Custom Modular Electrical Enclosures for Your Own Industry

KDM Modular Electrical Enclosure is designed for storing electrical components. It is also ideal for industrial applications to store large number of components.

KDM modular electrical enclosure is also applicable to street lighting, solar power, and traffic control. Surely KDM will let you pick the most suitable modular electrical enclosure according to your needs.

KDM: Your Best Modular Electrical Enclosures Manufacturer

KDM’s modular electrical enclosures are built according to a frame-based design for freestanding enclosures.

This design allows for additional sections to be added from all sides of the enclosure, the process of which is called “baying”, “suiting” or “joining”.

Different from conventional free-standing electrical enclosures, all the panels and doors of a KDM modular electrical enclosure can be removed and switched.

This makes modular electrical enclosures extremely versatile since you are granted the ability to get your desired layout, size, and functions simply through the abundant combination of the frame and hardware.

KDM Modular Enclosure System Benefit

1.Protect  your electrical and electronic equipment for any industrial application and any harsh environments

2.Add your common accessories to the enclosure without any welding or drilling

3.Easy access and more options with the modular frame

4.Built based on NEMA standard as your industrial requirement

modular enclosure system
modular enclosure system application

Modular Enclosure for Wide Industry Use

KDM modular electrical enclosure is a multi-functional enclosure. It is an ideal application for outdoor, indoor, and small buildings. Our modular electrical enclosure is also suitable for installations where space is limited. Moreover, KDM modular electrical enclosure is perfect for the distribution of small UPS applications, and switches. It also stores power distribution units and motor control centers as well.

Our modular electrical enclosure enables you to store controls, switches, and other connections. It also protects your electrical components from theft, dust and harmful dirt. It is also designed for protection against any accident.

Multi Enclosure Accessories for You Choose

KDM offers various types of modular electrical enclosures including single doors. We also have double-door modular enclosures. These types allow you to have easy access inside the enclosure. It’s also stronger and has bigger space.

KDM modular electrical enclosure is incorporated with lock. This lock prevents unauthorized access. Additionally, KDM modular electrical enclosure guarantees both user and electrical component’s safety.

Accessories for modular enclosure
free standing modular enclosure 3D drawing

Free-standing Modular Electrical Enclosure

KDM also offers free-standing modular electrical enclosure. It has doors and panels that can be switched or removed. KDM modular electrical enclosure is easy to install. It has convenient wiring and easy maintenance.

Our modular electrical enclosure is easy to assemble and disassemble. It also has aesthetic design pleasing to the eyes. Perfect for residential and hotel room applications. It stores electrical components while maintaining the current décor of the room.

Any IP Rating for Your Modular Enclosure

KDM modular electrical enclosure is IP65/66 protected. It secures the protection of electrical components from corrosive materials and dust.

Our modular electrical enclosure guarantees high efficiency and safety. KDM modular electrical enclosure is RoHS and CE compliant. It is also Underwriter Laboratories certified.

IP rated modular enclosure system

Quality Manufacturing Process for Your Control Panel Box

Control Panel Enclosure assemble
Control Panel Enclosure laser cutting

KDM’s modular electrical enclosures’ design maximizes the convenience for installation, wiring, and maintenance as well as customization.

The ability to be assembled or disassembled within a few minutes also makes it easy to be relocated especially through narrow spaces where it is hard for conventional enclosures are to get through.

Therefore, compared to the conventional welded free-standing enclosure design, where the structural strength is mainly from the steel sheets on all surfaces, the design of KDM’s modular electrical enclosures emphasizes the strength bearing on the frame structure.

This creates additional challenges on both the structural strength as well as protection capabilities in order to meet various NEMA standards.

However, thanks to the 17-year effort of continuous improvement of the manufacturing capabilities as well as the accumulation of experience, KDM is able to provide you with high quality modular electrical enclosures that meet your customization requirements as well as the NEMA of the corresponding IP protection standards.

Why KDM is Trusted By Over 1000 Global Clients

Electrical Enclosure laser-cutting

4000W high performance laser cutting machine, +/- 0.05mm accuracy. No burr, no scratching.

Electrical Enclosure Welding

Multi-Functioning flexible welding equipment, high accuracy, no deformation.

Electrical Enclosure Bending

+/- 0.5mm bending precision, smooth surface without bending marks.

Electrical Enclosure Polishing

10+ welding experience workers, perfect overall appearance.

