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  • 10 years experienced in manufacturing extruded enclosure
  • High-quality aluminum extrusion enclosures freely customized
  • All cabinets made from high-grade aluminum alloy
  • Competitive pricing aluminum extrusion enclosures will meet your needs absolutely

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aluminum extrusion heatsink enclosure
Aluminum extrusion heatsink enclosure

The aluminum extrusion heatsink enclosure is designed to provide specific cooling solutions to the components. These are manufactured in advanced and modern technology.

split-body extruded aluminum enclosure
Split-body extruded aluminum enclosure

Split-body extruded aluminum enclosure provides protection with superior fit and finish on the system. All the enclosure is can be customized according to own design and specifications.

large box aluminum extruded enclosure
Large box aluminum extruded enclosure

The large box aluminum extruded enclosure creates an extremely robust yet lightweight solution. We offer a wide variety of components materials and sizes at affordable rates.

custom aluminu extrusion enclosure
Custom aluminum extrusion enclosure

The aluminum extrusion enclosure can be custom-built according to every project requirements. In order to achieve site needs, we offer bespoke service to meet application demand.

shell-prototype aluminum extruded enclosure
Shell-prototype aluminum extruded enclosure

Find high-quality shell-prototype aluminum extruded enclosure made purely with aluminum alloy in KDM. It has superior properties and reliable design to be used in high demanding application.

anodized aluminum extruded enclosure
Anodized aluminum extruded enclosure

RoHS & CE Certified anodized aluminum extruded enclosure can be avail at the very competitive cost. Expect high quality enclosure that will meet the standards need of your unit.

industrial aluminum extruded enclosure
Industrial aluminum extruded enclosure

The industrial aluminum extruded enclosure combines with advanced technology and high-grade materials. They are made with beautiful design and enhance the life of the enclosure.

wall mounted aluminum extruded enclosure
Wall mounted aluminum extruded enclosure

Our wall mounted aluminum extruded enclosure is design house electronics equipments and all other instruments. Easy to install and flexible cabinets surely meet your requirements.

small aluminum extruded enclosure
Small aluminum extruded enclosure

The small aluminum extruded enclosures are made from robust structural materials. It is ideal used for housing machines, moving instruments, and other equipment.

silver aluminum extruded enclosure
Silver aluminum extruded enclosure

KDM carries wide variety of silver aluminum extruded enclosure. With that, you can find the right one that suit specifications based on your needs. Our selection of enclosure always grow therefore, you can absolutely find yours.

Related Product with Aluminum Extrusion Enclosure

The aluminum enclosure is made up from high-grade aluminum alloy, which structure has great strength to protect the valuable units.
Aluminum frame are built to provide perfect housing for all accessory parts. Avail all unit at affordable rates.
The electronics enclosure is designed to prevent electric shock and other system failures ultimately.
Large aluminum enclosure comes in perfect selection for you to choose from. Sizes, material, shapes and other main factors.

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  • Robust and rugged structural construction
  • Professional engineers to manage designing and engineering
  • Custom structure length, width, height and other features
  • ISO9001:2015 certified aluminum extrusion enclosure supplier

KDM Aluminum Extrusion Enclosure

aluminum extrusion enclosure

KDM aluminum extrusion enclosure is designed to achieve the different hardware housing needs.

They are built to associate a wide variety of components and materials enclosure.

For any order needed, we can provide expert and economical cabinet products and services.

We are engaged to design fully finished quality looks enclosures.

KDM offer a comprehensive range of high-quality enclosure design and looks.

However, we are able to completely customized aluminum extrusion enclosure with custom cut-outs, mounting options, and other objects for stronger uses.

The extruded aluminum enclosure is consist of sheet and boards which make the cabinet more reliable.

aluminum extrusion enclosure

KDM aluminum extrusion enclosures are suitable to be used in industrial and commercial instruments and equipment.

They effectively protect the enclosed valuable units.

Our enclosure is well-made using the finest quality material.

The inner and outer dimensions approximately meet the specific standard for the material being housed.

Over the years, our enclosure had been popular aluminum extruded enclosure by their great quality.

Thus, its affordability makes it ideal for any customers to need a product at an economical cost.

In KDM, you can find the right product for you.

Our range of products will help you find what you’re looking for.

You can choose a product according to the price range, or specifications you need for your requirements.

Our selection of aluminum extrusion enclosures is actively growing, in order to meet the developing industry standards.

In KDM, you will find the highest quality standard aluminum extrusion enclosure for your project.

The extruded aluminum enclosures manufactured by KDM allow you to meet your standards.

This enclosure can be used as free-standing, wall mounting, surface mounting and more.

All enclosure provides the perfect packaging solution for every kind of valuable electrical and electronics.

These are extremely robust but lightweight enclosures.

For any industrial and commercial boxes projects and applications, this offered good workability and appearances.

It also provides great corrosion resistant and good work for thermal and cooling solutions.

All extruded aluminum enclosures provide a higher degree of stability and good heat dissipation.

It has also an attractive design and functional features.

Our range of aluminum enclosure can be used in radiators, large buildings, instruments, medical, machinery, and other applications.

aluminum extrusion enclosure

KDM is one of China’s leading manufacturers and suppliers with over 10 years of experience.

Our main focused is to develop the highest quality extruded aluminum enclosures products.

From the start our every single element is individually processed into the precise dimensions, space, functional features, and all other factors.

In our state of the art control room and facility, we are able to design intelligent technology.

We want to meet the elegant demands of our customers and hereby we want to satisfy yours too.

With your own special requirements, we can provide particular solutions upon request.

Our vast experience and resources of manufacturing enclosures enable us to offer the most comprehensive product line.

Our facilities are certified to ISO 9001:2015.

We offer full capabilities to fabricate components.

If you are interested in our extruded aluminum enclosures, KDM is your answer.

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