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KDM manufactures wire mesh enclosure using bronze, galvanized, stainless steel, and other materials. You can get designs from wire mesh wheeled enclosure, lockable enclosure, or security enclosure which suitable for specific application.

  • Available mesh patterns: square, woven, diamond, rectangle, etc
  • Provides custom coating of your choice
  • Timely manner delivery
  • Offer door-to-door shipment

KDM Wire Mesh Enclosure

Wire mesh enclosures, also known as wire mesh cage are used to provide security and storage solutions. They are boxes widely used for warehouse, commercial, and industrial applications. We produce them to help you secure inventory, avoid theft, improved safety, and controlled access in authorized spaces.

When protection and safety matter, then, you will need custom wire mesh enclosure. It is cost-effective solutions for warehouse machinery storage facilities, industrial equipment, security areas, data storage centers, and stockrooms.

Thanks to the latest innovative technology and advanced art welding machinery, KDM can produce a range of high-quality wire mesh enclosure. It is proven strong and extremely durable. Also, they are easy to install, maintenance-free, and easily reconfigured.

Wire Mesh Enclosure Series

Mesh Enclosure with Upper Opening

The mesh enclosure with upper opening construction offers excellent rust resistance and extreme security. Commonly, these are built using steel, aluminum, and other metals.

Wire Mesh Security Enclosure

Due to corrosion-resistant surfaces, they are mostly preferred in warehouse storage needs and stockrooms. They enclose equipment and protect them against theft.

Welded Wire Mesh Box

Welded wire mesh box is processed through welding. This makes its wire resist possible corrosion and rust. It is also a lightweight and economical solution for your storage needs.

Wire Mesh Enclosure with Wheels

Wheeled enclosures are usually used in numerous warehouse applications. It is built with rigid wheels. They are widely used to secure parts inventory, enclose mezzanine, and avoid unauthorized access.

Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Enclosure

Applicable for areas that require security. The wire mesh metal enclosures are commercial-grade enclosures made from firm steel. It is designed with the ability to secure storage from hazards.

Wire Mesh Lockable Enclosure

Lockable enclosures are designed to lock up valuable inventory, tools, merchandise, files, and more applications. It is an economical and easy way to secure equipment.

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Wire Mesh Enclosure By Uses (5)

  • Garden Enclosure

    When used in a garden, wire mesh enclosures can be used to enclose plants. This can guarantee plants to be safe and results in a more neat garden. For this purpose, it needs zero maintenance.

  • Storage Enclosure

    Storage enclosure is used to lock up and store valuable machines, tools, supplies, files, and merchandise safely. It is widely used in office, retail applications, and industrial.

  • Pallet Enclosure

    Pallet enclosures or cages are reliable for securing goods during transportation and storage. They are mainly used for keeping bulky and heavy-duty items, including finished parts, waste materials, and more.

  • Animals Cage Enclosure

    Animal cage enclosure includes rabbit cages, reptile cages, cat enclosures, hamsters, guinea pigs, mice, and more. It is a good option to protect animals from outside danger.

  • Warehouse Enclosure

    The included uses of warehouse enclosure are sensitive data centers, evidence rooms, DEA storage enclosures, and more. It is made from various metals which ensure long life and anti-corrosion.

KDM Wire Mesh Enclosure Advantages

Good Ventilation
Good Ventilation

We created wire mesh enclosures with good ventilation. This makes it suitable to use as storage, animal cage, etc.

High Strength
High Strength

With high strength and durable construction, the wire mesh enclosure can last long while being rust-free.


Each enclosure is made of rigid wire mesh metal, therefore it provides extreme protection. It is safe from predators.


In applications that required security enclosure, our wire mesh enclosure performs best. Its quality surely meets your expectation.

Wire Mesh Enclosure for Security Applications

KDM delivers security solutions using our wire mesh enclosures and cages. It is manufactured to meet the safety, storage, and protection demands. Mostly, they are used in warehouses, retail, industrial facilities, data centers, manufacturing, peace enforcement agencies, and more.

Our modular wire mesh enclosures are ideal to easily construct and reconstruct high-security locations. Also, it is custom-tailored in our own facility to fit your requirements. During fabrication, we will base on your drawings and the specs provided. We assure you we can provide affordable, yet high-strength wire mesh enclosures.

Allow KDM to handle your custom wire mesh enclosure requirements!