Electrical Enclosure Foaming

High speed and accuracy foaming machines, fast and qualified Gasket

electrical enclosure assembly

Expert assembling team, consistent assembly quality on every KDM enclosure

KDM Modular Electrical Enclosure

You can make your modular enclosures with stainless steel, mild steel, or galvanized steel material. It is equipped with frames that keeps the entire casing. It also holds the edge of the surface. KDM modular electrical enclosure has doors attached to the hinges. This door provides easy access to the enclosed components. It also has a roof panel that protects the enclosed components from environmental hazards. KDM modular electrical enclosure has a low resistance cable. It transmits the discharge of electrical energy. KDM modular electrical enclosure has spacious compartments to fit your components.

Its high quality designed modular enclosure guarantees high efficiency and reliability.Our modular electrical enclosure comes in different sizes and styles. We also do modifications and customization according to your requirements.

When purchasing modular electrical enclosure, always consider KDM. We are renowned as the best and leading modular electrical enclosure manufacturer. If you are looking for a suitable modular enclosure, KDM modular enclosure is the best you can find. KDM is a one-stop solution to all your modular enclosure needs. For over 10 years, we always guarantee the best services and quality products.

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Modular Electrical Enclosure: The Helpful Guide for Importers

The use of electrical enclosures has become widespread in different types of applications.

Honestly, there are many designs of electrical enclosures out there.

But, one of the most fascinating designs I am going to discuss here is the modular electrical enclosure.

I will tell you how it looks like, features, quality standards and specifications, among other things.

So, in case you want a modular electrical installation for your applications, don’t go anywhere.

What is a Modular Electrical Enclosure?

A modular electrical enclosure is a type of cabinet or cage that you use for storing different electrical components.

It is common in various industrial applications given that it can house as many components as possible.

Modular electrical enclosure

Modular electrical enclosure

This type of enclosure is also common in other applications including street lighting, traffic control, and solar power among others.

Modular electrical enclosures come in different designs, shapes as well as sizes.

Undoubtedly this is fundamental since it enables you to pick the suitable one which suits your needs.

Why You Need a Modular Electrical Enclosure

The truth is that on many occasions, an electrical box is vital in any industrial set up or any other related application for that matter.

What happens is that you always need a high standard of efficiency whenever you’re undertaking a particular operation.

Ordinarily, you need a modular electrical box to guarantee safety both for the users and the electrical parts.

Having this equipment is a sure way of becoming safe especially from the aspect of accidents.

Besides, this equipment also safeguards all the electrical components that it houses from wear and tear, harsh surrounding and theft.

You see, acquiring some of these components is often expensive.

And that’s the reason protecting them from such elements becomes helpful.

Secondly, you also need this equipment for storing all the relevant electrical parts that you use in the industry.

It follows that in many instances, you’ll need quite a number of elements which use electricity.

So having all the connections, switches and controls could be somewhat challenging.

And that’s why you’d need an electrical box to enable you to store all these parts appropriately for easy and effective access.

modular electrical enclosure factory

Moreover, you also need this particular electrical box to enhance efficiency, performance, and convenience.

The truth is that once you centralize all the controls, switches and other elements, it becomes easier to enhance productivity.

It happens that you’ll be able to monitor the status of all these components, repair and replace the faulty ones.

It also means that determining the effectiveness of the operations will also become relatively easy.

Designs of Modular Electrical Enclosure

Like I mentioned earlier on, the modular electrical boxes come in different shapes, designs and sizes.

Specifically, though, you’ll realize that these equipment come in two major designs; single and double door.

· Single Door Modular Electrical Enclosure

This refers to the electrical box that comes with just one lockable door.

Primarily, it means that you can get access to the components inside this cabinet through the only door that it has.

Single door electrical enclosure

Single door electrical enclosure

Most single door modular electrical cages are designed for relatively less demanding applications.

Of course, they vary in size, but typically, they are meant for small-scale industrial applications.

· Double Door Modular Electrical Enclosure

As the name suggests, this refers to an electrical enclosure design which comes with two doors.

Most of the double-door cabinets tend to be somewhat large in size.

Also, they are suitable for a wide range of applications given that they’re stronger and spacious.

Double door electrical enclosures

Double door electrical enclosure

What’s more is that the doors of this particular design are also lockable, which is fundamental since it prevents unauthorized access.

So you can choose the particular design that you prefer depending on your needs.

Quality Standards of Modular Electrical Enclosure

Evaluating quality standards of a particular modular electrical enclosure is a vital element.

It assures you that indeed you’re dealing with the right component for the specific application.

Again, determining the quality standard also enables you to enhance your safety and that of the electrical components its housing.

These standards are also vital in outlining the performance level of the box thus ideal to always consider them.

Typically, they’re quite a number depending on regions and countries, and so we’ll look briefly at the major ones in this industry.

