • Safe, reliable, and efficient electric system solution
  • Manufacture from high-grade raw material
  • Pre-fabricate with numerous functional accessories
  • Economical product for any commercial, industrial control building application

KDM Pad mount Electrical Enclosure Series

Single-phase Pad Mount Electrical Enclosure

KDM single-phase pad-mounted electrical enclosure offers comprehensive protection to the components. Compact, reliable, and cost-effective packaging.

Outdoor Pad Mount Electrical Enclosure

Outdoor pad mount electrical enclosure manufactured by KDM provides optimal protection from any power distribution system. For commercial or industrial utilization, you can find the best product in KDM.

Three-phase pad mount electrical enclosure

The three-phase pad mount electrical enclosure is designed to withstand different types of environmental conditions. Safer and efficient solution.

500KVA Pad Mount Electrical Enclosure

500KVA pad mount electrical enclosure suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. It increased the reliability and protection of equipment against critical component failures.

Copper pad mount electrical enclosure

Copper pad mount electrical enclosures are being fabricated within our advanced, high technology equipment. Comes with a locking mechanism.

11KV Pad Mount Electrical Enclosure

11KV pad mounts electrical enclosure designed and constructed for high-demanding industrial, commercial applications. Meets required standards.

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Pad mount Electrical Enclosure
Pad mount Electrical Enclosure

KDM pad mount electrical enclosure offers exceptional strength and durability. Plus, it has superior resistance to fire, water, and other elements. Therefore, when using it for remote areas you can ensure that it can withstand harmful environments as you wish for. The transformer can be manufactured with stainless steel or aluminum. Both offered rigidity and advances vary where it is installed. When choosing the best material for your application, you must consider the area and the utilization. Stainless steel provides excellent protection from corrosion while aluminum is advantageous as it is lighter in weight and offers superior reliability.

  • Strict QC team to check and inspect the product
  • Professional in designing and engineering product
  • 100% enclosure meets the necessary standard
  • Technologically advanced machine to fabricate productionhttps://youtu.be/riDqqB2Cywg

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KDM Pad mount Electrical Enclosure

Our pad mount electrical enclosure provides protection from control systems such as wiring, drives, electric components, electromechanical devices, power distribution equipment, and more others. For any tough application, such as mining, substation, and other difficult areas, the KDM pad mount is constructed with high performance on the stated location. From basic to complex applications, our enclosure can meet specifications. The custom-engineered enclosure is highly appreciated also in KDM. We had equipped skillful and expert craftsmen that are able to design the product according to your need. They will check your design first before the production. Consequently, as they gain rich expertise in the industry, they are able to figure out what’s best for them. At some point, they will give a useful suggestion, a piece of advice that will help you get a valuable production. Here in KDM, we provide the best that we could be in order to fully satisfy every individual client.

Pad mount Electrical Enclosure 2

All the responsibility, engineering, designing, fabricating, production, to packaging, we can do all stuff with expertness. Over 10 years in the manufacturing area, we had equipped with 30 professionals that are able to manage every shipment effectively. KDM as one of China’s leading enclosure manufacturer, specialize in pad mount enclosure designing, you can ensure you will get amazing, great deals with us. We aim to give the best solution for our customers. Such as cost-saving, stress-free and time-saving experiences with us. A cost-effective pad mount electrical enclosure doesn’t mean quality is being sacrificed. No. In KDM, you can assure every product we deal with is of superior quality. As an ISO9001 certified company, you can guarantee a strict quality management system in our facility.

After reading all the information, do you still have any questions? Please feel free to get in touch with us. One of our staff will talk to you.

What is Pad Mount Electrical Enclosure?

Pad mount electrical enclosure also refers to a ground mount enclosure designed for outdoor use.

It has an open bottom that is safely situated over a concrete platform. 

These safety enclosures protect all electrical and automotive control power and systems. 

Pad Mount Electrical Enclosure

Figure-1 Pad Mount Electrical Enclosure

How does Pad Mount Electrical Enclosure Work?

A pad mount electrical enclosure is used as a robust shield enclosure that protects all valuable components.

And machines inside from excessive rains, sleets, ingress of first, dust, water, and both liquid and solid particles. 

What are the Key Features of Pad Mount Electrical Enclosure?

Different features of pad mount electrical enclosure are the following:

  • It has additional slotted holes that suit the anchor bolts embedded in the pad.
  • May struck slots into an interior and exterior flanged.
  • Placing the anchor bolts either the inside or outside the enclosure.

What are the Typical Construction Does Pad Mount Electrical Enclosure Has?

The typical construction of pad mount electrical enclosure indicates the following:

Galvanized Pad Mount Electrical Enclosure

It is perfectly suitable for outdoor purposes, especially in industrial utilities, housing stations.

And system controls, due to its coated zinc layer increasing durability and corrosion resistance. 

Carbon Steel Pad Mount Electrical Enclosure

It is typically used or interior and exterior environments.

Also, it provides excellent performance due to its compact structure and powder-coated paint finish. 

Aluminum Pad Mount Electrical Enclosure

Most aluminum pad mounts electrical enclosures are lightweight and robust.

Comprises with locking mechanisms to provide vital safety and security.

That comes in different variety of coating finishes. 

However, a specified pad mount electrical enclosure type will depend on the intended applications and environmental conditions. 

Pad Mount Electrical Enclosure

Figure-2 Pad Mount Electrical Enclosure

Where to Use Pad Mount Electrical Enclosure?

Pad mount electrical enclosure is intended for external applications.

These are the particular purposes where pad mount electrical enclosure is applied:

  • Utilities
  • Petrochemical
  • Traffic control
  • Telecommunications
  • Fiber terminations
  • Server
  • Solar batteries
  • Other commercial and industrial sectors

Is Pad Mount Electrical Enclosure Safe?


Each pad mount electrical enclosure utilizes the sturdiest sort of materials.

It also comprises a high-resistant coating finish and shatterproof locking system. 

Nevertheless, most of the pad mount electrical enclosure adheres to the standard NEMA and UL Type 3R certification in justifying its safety and security. 

What are the Common Materials Used in Creating Pad Mount Electrical Enclosure?

There are plenty of metal materials that can use in making a pad mount electrical enclosure.

But the materials that are commonly used are the following:

Stainless Steel

These materials are highly recommended in building pad mount electrical enclosure because:

  • It enables to endures in extreme environmental conditions
  • Superior in resisting fire hazard 
  • Unparalleled corrosion protections
  • Long-lasting durability strength, and consistency

Aluminum is a common material used for pad mount electrical enclosures.

It is perfect because:

  • It has excellent heat dissipations mainly when it is used and exposed outside
  • Provides extreme resistance against harmful materials and elements
  • Lightweight yet supremely resilient, robust, and sturdy

Pad Mount Electrical Enclosure

Figure-3 Pad Mount Electrical Enclosure

What is the Life Expectancy of Pad Mount Electrical Enclosure?

Pad mount electrical enclosure has an expected life span of 10 years and more. 

But it can be extended more if used correctly, with care, and always going through general maintenance and inspection.

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