Outdoor Battery Cabinet

KDM manufacture highly recommended outdoor battery cabinet.

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  • Weatherproof outdoor battery cabinet
  • Provide fully protection cabinets
  • Available in standard sizes or custom
  • Made from high-grade materials

What is KDM Outdoor Battery Cabinet?

KDM outdoor battery cabinet is a durable battery enclosure. It also fully protects other parts such as DC power, air ventilation, and other components. Outdoor battery cabinet protects contents from harmful outdoor elements such as rain, snow, dust, external heat, etc. Plus, it provides protection to personnel against access to dangerous components.

As a famous manufacturer in China, KDM supplies thousands of outdoor battery cabinets for different purposes. It includes aluminium outdoor battery cabinet, telecommunication outdoor battery cabinet, defense projects outdoor battery cabinet, etc.  Our company is engaged in this industry for more than 10 years. Thus, you can assure of high-quality products and outstanding services.

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KDM Outdoor Battery Cabinet Series

Stainless Steel Outdoor Battery Cabinet

The stainless steel outdoor battery cabinet is designed with good edge and finishing. It is used as distribution control of various buildings, such as commercial net points, stations, laboratories, factories, etc.

Aluminium Outdoor Battery Cabinet

Aluminium Outdoor Battery Cabinet is made from 15 Gauge 5005 aluminum with a 7-gauge rear mounting plate. KDM offers a customized aluminum outdoor battery cabinet that exceeds your specific needs.

Galvanized Steel Outdoor Battery Cabinet

Manufacture with high reliability and durability. It is easy to install and maintenance free. It has perfect thermal design and efficient energy saving. This cabinet is built from 1.5mm thickness galvanized steel and can be customized.

Carbon Steel Outdoor Battery Cabinet

You can get a carbon steel outdoor battery cabinet in white, black, grey color, or customized. This cabinet is available in various coatings such as anodizing, polishing brushed, powder coating, etc.

NEMA Type 3R Outdoor Battery Cabinet

NEMA Type 3R Outdoor Battery Cabinet can be manufactured with DC distribution panels, batteries, battery/charger combinations, ventilation system, etc. This is a high protection class battery cabinet that can be applied as freestanding, wall-mount, etc.

Color Coated Steel Outdoor Battery Cabinet

Color coated steel outdoor battery cabinet is an integrated outdoor solution that provide years of trouble-free service. It is designed to house network electronics, battery and battery backup, etc. It is unique and built to your site-specific needs.

Outdoor Battery Cabinet By Structure (6)

  • 3-Layers Outdoor Battery Cabinets

    3-layers outdoor battery cabinets are designed with IP55 protection, used in wireless communication base station. It is sunproof, dustproof, and rainproof cabinets.

  • 5-Shelf Outdoor Battery Cabinet

    Made from high-grade galvanized steel material. It has large capacity cabinets perfect for your battery in-housing. KDM can do surface treatments in this product for extended life such as anti-corrosion outdoor powder coating. The cabinet layout is one compartment, for installing batteries.

  • 8-Layer Anticorrosive Outdoor Battery Cabinet

    Anticorrosive outdoor battery cabinet eight-layer one front door has an embedded structure and vandal-proof design. It is applicable to the outdoor environment. It is a waterproof and fireproof cabinet. This product meets the requirement of the IP55 level of protection.

  • Thermostatic Outdoor Battery Enclosure

    Outdoor Battery Enclosure features anti-ultraviolet, anti-corrosion, weatherproof, and anti-sand. This cabinet has one front door and air conditioner cooling. It can work longer in a harsh outdoor application.

  • Single Door Outdoor Battery Cabinet

    This cabinet is used for installing storage battery. It also accommodates 19”, 21”, 23” equipment, etc. It is built with IP65 & IP66 protection level. KDM custom this cabinet according to your materials, surface treatments, application fields, etc.

  • Double Door Outdoor Battery Cabinet

    IP55 double door outdoor battery cabinet can be designed in various dimensions and styles. KDM offers this cabinet in your chosen materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, galvanized steel, etc.

Outdoor Battery Cabinet IP Rating (4)

  • IP55 Outdoor Battery Cabinet

    KDM well-manufactured IP55 outdoor battery cabinet that is water-resistant. This rating also ensures cabinets are protected from dust, dirt, oil, etc. It also provides personnel protection from moving parts and voltage inside the cabinet.

  • IP65 Outdoor Battery Cabinet

    IP65 Outdoor Battery Cabinet gives protection against low-pressure water jets, condensation, and water spray. KDM manufactures all types of outdoor battery cabinets with various IP ratings. We also provide custom cutouts and custom digital printing on these cabinets at an affordable rate.

