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KDM TMV box is made of stainless steel valves substances. Stainless steel valves are fabricated very standardly. Having standardized material used is very helpful in having the smoothest way of applications in total. Besides, these TMV boxes are manufactured with lockable and with effective ease replaceable stainless steel, which retrieves door suitability. These are totally the safest equipment and give elastic assurance of a faster shutting down process.

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KDM TMV Box Series

Stainless Steel TMV Box

Stainless Steel TMV box is usually used in showers. The most significant water construction equipment. With lockable LID keys also. And functional especially in plumbing assemblies.

Aluminum TMV Box

Aluminum-made TMV boxes are intended for emergency watering applications. An outdoor applicable enclosure could last longer consumptions.

Hot-Dip Galvanized TMV Box

Have high-quality performances. Hot-Dip Galvanized TMV Box is a machine type with a long device life because of durable configurations. Designed to perform ruggedly through industrial plumbing necessities.

Galvanized TMV Box

One of the most important pieces of equipment in plumbing construction materials. These have the capacity to manage water inversion. With high firmness constitutions.

Recessed TMV Box

Recessed TMV boxes are available with 70mm deepness measurements. These supply water in showers, comfort rooms, kitchen, etc. Very useful type of equipment for in-home applications.

The most suggested product at commercials and organized KDM markets. For usual plumbing applications. Water-resistant TMV box is with high-quality selections and one fixture availability.

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TMV Box3

TMV boxes do not only perform rapidity in shutting off any operating types of equipment. These further shut down assorted outlet motions in hot events also. Not just hot, the TMV box additionally provides a cold water reservoir on setting apart. With a standard size of 305mm square to 75mm deep, well-run supplying processes are possible. Then, TMV boxes could be a source to industrial and for commercial places water dissemination activities. With a broad range classification in KDM, you`ll able to know more about what most suitable boxes are fitted for your applications.

TMV Box1

Moreover, TMV boxes that come from our innovations are truly authentic. And because we have the capacity to ensure and promise you about our quality services, you`ll truly be satisfied. However, when talking about TMV (Thermostatic Mixing Valve) boxes, these were completely measured with the common deepness of body water. TMV boxes are boxes helpful for finely water distributing operations. Usually, this equipment operates in residential places.

All our TMV boxes categorizations are NSW health care department validated. These come with the standard size mentioned in the second paragraph. But, TMV box could operate at 35°to 45°Celsius adaptation temperature rate or outlet temperature. And in cold inlet temperature for around 5° minimum Celsius and 25° maximum Celsius. Also, TMV boxes can never operate without hot 60° minimum Celsius and a maximum 90°Celcius inlet temperature supply. These are really important for a successful water dispersal process.

TMV Box2

Besides, to make sure a steady outlet state, a minimum of 4 liters per 60 seconds as each graph flow rates are needed too. And an active inlet insistence within cold or hot 20 kPa minimal and 500 kPa maximal inlet conditions is required for a stable system. But take note, you have to balance cold and hot water supplies for an excellent watering utilizations overall. Strict following these all reminders and instructions could bring out good conditional water supply dispersal. Throughout the need of society, we, KDM knows how substantial TMV boxes to add in business are. So that, having the highest-quality TMV boxes for the best of your business are ones you need most.

We have broad knowledge connected with TMV boxes, useful for watering resources and dispersal process. Knowledge comes from us will reliably help you right through. We are really sure about that. Our TMV boxes have custom designs, durable surface designs and offer wide-range applications in watering connections. With available sizes, colors and ruggedness functions. Totally offered with lower competitive rates.

In KDM, we innovate TMV boxes with effortless installments process and are simplest to maintain. These are with replaceable LID lock, so you cannot worry to change locks for durable safety assurance. With easy-to-understand manual instructions, suitable for beginner operators. KDM also offered TMV boxes together with complete tool kits. For a perfect installation process, TMV boxes are most recommended.

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TMV BOX: A Complete FAQ Guide

TMV box is a casing of a wide range of precision mechanical valves designed for controlling and maintaining water temperature to safe levels.

This guide provides detailed information regarding different aspects of TMV boxes.

Thus, it makes it easy for you to determine the right one, which suits your specific project needs.

Keep reading to learn more.

What Are The Main Types Of TMV Box Available In The Market?



Generally, TMV boxes are available in numerous designs in the market.

You can find standard and custom designs depending on your preference or project requirements.

Most custom designs often vary from one manufacturer to another since you need to provide the specifications.

At KDM Steel, here are the standard designs of TMV boxes available;

Stainless Steel TMV Box

It is regarded as the most significant water construction equipment featuring lockable LID keys.

