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At KDM, we are committed to bringing valuable products that are worth the price so you can assure quality and high functionality. Whether you are a retailer of climate-controlled enclosures/boxes, choose KDM as your manufacturer and supplier! We will never disappoint your expectations from us.

With our advanced technology, KDM manufactures a wide range of climate-controlled enclosures. We have outdoor/indoor climate-controlled boxes, climate-controlled laboratory enclosures, weatherproof climate-controlled enclosures, and more. You can surely find what you need at KDM!

  • Manufacturing climate-controlled enclosure/box for over a decade
  • Trusted by worldwide customers
  • Always meet international standards
  • Fast production lead

KDM Climate Controlled Enclosure/Box Series

Outdoor Climate Controlled Enclosures

KDM is a leading manufacturer of outdoor climate-controlled enclosures in China. We produce high-quality outdoor climate-controlled enclosures that can be fully customizable according to your requirements and details.

Temperature-controlled Enclosures

Our temperature-controlled enclosures are ideal for mounting electronic equipment outside, DVRs, and fire panels. We offer temperature-controlled enclosures at competitive prices and excellent services.

Cooled and Heated Industrial Weatherproof Enclosures

We specifically designed these products to protect equipment from harsh temperatures, condensation, and humidity. KDM always manufactures high-quality, durable, and long-lasting cooled and heated industrial weatherproof enclosures.

Climate-Controlled NEMA Enclosures

KDM offers the best solution for your climate-controlled NEMA enclosures according to your exact requirements. KDM is your perfect manufacturer of climate-controlled NEMA enclosures.

Weatherproof Climate Controlled NEMA Enclosures

Our weatherproof climate-controlled NEMA enclosures are the best for your needs! We manufacture weatherproof climate-controlled NEMA enclosures are made from superior grade materials to ensure durability.

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climate controlled enclosure box

We also manufacture climate-controlled enclosures/boxes that feature built-in heaters, thermostats, and air-conditioners. These features make our climate-controlled enclosures ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications. It can also protect equipment from rain, debris, dust, ice, snow, sleet, dirt, and more hazards.

  • Suitable for various applications
  • Manufactured according to international standards
  • Perfect solutions to meet your requirements
  • 24/7 assistance

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  • Hazardous area Enclosures
    KDM hazardous area enclosures are ATEX certified and feature corrosion resistance. All KDM hazardous area enclosures are manufactured to meet strict industry quality requirements.
  • Pump Enclosure
    Our pump enclosures are made from premium quality raw materials. All the design, features, specifications of our pump enclosures are fully customized according to your needs.
  • Sloped Roof Enclosure
    At KDM, we manufacture a wide range of sloped roof enclosures that are designed to prevent components from damage caused by debris, dust, and waste build-up.
  • Wireless Enclosure
    KDM wireless enclosures are produced with sturdy materials to ensure durability. Thus, it is perfect for housing components. Our wireless enclosures have abrasion, weather, and corrosion resistance.

KDM Climate-Controlled Enclosures/Box


climate controlled enclosure box

KDM is a leading manufacturer and supplier of premium quality climate-controlled enclosures/boxes in China. All our products are made with superior quality to meet every clients’ requirements. KDM guarantees you a total solution for your climate-controlled enclosures/box needs.

Our climate-controlled enclosures/boxes are applicable in various applications in transportation, manufacturing, oil and gas, security and surveillance, and more. These are specifically designed to keep your components and equipment secured and safe for a long period of time.

climate controlled enclosure box

KDM’s climate-controlled boxes are specifically designed to ensure that your electronic and electrical components can perform reliably in an outdoor and indoor environment. Our climate-controlled boxes help in reducing humidity and heat in the enclosed equipment, thus, expanding its life expectancy and lasting for a long time.

Aside from that, KDM’s climate-controlled enclosures/boxes are also equipped with temperature control so that sensitive equipment will still function at its optimum operating temperature. With that, we designed climate-controlled enclosures/boxes with supplemental heating for colder locations and air-conditioning for high-temperature or hot locations.

climate controlled enclosure boxTo suit your requirements, all our climate-controlled enclosures are available in customizable features, shapes, and sizes. Thus, you can purchase products that are suitable for your applications. Moreover, KDM also offers reasonable prices, excellent pre/after services, and on-time delivery of your orders! Besides climate-controlled enclosures/boxes, we also manufacture weatherproof enclosures with fans, fan-cooled enclosures, backflow boxes, and more.

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