KDM Distribution Board Enclosure

KDM distribution board enclosure is designed to be used in the toughest outdoor environment. Our enclosure has been tested and proven to be one of the competitive outputs of the company.



These robust and reliable distribution board enclosures make system setting easier and efficient.KDM assembled these boards utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and units which work together to produce innovative, high-quality panels. The enclosure has the capacity to withstand and resist any site encountered problems.

Distribution board enclosure works best under the harshest and most demanding industrial or commercial applications.

  • 100% guaranteed-quality distribution board enclosure
  • All distribution board enclosures are built to meet international standards
  • Complete range of distribution board enclosure
  • Custom-made enclosure for your unique specification

KDM Distribution Board Enclosure Series

3 Phase Distribution Board Enclosure

KDM 3-phase distribution board enclosure is tested for commercial, industrial applications. We have a wide variety of selections for you to choose from. Durable and efficient to protect equipment and people around.

Din Rail Distribution Board Enclosure

Din rail distribution board enclosure is designed and manufactured with additional accessories. An elegant and amazing design for convenient use.

Metal-clad Distribution Board Enclosure

KDM can design metal-clad distribution board enclosures are made up of fabricated, full welded steel sheets. The unit can be specifically assembled to meet configurations.

Wall-mount Distribution Board Enclosure

A highly dependable, top-quality wall-mounted distribution board enclosure is obtainable in KDM. This can also be engineered to customers’ specifications and delivered to the site directly.

MCB Distribution Board Enclosure

The MCB distribution board enclosure can be pre-engineered to meet specifically the residential, commercial, and infrastructure according to requirements and satisfaction. This is designed to use the latest technology.

Double door Distribution Board Enclosure

The double door distribution board enclosure is manufactured with the finest quality material. With leading technology and technical equipment, the enclosure is great for more heavy-duty operations.

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Distribution Board Enclosure
Distribution Board Enclosure

The distribution board enclosure KDM offered is fully constructed and welded with optimum quality raw material. Also, different finishes options and pole options can be workable. Our distribution board enclosure comes in a large selection of sizes, shapes, colors,s and material options.

Upon your request, we will give you the right equipment for your need. Our distribution board enclosure can be upgraded to meet IP and NEMA ratings.

  • High standard distribution board enclosure
  • Offer great protection, reliability and durability for the facility equipment
  • Professional technical team to manage orders
  • Single source for distribution board enclosure solution

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KDM Distribution Board Enclosure

This rated enclosure then gives ultra protection, reliability, and durability to the content.

For your electric supply, switches, appliances, and another electric component, this distribution board enclosure is your great option.

Our distribution board enclosure offered lightweight, trustworthy, and a level of protection to all the supplies.

This panel act as a protective gear to prevent ingress of particles, high-pressure water jets, and against corrosive and rust issues.

Otherwise, the enclosure can be used for longer years as it is constructed to last.

With many years of manufacturing distribution board enclosures, KDM has accomplished various site projects.

For easier and quick installation, cost-saving and time-saving solution, count on KDM Steel.

Gathered with 50 technical engineers to design and manage your orders, you can always find the best and accurate panels for your requirement.

Hence, their expertise and capability gives you a satisfying distribution board enclosures.

Distribution Board Enclosure b)

In KDM, we desired to build a long-lasting relationships with the customers and clients we deal with.

We want to fulfill your challenges too, that’s why we accommodate any specific requirements sent upon us.

KDM can execute bespoke services only to meet your particular needs.

The entire enclosure figure can be pre-engineered with your own design.

Also, enclosure can be built with doors, lid, hinged and other accessories.

This will provide maximum protection, safety and versatility, and durability.

At the lower rates, you can get enclosures you need.

Distribution Board Enclosure c)

KDM distribution board enclosure manufactured as per ISO9001, IP66, NEMA, and RoHs standard.

KDM offers a centralized solution for the distribution board and any other component facility needs.

With KDM, you can find efficient tools to enhance your unit security and life span.

In KDM, you can always ensure that your specifications will turn into reality.

KDM is your ideal choice for all your equipment packaging.

We are your reliable and certified distribution board enclosure manufacturer and supplier.

Either need a minimal amount or large panels, we can provide excellent services.

Any panel needs?

Contact KDM right away.

What is a Distribution Board Enclosure?

The distribution board enclosure protects the wiring from any permeation.

It is a leak-proof protective case or cover protecting any distribution board or panel’s electrical components.


Distribution Board Enclosure

Distribution Board Enclosure

What is the Purpose of Distribution Board Enclosure?

A distribution board enclosure is a safety box, case, shield, or cover protecting electrical components.

What are the Features of Distribution Board Enclosure?

Electrical board enclosures are featured for the safety protection of electrical wiring to avoid any malfunctions and problems.

They offer a very reliable, convenient, and high quality of various board enclosures.


Features of Distribution Board Enclosure

What are the Different Types of Distribution Board Enclosures?

These are the following:

  • 3 Phase Distribution Board Enclosure

It’s a form of enclosure that’s designed to house three-phase distribution panels or electrical wire.

That is installed in accordance with the 3 phase distribution board’s exact design.

  • Din Rail Distribution Board Enclosure

The Din Rail Power Supply is protected from electrical flaws and aberrations by this enclosure, which serves as a cover for it.

  • Metal-clad Distribution Board Enclosure

A metal-clad distribution board is used to organize the electrical wiring.

  • Wall-mount Distribution Board Enclosure

A wall-mount distribution board enclosure is a type of enclosure for an electrical panel that is mounted on the wall.

That also made to keep the electrical components in your home organized.

  • MCB Distribution Board Enclosure

The term MCB stands for Miniature Circuit Breaker, and it is a circuit breaker that can detect a wire anomaly or malfunction.

To avoid a short circuit, this can automatically turn the circuit off.

  • Double Door Distribution Board Enclosure

It serves as a permeation-prevention cover for electrical components in the double-door distribution board.

  • Plastic Distribution Board Enclosure

Also used for covering and protecting the panel’s electrical wiring in order to prevent any misalignment or malfunction.

  • 12 Way Distribution Board Enclosure

The goal is to protect the 12 Way’s electrical components.

To avoid any electrical problems.

  • 8 Way Distribution Board Enclosure

8 Way Distribution Board provides safety and defense from aberration and malfunction.

The function has covered the phase wiring to avoid any defects that can cause short circuits.

  • Waterproof Distribution Board Enclosure

It’s a container that protects electrical qualities against short circuits and electrical aberrations.

This is intended to serve as an impenetrable enclosure for the electrical system.

Types of Distribution Board Enclosures

Types of Distribution Board Enclosures

Is it Important to Have Enclosures for Any Electrical Distribution Board?

Yes, enclosures for all electrical distribution boards or panels are required to protect the electrical wiring.

To prevent any electrical aberrations, malfunctions, and defects that can cause overcurrent and short circuits.

Do the Distribution Board Enclosure Work Well?

Definitely yes.

It offers very reliable, high-quality, and convenient distribution board enclosures.

Do You Find the Distribution Board Enclosure to Be Very Beneficial?


Distribution Board Enclosures are very beneficial since they protect the electrical wiring, properties, and components from harmful permeation, malfunction, and aberration.

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