Mainly, it is used in showers but also functional in a wide range of plumbing assemblies.

Stainless Steel TMV BOX

Stainless Steel TMV BOX

Aluminum TMV Box

This design is made using different aluminum alloys and is usually intended for various emergency watering applications.

It is strong thus can endure harsh environmental conditions and aggressive handling making it ideal for outdoor applications.

Universal Door TMV Box

It often comes with relatively upgraded designs and is designed with significant strength to withstand cold conditions.

This design is suitable for heavy-duty applications, especially those with pre-plumbed configurations.

Scald Guard TMV Box

It provides total quality enhancing overall performance. This unit is rust-resistant and has comparatively flexible implementations.

You can also find it in different polish designs.

Hot-Dip Galvanized TMV Box

It offers high-quality performance and guarantees durability due to its sturdy configurations.

It is ideal for rugged industrial plumbing applications.

Recessed TMV Box

This design is available with a 70mm deepness measurement.

It is suitable for supplying water in different areas such as the kitchen, showers, and comfort room.

Recessed TMV Box

Recessed TMV Box

Water Heat TMV Box

This TMV box design is ideal for commercial plumbing applications.

It features high-quality construction, making it relatively durable in different outdoor environments.

Vertical TMV Box

It is engineered particularly for main and specific weighty cuttings.

Essentially, this design is a construct intended for different machining processes.

Custom TMV Box

It is a design made using different integrated elements.

You can find it in convertible designs specifically for various plumbing operations.

Custom TMV BOX

Custom TMV BOX

What Are The Benefits Of Investing In TMV Box?

TMV Boxes are essential in different plumbing projects across numerous settings.

Thus, they offer a wide range of benefits hence worth investing in.

Some of the main benefits of this unit include the following;

Improves Safety

Ideally, most applications of this type of cage tend to revolve around the involvement of people.

Therefore, it is fundamental to safeguard the life and wellbeing of individuals as they move around within the location of TMV valves.

In some instances, the components of TMV box tend to generate heat, which can be injurious if human come in contact with.

Thus, it enhances the overall safety of the people around the vicinity.

Relatively Durable

In most instances, the materials used for making many TMV boxes are naturally hardy.

These materials can withstand different harsh environmental conditions and aggressive handling.

Therefore, it guarantees a longer service lifespan, which is vital since it allows you to save significant costs you’d rather spend on replacements and repair.


In the long run, using the TMV box turns out to be somewhat cost-effective.

Essentially, it offers a longer lifespan, which is vital since it relieves you from the need to replace or repair it repeatedly.

Safeguards The Components

This box prevents unauthorized personnel from accessing the various TMV components.

Ideally, most of these units come with lockable lids, which prevent unauthorized access.

Moreover, it makes it easy for the valves and any other TMV component to staying safe from environmental and mechanical factors.

Visually Appealing

Generally, the design construction of this component adds ideal attractiveness in the various areas they are placed.

Besides, the arrangement of valves inside this box is incredible, well-organized, and visually appealing.

Thus, you’ll notice that this unit offers incredible appeal to the eye when properly installed and with the right color choice.

What Are The Main Applications Of TMV Box?

The main application of a typical TMV box is to enclose and safeguard different types of thermal mixing valves in various settings.

Essentially, the design of this box allows it to protect the valves from intrusion, environmental and mechanical damage.

Nevertheless, here are the core applications of this component;

Industrial Application

In industrial settings, the TMV box is primarily used in different water dissemination points.

This is important in various industrial and manufacturing processes since the box covers the vital valves used in such settings.

Commercial Application

It is used in various hotels, eating joints, and other commercial buildings with water distribution points.

Essentially, it safeguards the thermal mixing valves used in such surroundings.

Residential Application

You’ll often find TMV boxes in kitchen and shower rooms in most residential settings.

Typically, these are the main areas within a residential space, using different thermal mixing valves.

Thus, this box covers such valves, which is important because it enhances their safety and people within the household.

What Is The Ideal Operating Temperature For TMV Box?

It depends on a host of variables.

However, the recommended temperature for the TMV box usually operates at 35° to 45°Celsius outlet temperature or adaptation temperature rate.

This box operates at a minimum temperature of 5° Celsius and a maximum of 25° Celsius in cold temperatures.

These are the recommended temperature range for hot water outlets where the TMV box is installed.

Moreover, a typical TMV box can hardly operate without a hot 60°C minimum temperature and 90°C maximum inlet temperature supply.

What Is The Flow Rate Of A Typical TMV Box?

To ensure you attain a steady outlet state, an ideal flow rate of this component should be 4liters per minute.