  • IP66 Outdoor Battery Cabinet

    IP66 outdoor battery cabinets are totally dust-tight. It provides full protection against dust and other particulates. KDM supplies hundreds of different models of IP66 outdoor battery cabinets for your needs.

  • IP67 Outdoor Battery Cabinet

    IP67 Outdoor Battery Cabinet offers basic protection against liquid ingress. This cabinet are protected against temporary submersion at depths of up to 1 meter. These weatherproof and waterproof enclosures make for great outdoor battery cabinet.

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KDM Outdoor Battery Cabinet Advantages

Fully Protection Outdoor Battery Cabinet
Fully Protection

This product protects battery system contents and keeps them secure and well ventilated. It organized the electrical circuits inside to allow for ease of use.

Outdoor Battery Cabinet
Climate Control

Outdoor battery cabinets are offered in customized climate control solutions. For instance, they can be made with external coolers or built-in air conditioners for ventilation.

Outdoor Battery Cabinets

You can obtain various types of custom outdoor battery cabinets such as wall-mounted battery cabinets, floor-mounted battery cabinets, free-standing battery cabinets, etc.

Safety Outdoor Battery Cabinets

Find the best outdoor battery cabinet in KDM that guarantees maximum security, safety, and stability. You can trust KDM because we use the right materials and the right fabrication process.

KDM Outdoor Battery Cabinet Materials

As a leading manufacturer in China, we source the best material in producing outdoor battery cabinets. You can choose the material based on your applications or needs:

Stainless Steel – KDM can fabricate outdoor battery cabinets from different variants of steel. It has specific characteristics, corrosion-resistant and durable.

Aluminium – a material that is affordable and versatile. It also offers ventilation and heat reduction features perfect for fabricating outdoor batter cabinets.

Galvanized Steel – Due to its extended durability and strength, galvanized steel is popular in creating outdoor battery cabinets. This versatility makes it suitable for a variety of projects and industries.

KDM Outdoor Battery Cabinet Materials
Outdoor Battery Cabinet

KDM Outdoor Battery Cabinet Production

As a reputable provider, we control and supervise the whole outdoor battery cabinets production. You can trust KDM in all aspects of production from:

  • Material sourcing and inspection
  • Product sample and testing
  • Shipment inspection
  • Establishes traceable documents
  • Product identification

Our company always act in accordance with the ISO9001 system, OHSAS18001, CE, UL, FCC, and other related management process. KDM’s quality inspection team is skilled and professional in this method.

Why Choose KDM Outdoor Battery Cabinet

KDM is a trusted outdoor battery cabinet supplier in China. We manufacture superior quality outdoor battery cabinets with our advanced equipment. We use unique techniques to ensure long-lasting and heavy-duty products. Our products are distributed worldwide.

Plus, we offer a custom design option for your specific requirements. Our team can deliver a 2D or 3D drawing outdoor battery cabinet in 1 day. You can also provide us with your own drawing or sample. You can receive your orders on time and in good condition. Contact us today!

Why Choose KDM Outdoor Battery Cabinet

Choose KDM Outdoor Battery Cabinet Fabrication

Electrical Enclosure Bending
LED Screen Cabinet

With more than 10 years of experience, you can guarantee the highest quality outdoor battery cabinet from KDM. We hold a wide range of manufacturing capabilities and techniques, advanced equipment and excellent customer services.

We own a large factory in China, and professional engineers and designer teams supports us. We aim to support you from material sourcing, R&D, designing, manufacturing and delivery. Choose KDM to custom outdoor battery cabinet for your business. Message us today!

Custom Outdoor Battery Cabinet

Outdoor Battery Cabinet

When you invest in quality power equipment, KDM is your #1 choice. With our selection of high-grade battery cabinets, you can safely enclose your battery systems. KDM holds various fabrication processes such as:

  • Laser cutting
  • CNC punching
  • CNC bending
  • Welding
  • Stamping, etc.

We also offer secondary processes to your outdoor battery cabinets such as painting, hot galvanized, plasma electrostatic painting, powder coating, brushing, polishing, cataphoresis, etc. This method ensures extended durability and long-lasting applications.

Outdoor Battery Cabinet Feature
  • Manufactured using top-notched raw material.
  • Fully welded design
  • Sturdy construction for strength and durability.
  • High load-bearing capacity.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Enhanced service life.
  • Modular configuration.
  • Large housing capability.
  • Attractive finish and style.
  • Long life and corrosion resistance.
  • Highest reliability, efficiency.
  • Customized color coatings.

