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  • KDM is your trusted source of the top-quality industrial control box 
  • Robust-design industrial control box meet high quality and safety standards
  • Comprehensive range of reliable industrial control box with different configuration
  • Custom-design industrial control box solution for your project

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Industrial Control Box
Industrial Control Electrical Box
Industrial Control Electrical Box

KDM design industrial control electrical box adheres to strict quality standards. To any electric distribution and data network application, our kind of industrial control electrical box is your ideal solution. 

Stainless steel Rectangular Industrial Control Box
Stainless steel Rectangular Industrial Control Box

KDM offers a state-of-the-art stainless steel rectangular industrial control box consists of unique features. There is also a range of accessories to be installed in the unit. With no doubt, KDM is your trusted source of quality stainless steel rectangular industrial control box. 

Waterproof Industrial Control Box
Waterproof Industrial Control Box

Waterproof industrial control box manufactured by KDM suitable for various applications. The panel deliver optimum performance, flexibility, and reliability. 

PLC Industrial Control Box
PLC Industrial Control Box

Best design PLC industrial control boxes are engineered to most advanced and superior-quality equipment. KDM actively developing the newest and up-to-date panel design to meet the growing needs of the industry. 

Industrial Control Panel Enclosure
Industrial Control Panel Enclosure

In KDM, you can find a comprehensive range of superior-quality industrial control panel enclosure. In a different dimension, features, and structural design, you could find the ideal solution for your needs. 

Industrial Control Box for Signal Tower
Industrial Control Box for Signal Tower

Robust structure industrial control box for a signal tower is gettable at KDM. We have a range of products applicable to the range of applications. 

DIN rail Industrial Control Box

KDM DIN rail industrial control box is designed and manufactured from the best quality material. This is assembled to advanced technologically tested equipment and machinery. 

Industrial Plastic Control Box
Industrial Plastic Control Box

KDM is your premier manufacturer of the industrial plastic control box offers a lot of advantageous aspects. All the unit is available at competitive prices. 

480V Industrial Control Box
480V Industrial Control Box

Looking for a 480V industrial control box? KDM is your ideal manufacturer and supplier. With over 10 years in the field, we had gain rich expertise in designing and manufacturing highly operational units. 

Mild Steel Industrial Control Box
Mild Steel Industrial Control Box

The mild steel industrial control box is made up of high-grade raw material and components. Every piece of equipment is tested for various quality parameters to ensure its rigidity and dependability. 

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Power plant control panel is manufactured to state-of-the-art technology and robust manufacturing equipment.
Stainless steel control panel is design with accordance to main national and international standards.
PLC electrical panel is engineered to meet variety of electrical circuit and power distribution fitting
KDM carries large selection of electrical pull box, available in number of accessories and desirable features.

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  • Finely-built, robust features that can be custom-built to own specifications
  • Operational units meet safety requirements; 
  • Reliable and strong structure offers maximum flexibility
  • Variety of control panels ranging in size, features, and complexity

KDM Industrial Control Box

Industrial Control Box1

KDM industrial control box is built to meet every control system’s challenges and demands. Our engineers who fabricate this had adequate expertise and knowledge to do work, they execute the control box manufacturing process skillfully.

Industrial control box structural reliability and quality are certain. The panel design is flexible, adaptable as it can be easily configured to any unique project needs of the industry.

In KDM, our range of industrial control box has met the international and national requirements presented by legal authority. Quality-assured industrial control box design exceeding every control system demand could be acquired at KDM.

Throughout the production process, our highly experienced assembly team puts extra effort into perfectly done fabrication according to your requirements. Whether you want a short or high volume of the industrial control panel, KDM always got your back.

We will give the ideal solution to your own business need. From concept design, engineering, production to custom labeling and packaging, rest-assured with KDM, you could get the solution your desired.

Industrial Control Box2

Our industrial control box has great features to be installed and withstand in any hazardous location it may put up to. KDM is your smartest choice in every step of your business productivity. Before the production, we will start by reviewing every submitted design.

We will consider several factors that affect the final application. We will make sure every detail of your layout will be done right and great.

During the engineering, our skilled and talented assembly team will gather feedback and recommendations in order to make an improvement to the production. As the process goes, we will consider different standards such as UL, CE, Rohs, ISO and the relevant industry requirements.

Quality inspection is performed rigorously at the stages of production to make sure all equipment met the high standards. KDM aims to be one of the trusted partners of the industrial control boxes to customers across the globe.

Our goal is to have a win-win collaboration. KDM is your ideal one-stop-shop solution to your project without spending too much money and time and effort.

Industrial Control Box3

Our expertise in designing and manufacturing allowed us to be one of the leading sources of high-quality industrial control boxes. We’ve to build a variety of industrial control boxes for more than 10 years that meet the high-quality and safety standards.

Each panel could serve the different industries, markets, and the ever-increasing and growing desires of customers. We keep and actively viewing the ever-changing need of industry demand. All panels are made and built to meet every customer’s desire.

If you are interested in our industrial control box, please leave us a message or you could call us with your inquiries. We will be glad to work with you and give a specific solution.