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KDM designed custom metal boxes in a variety of designs, features, dimensions, finishes, and more. KDM ensure to meet customers’ demands to support the project and other business purposes. Through our confident and highly trained team, can fabricate functional custom metal boxes strong for plenty of applications.

KDM Custom Metal Box Series

Round Custom Metal Box

Round type of metal box can be accessible KDM manufacturing in China. Our packaging productions are not easy to damage because of strong and high-tech machinery. Our custom metal box is well-originated through our skilled engineering.

Sheet Custom Metal box

Well-made production of custom metal boxes is shown at leading KDM provider in China. Our well-trained engineers do their best on making products with standard materials for durability and acceptable cost.

Welded Custom Metal Box

At KDM, you can see a lot of welded custom metal box at very friendly-budget price. This is not so good-looking but it helps a lot to our important jobs that involves welded custom metal box.

Square Outlet Metal Box

Popular shapes and types of square outlet metal box are extremely advisable for your upcoming projects. It can help a lot due to its powerful uses. KDM can be a manufacturer for your square outlet metal box. We will help you survive from any difficulties in searching for a manufacturer suit for you.

Junction Custom Metal Box

High-quality junction custom metal box is now offered by KDM. We, KDM work hard for this wonderful creativity fabrication. We give assurance to our clients. One way to give then assurance is to reliably produce durable junction custom metal box.

Pull Custom Metal Box

Pull Custom Metal Box is one of the product highly advise by our expertise for your electrical problems. It is able to gives protection and way in to any wiring structures and power connections.

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KDM offered satisfying services and produce the right quality custom metal box orders for your project needs. We have a friendly customer service team assisting clients’ inquiries which support 24 hours. We help different business and ensure to provide great satisfaction.

  • Already has a wide knowledge of manufacturing custom metal boxes for over 10 years thus far
  • Gives sample layout designs earlier than 3 days
  • Quick-witted on making new ideas to begin manipulation
  • International manufacturing certification

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  • Customized Metal Box
    The best way to meet your exact metal box needs is providing you some useful and proven long-lasting customized metal box products.
  • Open Frame Custom Metal Box
    Cost effective open frame custom metal box can be founded in many designs and sizes and any features offered by KDM.
  • Split Custom Metal Box
    Most claimable product so far. Split custom metal box is much way better tool for your business development.
  • Tinplate Custom Metal Box
    Grab some of your own desired model of tinplate custom metal box. Lower price has been offer when you order in bulk.

KDM Custom Metal Box

KDM Custom Metal Box

KDM effectively produces a custom metal box. With KDM staff collaboration, they made a plan to originate custom metal box. We made a custom metal box with our clever mindsets. On working for new projects, custom metal box is well- appropriate for that. We, KDM are making preparations to do full determined productions of custom metal box. Although, this can be apply to any industrial and commercial areas. Our finished production of custom metal box was made from friendly environmental materials.

KDM Sheet of Metal Box

Custom metal box is very useful. Its characteristic is a penetrate sheet of metal box. Some of our custom metal back`s part is having a lithographed stickers and a strike metal port. It has already a powdery surface with a press tower. Different designs of custom metal box can be procured at KDM fabrication abilities. Also, any size of custom metal box customization is available at following KDM markets. Aluminum is one of the materials used by our assigned brilliant designers.  With this product, Pem stand-offs and Pem nuts can be quickly installed. Powder coated custom metal box is in stock at any different colors.

KDM Aluminum Metal Box

We, KDM made this product for each client to take plenty of advantages. We have unity in trying harder to make your satisfaction be successfully fulfilled. Incomparable total custom metal box and any products were been offered for giving whole-soul services to any customers. You have to choose very wisely to get productivity for the sake of high-growth business.

Our team, KDM are finalized and established since 2003 and keeping its growth stages until now.  Through our confident team operating and trusted stakeholders, we know we can create high various types of custom metal box in immediate way.

Take the word we been told. Message us now and we will deliver to you the custom metal boxes. Through this, you might discover what quality we been have since before. You surely be satisfied.

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