KDM Wire Mesh Enclosure for Security Applications
Wire Mesh Enclosure Manufacturing Process

Advantages of Wire Mesh Enclosure

KDM produce wire mesh enclosure that offers the following advantages and benefits for all your security applications:

  • Prevent shoplifting and theft of valuable items.
  • Improve security and protection.
  • Save money and time with ease of sketch modification and low original price.
  • Cost reduction because of its low repair and maintenance requirements.
  • Flexible designs to create permanent and temporary custom wire mesh enclosures, making them quickly relocated and readjust.
  • Practical and reasonable solutions to exceed security and storage extension needs.
  • Fully compliant with OSH, DEA, and further government safety standards.

Why Choose KDM Wire Mesh Enclosure

KDM is your trusted wire mesh enclosure supplier for over 10 years. All types we offer are customizable depending on your needs. These enclosures are manufactured to ensure extreme security applications.

Here, you can also add your own details and logo to your wire mesh enclosure. Throughout the manufacturing process, we utilize the latest and advanced technology to obtain the highest precision standards and ensure quality.

Anytime your applications require safe storage or a reliable cage, KDM wire mesh enclosure is your best choice!

Wire Mesh Enclosure Benefits

KDM -Your Reliable Wire Mesh Enclosure Manufacturer

KDM Capabilities
1-KDM Capabilities

KDM is a reliable manufacturer that specializes in customizing, designing, and fabricating wire mesh enclosures. With more than decades of experience, we have generated many latest models to meet multiple requirements. Beyond our robust production support, we also provide considerate full-service throughout your purchase.

You are sure in expert hands with KDM. We have the capacity to produce custom-sized wire diameters, mesh lengths, and widths. We got you covered for all your enclosure needs. Send your inquiries now!

Wire Mesh Enclosure Production

Wide Variety of Materials

KDM professional engineers carefully select superior quality materials in the production. We used materials such as pre-galvanized, steel woven wire, SST316, and SST304. All these materials can improve corrosion resistance and strength to each wire mesh enclosure.

Our facility in China is supplied with highly advanced manufacturing machines, welding machines, and cutting machines. We are also composed of skilled engineers and staff with broad experience and skills.

Together with our experienced team, KDM ensures that all finished enclosures have clear-cut details and designs.

Wire Mesh Enclosure Specifications

We customize wire mesh enclosures according to your specific needs. Discuss with us your exact application. Then, our team will provide great recommendations based on the following aspects.

  • Materials: copper, stainless steel, bronze, brass, aluminum, and other metals
  • Weaving Techniques: welded and woven methods are available
  • Sizes: 10m, 15m, 30m or custom length / 3ft, 4ft, 5ft, 6ft, 2m, or custom width
  • Mesh Diameter: customizable
  • Hole Size: Each enclosure’s hole size differs from one another and can be custom-made with the best technology.

OEM & ODM Wire Mesh Enclosure for Various Industries

Medical Enclosure

Medical equipment and tools require enclosure therefore you will need a medical enclosure made of wire mesh metal. These are made of high-quality and tough metals with unique features.

Security Enclosure

For all storage applications that need safety, our security enclosure works best. It is expected to be strong, fire safe, and energy-efficient. They are effective to secure files, equipment, or even pets.

Military Enclosure

Military enclosures are used to enclose military data equipment. This enclosure helps improved safety and provides extreme security. It also has high strength and unbreakable construction.

Industrial Portable Enclosure

Industrial enclosures made of wire mesh metals are primarily used to house electronic devices, parts, and equipment. It helps increased safety while free from rust, dust, and water.

Veterinary Enclosure

Also known as animal enclosures, they are used to enclosed places for keeping animals safe from outside dangers. Animals that you can keep inside include pigeon coops, bird cages, doghouses, etc.

Why KDM is Trusted By Over 1000 Global Clients

Electrical Enclosure laser-cutting

4000W high performance laser cutting machine, +/- 0.05mm accuracy. No burr, no scratching.

Electrical Enclosure Welding

Multi-Functioning flexible welding equipment, high accuracy, no deformation.

Electrical Enclosure Bending

+/- 0.5mm bending precision, smooth surface without bending marks.

Electrical Enclosure Polishing

10+ welding experience workers, perfect overall appearance.

Electrical Enclosure Foaming

High speed and accuracy foaming machines, fast and qualified Gasket

electrical enclosure assembly

Expert assembling team, consistent assembly quality on every KDM enclosure

  • “Thank you KDM for high-quality wire mesh enclosures. I received the correct design and sizes. This is perfect for my upcoming projects. I am hoping for another transaction with you!”

  • “KDM never fails to amaze me with quality wire mesh enclosures they offer. Thank you for an unforgettable and satisfying purchase experience.”

  • “I never regret choosing KDM to handle my wire mesh enclosure requirements. I am importing metal enclosures from China and I’m glad I found KDM. Your services are truly amazing and trusted!”

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