For a stable system, the TMV box should have an active inlet insistence within the cold or hot 20 kPa minimum.

The maximum inlet should be 500 kPa.

We are balancing cold and hot water supplies for excellent watering utilizations overall.

What Are The Suitable Tray And Frame Materials Used For Making TMV Box?

Several materials can be used to make a wide range of TMV boxes.

However, the main ones you need to consider are the following;

Stainless Steel

Technically, this is an iron alloy containing a minimum chromium content of about 10.5%.

It is available in four main variants as follows;

  • Austenitic
  • Duplex
  • Ferritic
  • Martensitic

Galvanized Steel

It is a type of steel galvanized by the application of zinc coating on its entire body.

The essence is to protect the surface material from corroding or rusting.

It forms a sturdy tray and frame for this component, which is vital in attaining the necessary efficiency and reliability.

What Is The Ideal Color For TMV Box?

It is dependent on your specific taste and preference.

Ideally, you can always find this component in various color shades.

In most instances, though, customers prefer customized colors.

Of course, this is important because it allows you to attain a particular hue, which complements other elements within the surrounding.

Custom color is vital because it broadens your options as far as finding the ideal one is concerned.

However, the common color for TMV box you are likely to come across include the following;

  • Grey
  • Green
  • Golden yellow
  • Champagne
  • Titanium
  • Bronze
  • Black
  • White
  • Silver
  • Nickel

Is There Size Limitation For TMV Box?


TMV boxes are usually available in different sizes.

Ideally, thermal mixing valves are usually available in different sizes.

This is essential in determining the ideal size of the TMV box when selecting a particular one.

Therefore, different TMV boxes are available in a wide range of sizes.

Of course, this is fundamental since it broadens your choice options in ensuring you get the right one, which fits your requirements.

What Are The Common TMV Box Designs Available In The Market?

Different projects or applications require varied TMV Box designs ranging from small to relatively large.

Essentially, the specific design available is based on the needs of the application or your preference.

Some of the commonly used designs include the following;

Free-standing TMV Box

It is generally popular among many users in various applications.

This TMV box design is fully sealed and often designed to stand on a comparatively flat surface.

The legs of this unit elevate it a bit higher for easy access.

Wall-mount TMV Box

It is also quite popular in various residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

In most cases, this TMV box design features a single or double door.

The installation process makes it pretty sturdy and reliable, which is vital in enhancing the unit’s overall efficiency.

Wall Mount TMV BOX

Wall Mount TMV BOX

Junction TMV Box

The design construction of this TMV box features a continuous economical and durable hinge allowing for seamless axial rotation.

Of course, the design is fundamental since it enhances easy access to the internal thermal mixing valves.

Junction TMV box also features a clamp style, which is fully removable.

Junction TMV Box

Junction TMV Box

Pad Mount TMV Box

It is a type of TMV box that is usually mounted over a concrete pad.

This type of box is suitable mainly for outdoor applications, and it’s available in many sizes and designs.

Pole-mounted TMV Box

As the name suggests, this design is installed on different poles, primarily for outdoor water dissemination applications.

Pole-Mounted TMV BOX

Pole-Mounted TMV BOX

What Are The Technical Features Of A Typical TMV Box?

A typical TMV box contains several technical features.

However, the specific features usually vary based on the particular frame and tray material used for making the component.

Some of the main features of this component include the following;

  • Incredible strength steel framework
  • Detachable lid with security lock
  • Lockable adjustment mechanism to prevent tampering
  • Thermal flush disinfection function
  • High stability of mixed water temperature
  • Easy to install
  • Extreme corrosion resistant
  • Provides rapid access for periodic maintenance

What Are The Quality Standards That TMV Box Complies With?

They are quite several and, in most instances, depend mainly on the specific target market of the unit.

Ideally, different countries or regions have particular quality standards, which the TMV box used within the jurisdiction must comply with.

This is important because it shows the particular TMV boxes used in the specific target market meet all the required quality standards.

Nevertheless, here are some of the core quality standards that this component needs to comply with;

BS EN 1287

This is a European Standard specifying the overall construction, performance, and material requirements of TMV boxes.

It also includes various test methods for verifying mixed water temperature performance at the point of use below 45°C.

AS / NZS 3500

It is an Australian quality standard that the TMV box must comply with when installed on different plumbing systems.

This standard primarily applies to any alterations, variations, additions, and new installations of this particular unit.

BS EN 1111(HP)

It is a European Standard, which specifies general construction, performance, and material requirements for PN 10 TMV boxes.