· NEMA Electrical Enclosures

NEMA is an abbreviation for National Electrical Manufacturers Association.

It is vitally a body that defines the standard of electrical cabinets of different grades, particularly for the American market.

In most cases, this standard is used for rating the modular boxes against environmental vulnerability including water, dust, and oil.

In general, the standards that NEMA publish are significant to users since they enforce compatibility safety and appropriate performance.

This standard conveys ingress progression, addresses construction, performance and aptness among other notable tests.

· IP 55/ IP 56 Electrical Enclosures

This is an ingress protection rating which is used in determining the degree of efficiency the enclosure to seal water and dust.

IP 55/56 to be specific, offers protection for the enclosed electrical components from dust and other wide-ranging non-corrosive materials.

IP 55/ IP 56 Electrical Enclosures

It also describes protection from a voltage as well as moving parts in case a user comes into contact with the enclosure.

Moreover, this IP rating describes protection from water which also includes water sprayed from a nozzle onto the cabinet.

IP 55/56 are suitable standards that the enclosure has to meet because they determine the efficiency and safety.

· RoHS Compliant Electrical Enclosures

RoHS is an abbreviation for Restriction of Hazardous Substances.

This standard is predominant in the European Union region.

This standard limits the use of six dangerous materials that are present in electrical enclosures.

Besides, this standard also provides for CE-Marking directive when it comes to the manufacturing of different products.

The significance of this standard is that it defines the particular levels for several substances that are under restriction.

· CE Compliant Electrical Enclosure

CE-Marking is a certification standard that indicates conformity of the enclosure with health, safety as well as environmental protection factors.

This standard is predominant in the European Economic Area but also available on products sold outside the EEA region.

This standard is primarily a manufacturer’s declaration authenticating that the electrical enclosure meets the applicable EC directives.

The CE-Marking is a symbol indicating free marketability of such products in the European Union region and beyond.

· UL Certified Electrical Enclosures

This is a type of quality standard which is issued by the Underwriters Laboratories (UL).

Quite often, you’ll find it placed on electrical components like enclosures that intend to be part of UL listing.

A UL-Mark inherently implies that the UL has tested the particular samples of a specific item.

This is a way of determining that the product meet the specific requirements.

Additionally, the publication of most of these requirements is always by UL’s nationally acknowledged safety standards.

Modular Electrical Enclosure Specifications

Incidentally, it’s always important to understand the specifications of a modular electrical box before purchasing.

It makes it possible for you to know precisely what would meet your specific needs for better efficiency and performance.

Here are a few specifications that you should always consider when shopping for a suitable modular electrical enclosure;

· Material

Of course, there are a number of materials for producing this type of equipment including steel, aluminum, and polycarbonate, etc.

Section of Electrical Enclosure

Section of Electrical Enclosure

So consider the best materials depending on your needs and the specific environment where you’ll place this equipment.

· Frame

This generally refers to the component that holds the edge of the material surface and keeping the entire casing together.

It is a crucial component since it determines the overall design of the box as well as the necessary stability hence an ideal consideration.

· Door

It is merely the surface attached to hinges to provide access to the inner parts of the cabinet.

Modular Electrical Enclosure

In most cases, doors always have locks which enhance the safety of the parts and also denying unauthorized access.

· Roof panel

It is the surface that covers the enclosure from the upper side.

It plays a great role especially preventing the electrical components from environmental factors.

Roof panel of electrical enclosure

Roof panel of electrical enclosure

· Earthing

It is a low resistance cable which transmits discharge of electrical energy to the earth.

The essence of this component is to provide functional and safety efficiency.

· Dimensions

Technically, this refers to the overall size of the electrical enclosure.

It is important to know the right size that shall fit all your electrical components as it helps in increasing efficiency.

· Compartment

Again, this refers to the inner partitions of the enclosure.

It is necessary to consider it since it determines how you’ll install or fix different components inside the cabinet.

KDM Steel Modular Electrical Enclosure

Now, if you’re looking for the most suitable modular electrical boxes, consider KMD steel.

It is arguably one of the best and renowned manufacturers of electrical enclosure that you can ever find.

So if you’re looking for high quality modular electrical cabinets for various application, I suggest that you don’t look further than KMD Steel.

This company is your one stop shop for all electrical enclosures that you need for different purposes.

Modular Electrical Enclosure manufacturing


The bottom line of this guide is that regardless of where you import a modular electrical enclosure always ensure it is efficient and safe.

What you should never forget is the fact that buying this equipment calls for through knowledge.

And the good thing, however, is that I’ve highlighted most of these fundamental elements.

So next time you’re purchasing one, ensure that it’s of high quality, efficient, safe, user and environmental friendly.

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