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Operator Console Enclosures
Stainless steel Electrical Console Enclosure
Stainless steel Electrical Console Enclosure

The stainless steel electrical console enclosure is designed and manufactured to provide unmatched protection of the electrical console and other sensitive equipment.

NEMA 12 Electrical Console Enclosure
NEMA 12 Electrical Console Enclosure

NEMA rated 12 enclosure for the electrical console can be configured to meet the degree of protection required. This enclosure is suitable for use inside and outside applications.

Industrial Electrical Console Enclosure
Industrial Electrical Console Enclosure

Industrial Electrical Console Enclosure is constructed and manufactured in our modernized, technology advanced unit. Solidly-built structure to store and protect components.

IP-rated Electrical Console Enclosure
IP-rated Electrical Console Enclosure

All IP-rated electrical console enclosure completely designed to withstand tough and most demanding application. Stylish, corrosion resistant and waterproof enclosures are offered in comprehensive range.

Free-standing Electrical Console Enclosure
Free-standing Electrical Console Enclosure

Any Free-standing electrical console enclosure in KDM can be avail at the lower factory rates. There are many types of free-standing enclosures vary on size, rating, material, color and shapes.

Single-door Electrical Console Enclosure
Single-door Electrical Console Enclosure

Our single-door electrical console enclosure can be configured according to own individual design. Enclosure is design to resist specially in higher risk installation.

Custom Electrical Console Enclosure
Custom Electrical Console Enclosure

KDM as the industry leading manufacturer of electrical console enclosure, we design and ensure consistency of quality. All enclosure can be customized. Custom electrical console enclosure offered at competitive cost.

9 NEMA 3r Electrical Console Enclosure
NEMA 3r Electrical Console Enclosure

The NEMA 3r electrical console enclosure is available to provide additional protection to the components. From any environmental element such as rain, sleet, snow, water, dust, etc, our enclosure is your ideal solution.

IP55 Electrical Console Enclosure
IP55 Electrical Console Enclosure

KDM IP55 electrical console enclosure provides higher level of protection for the workers, equipment and site. This enclosure act as a reliable, protective structure that keep valuable equipment safe and secured.

Aluminum Electrical Console Enclosure
Aluminum Electrical Console Enclosure

Aluminum electrical console enclosure is available in different configurations. In KDM, we have stock wide range of equipment size, style, shapes, material and colors. Find great deals with KDM.

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The electrical housing is typically made up from rigid, sturdy material which makes the structure ultra-reliable.
Machine Control Panel is built and constructed to operate in the toughest and challenging environmental application.
Our commercial enclosure can be customized according to specific sizes, configuration of site required.
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  • Range of Operator Console Enclosure for variety of application
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KDM Operator Console Enclosure

Operator Console Enclosure a

KDM operator console enclosure protects and controls the machine and system under high pressure environment.

The enclosure is designed with excellent features to keep utilization convenient, efficient, easy and fast.

Our operator console enclosure contains protective and useful accessories that wirings, switches, and other components will be arranged and well-organized inside.

KDM has a wide variety of operator console enclosure material, size and model options.

With that, you can find the appropriate product for your needs. Some models include free-standing, single door, double door, multi-door, wall-mounted, and more.

There are certain kinds of an enclosure which suit specifically to industrial and commercial application.

We also enhance the protection level of structure as we utilize to engineer enclosure that meets NEMA and IP certification.

Our operator console enclosure can be made up of 304 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel, carbon steel, and aluminum material.

The panel has great resistant to prevent the ingress of environmental elements such as oil, water, dust, and dirt from the component.

These panels can be used in indoor and outdoor applications. For any electronic system controls and protection, see KDM electrical console enclosure.

This is ideal packaging for the corrosive environment and heavy-duty application. Our panels are designed to last.

By reason of, you can ensure excellent, smart-made, and reliable enclosures.

Standard operator console enclosure in KDM is able to satisfy different industrial needs.

This electrical console enclosure is great to use to the rail, subway, marine, food, and beverages, power generation industries use.

Hence, they can be applied to any commercial and industrial facility equipment packaging solution.

KDM operator console enclosure is characterized by robustness and reliability.

In KDM, we are engaged to design technologically advanced equipment.

Thus, we keep developing and actively upgrading product range to meet the market standard and need.

Using high-quality raw materials, we can make and supply innovative, intelligent, and comfortable electrical console enclosures.

These are assembled and engineered in our modern control room.

Under the management of our skilled and expert team of engineers and staff, we are able to develop a quality enclosure that meets the leading industry requirements and standard guidelines.

Operator Console Enclosure

In KDM, our operator console enclosure offered can be customized according to our own individual design.

In order to meet the exact requirements, our technical engineers will design and develop panels based on your drawings or layout.

Your design will be their guide, thus they ensure every detail is well-made.

Some examples are accurate dimensions- height, width, length, finishes, shapes, material and other special features (optional).

All the production control is managed by our QC team. They ensure all the enclosure exceeds the stringent industry standards.

KDM is proven to be one of the most reliable and expert operator console enclosure manufacturer and supplier in China.

Together with our customer-friendly and talented team of staff, advanced and modern control room, we supply exceptional enclosures.

Operator Console Enclosure

If you want more info about or operator console enclosure and bespoke services, please contact KDM today.

Our dedicated sales team will provide informative free quotes, will help your project needs.

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