NSW Health

This is a Welsh department in the health ministry, which tests and validates the quality of various components, including TMV boxes.

It is a popular quality standard used in validating a wide range of TMV boxes used in various parts of the world.

How Do You Install A TMV Box?

Technically, a typical TMV box is configured before it is installed on a specific spot.

However, the installation process of this unit is entirely dependent on specific type of application, surrounding, and the size of the box.

Moreover, the process is based on the particular design of the TMV box.

But the general procedure for installing this component include the following;

Get The Right Tools

You need a variety of tools to do a typical TMV box installation job.

The essence here is it makes it easy for you to fix the box appropriately within the shortest time possible.

Determine The Specific Valves To Fix In The TMV Box

Establish the actual size of thermal mixing valves you want to enclose inside the TMV box.

It is vital since it allows you to figure out the right side of the box to choose for your project.

Mark And Prepare The Enclosure Area

You need to be meticulous at this point since it influences the outcome significantly.

It is recommended first cut small openings to make it possible for you to probe the internal side cavity for the piping.

Mount The TMV Box

Fix the box on the respective surface, whether pole, wall, pad, etc.

Use the screws where possible to tighten the box on its particular surface.

Configure The TMV To The box

At this point, you ought to know the respective direction of the inlet and outlet.

You must fix each valve accordingly to avoid mixing the valves.

Configured TMV BOX

Configured TMV BOX

What Are The Main Performance Parameters Of TMV Box?

A typical TMV box should demonstrate several performance parameters, but the main ones include the following;

Protection Features

An ideal TMV box contains several protection features, which come in handy if the thermal mixing valves it houses fail.

The essence of using this component is to provide and guarantee adequate safety during the mixture of hot and cold water.

Therefore, protection features are fundamental in the entire process of managing and regulating water temperatures to safe levels.

Thermal Management

It is primarily monitoring and regulating the temperature emitted by the valves in the box.

This element is an essential performance parameter since the temperature significantly affects the service lifespan and reliability of this unit.

Safety And Environmental Compliance

A TMV box is regarded as a fundamental unit in a plumbing system.

Therefore, it needs to comply with the stipulated safety and environmental requirements.

What Is The Cost Of TMV Box?

The price of a typical TMV box is often dependent on a host of variables.

In most cases, the actual design you choose plays a fundamental role in determining the exact price.

Ordinarily, standard designs tend to be relatively affordable than custom units.

Of course, custom units are usually a bit involving resources and craft, thus being slightly more expensive than standard designs.

Also, the order quantity you purchase influences the exact price you’ll pay to acquire a TMV box.

Most manufacturers usually provide cheaper rates or discounted prices for high quantity orders and vice versa.

Thus, it becomes more cost-effective to purchase several pieces than purchasing a few units.

The specific company or manufacturer you are purchasing these items from is another fundamental cost-determinant element.

Ideally, different manufacturers price their respective TMV boxes differently based on several company policies regarding pricing.

Thus, you need to figure out the pricing of your preferred unit from the specific manufacturer before committing to the order.

In a nutshell, there is no definite cost for purchasing a TMV box.

The price is usually determined by many factors, including the few ones mentioned above.

Is There MOQ When Purchasing TMV Boxes?

It depends on the particular manufacturer you are buying the TMV boxes from.

In many instances, most companies do not necessarily tag a specific MoQ on standard TMV boxes.

But for customized TMV boxes, some companies usually place a specific MoQ.

Of course, the manufacturing process of the tailor-made designs is a bit unique and always customized to suit the specific requirements of individual clients.

Nevertheless, most manufacturers, including KDM Steel, often offer a flexible MoQ based on different factors.

Thus, you need to inquire from the manufacturer to determine the ideal MoQ before committing to the order.

What Is The Production Lead-Time For TMV Box?

Different elements determine the actual production lead time of a typical TMV box.

Ideally, various manufacturers adhere to different stipulations or policies revolving around the turnaround time.

Some companies are strict to their provided timeliness irrespective of the prevailing circumstances.

On the other hand, some tend to be a bit flexible based on the current needs.

Secondly, the production lead-time is also determined by the actual quantity of TMV boxes you order.

Of course, the more the quantity, the longer it is likely to take and vice versa.

Thus, when placing the order, it is advisable to inquire from the manufacturer about the exact production timeline depending on the quantity.

And most importantly, the turnaround time is determined by the specific TMV box you are purchasing.

Ordinarily, a custom design will take slightly longer than a standard unit to produce.

The former is quite involving hence requires more time depending on the extent of customization required.

Therefore, the exact production lead-time for this component varies based on the factors mentioned above, among many more.

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