OEM & ODM Outdoor Battery Cabinet for Various Industry

Energy/Power Industry Outdoor Battery Cabinet

Outdoor battery cabinet for energy or power industry are made from finest material to ensure better durability. It is strong enough to protect items inside. It is very reliable and sturdy. KDM can customized this product according to your needs.

Defense Projects Outdoor Battery Cabinet

Defense Projects Outdoor Battery Cabinet are available in many sizes, colors, and styles. This product is certified and inspected to deliver optimum performance. It can be designed with single or double skin construction.

Find the best outdoor battery cabinets for IT applications at KDM. It is built with IP55, and IP65 protection perfect for outdoor applications. It is easy to install and maintain cabinets. You can choose whether wall-mount or freestanding mounting outdoor battery cabinets options.

KDM manufacture outdoor battery cabinet for infrastructure and telecommunication projects. This product can accommodate the battery system, radio access network, power distribution, power core, telecom/Industrial equipment, etc.

KDM solar power generation outdoor battery cabinets meet the market needs and customers’ requirements. It has a unique design and versatile construction. It undergoes strict testing in anti-theft performance and is designed from flame-retardant components.

Why KDM is Trusted By Over 1000 Global Clients

Electrical Enclosure laser-cutting

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Electrical Enclosure Welding

Multi-Functioning flexible welding equipment, high accuracy, no deformation.

Electrical Enclosure Bending

+/- 0.5mm bending precision, smooth surface without bending marks.

Electrical Enclosure Polishing

10+ welding experience workers, perfect overall appearance.

Electrical Enclosure Foaming

High speed and accuracy foaming machines, fast and qualified Gasket

electrical enclosure assembly

Expert assembling team, consistent assembly quality on every KDM enclosure

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  • “KDM is an experienced outdoor battery cabinet manufacturer whom I can trust. My orders are professionally fabricated using high-quality materials. KDM satisfies me! I’m so happy and my customer loved this product.”

  • “KDM is a trusted outdoor battery cabinet in China. They never disappoint my expectations. They assist me throughout the completion of my outdoor battery cabinet purchase. Their product is proven and tested durable and sustainable.”

  • “ I’m very impressed with KDM! They handle my orders efficiently and correctly. We highly recommend KDM to supply your outdoor battery cabinet needs.”

KDM Outdoor Battery Cabinet

Outdoor Battery Cabinet

KDM Outdoor Battery Cabinet is produced to insulate the battery working environment to produce an individual thermostatic environment for batteries.

Also to improve the working temperature that decreases power consumption and saving cost.

It also has a perfect air circulation design that can guarantee the temperature of each battery inside the cabinet.

KDM Outdoor Battery Cabinet is provided with a failure alarm it will be transmitted by the controller to the monitoring center. 

KDM Outdoor Battery Cabinet accommodates an open door alarm.

It also manages the temperature of the battery cabinet to make assured the thermostatic operation environment for the batteries.

KDM Outdoor Battery Cabinet guarantees the service life of the batteries.

It also enhances the temperature of the main facilities and power equipment in the base station so as to lessen power consumption.

KDM Outdoor Battery Cabinet has high safety, fast assembly, maintenance-free, suitable for the rigid environment.

Outdoor Battery Cabinet

KDM Outdoor Battery Cabinet has a great protection class battery cabinet specialized for the outdoor base station power supply equipment.

It also has an exceptional temperature-controlled air-conditioning system, heater and reserve battery installation area.

KDM Outdoor Battery Cabinet design ensures the secure operation of the system in the outdoor environment.

Its full temperature is consistent.

It is also an insulated, dustproof, and anti-corrosive outdoor battery cabinet.

It can meet the harsh outdoor environment and is widely used in broadcasting security, communications, power, and monitoring stations.

This outdoor battery cabinet is made by an excellent and skilled team of highly trained staff.

Also engineered by the skilled and talented team of highly trained staff.

Outdoor Battery Cabinet

KDM has the capability to render excellent service of an outdoor battery cabinet to every client.

KDM gives an extensive range of outdoor battery cabinet that fits your needs.

In KDM, you can assure the cost-effective stock for your business.

KDM is the only manufacturer that offered lots of related choices such as the outdoor battery cabinet.

We will help you custom any type of battery enclosures based on your projects.

KDM is experienced in sales industries, we also provide an online services website for your online sourcing.

So you can buy and update your electrical products and supplies.

Because in KDM keep every buyer up to date with our latest product trends in this fast-moving electronic industry.  

If you are in need of an outdoor battery cabinet feel free to contact us for assistance.

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