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KDM Electrical Enclosure Fans that are built for different industrial use. We are a professional electrical enclosure fan supplier in China for over 10 years.



KDM Electrical Enclosure Fans have strength and durability. These have a built-in fan, low power, high performance, and soundless with a slim design. It is also quick for mounting, reliable, and has low maintenance.

There are various types of electrical enclosure fans, mainly are Stainless Steel IP55 Electrical Enclosure Fans, Finger Guard Electrical Enclosure Fans, Cooling Electrical Enclosure Fans, Filter Electrical Enclosure Fans, Air Cooling Indoor IP54 Electrical Enclosure Fans, and more.

  • Producing standard design of Electrical Enclosure Fans
  • Customizing  own idea of Electrical Enclosure Fans
  • Highly-durable variety of Electrical Enclosure Fans
  • Offer components at a friendly price

KDM Electrical Enclosure Fans Series

Dehumidifier Electrical Enclosure Fans

Dehumidifier Electrical Enclosure Fans is a fan-free cold plate in the indoor switch cabinet. It also has a temperature protection switch and an alarm relay.

Resistance Heaters NEMA Electrical Enclosure Fans

Resistance Heaters NEMA Electrical Enclosure Fans can be reduced and condensation of water avoided. It also equipped with fans in order to produce air circulation.

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Electrical Enclosure Fans
Electrical Enclosure Fans

We also provide KDM electrical enclosure fans in different kinds like a filter fan, room fan viper, stainless steel cooling fans, thermoelectric cooling fan, dehumidifier electrical enclosure. KDM is skilled in the greatest electrical enclosure fan manufacturing.  

KDM Electrical Enclosure Fans are durable and have the most excellent effective and energy-efficient cooling and heating. It is exposed inside and outside applications also recessed in-wall or ceiling.

  • Electrical Enclosure Fans are strong and solidly built
  • Providing extremely good and reliable Electrical Enclosure Fans
  • Ensure the circulation of air inside the enclosure
  • Cost-effective and safe Electrical Enclosure Fans

Related Product with Electrical Enclosure Fans

  • Fiberglass Vented Weatherproof Heated NEMA Enclosure with Cooling Fan
    KDM Fiberglass Vented Weatherproof Heated NEMA Enclosure with Cooling Fan help maintain lower internal temperatures. It is a great idea for protecting equipment from harsh environments and tampering.
  • Electronic Equipment Enclosure Box with Back Plate
    KDM Electronic Equipment Enclosure Box with Back Plate allows an installer to mount components to the plate even after the enclosure box is mounted. It also can change batteries and do other maintenance work easily.
  • Plastic Style A Utility Box
    KDM Plastic Style A Utility Box is made of ABS plastic that has a flammability rating and suggested service temperatures. It is a perfectly durable and useful utility box.
  • IP65 ABS Plastic Electric Junction Box
    KDM IP65 ABS Plastic Electric Junction Box is suitable for indoor and outdoor electrical communications. It is also easy to operate and repair, with no cable cutting, more convenient and safer.

KDM Electrical Enclosure Fans

KDM Electrical Enclosure Fans are widely used in various industries.

You can use our electrical enclosure fans for your house building, office building, wall, ceiling, etc.

This also uses conveniently our electrical enclosure fans into a different enclosure.

KDM has a great electrical enclosure fans manufacturing capacity, we can produce hundreds of electrical enclosure fans every day with our automated production line, so you will always have enough electrical enclosure fans even on peak days. 

We have some sets of different electrical enclosure fans manufacturing lines and in the house electrical fabrication facility.

Whether you are in need of an electrical enclosure fan distributor, retailer, or a custom enclosure fan factory, KDM is always your most reliable choice because we can always provide your demands.

We are committed to excellence and our innovations in electrical enclosure fans are an example of our commitment.

Our unparalleled electrical enclosure fans are specialized for various tasks and our facility is ISO9001 certified.

Our superior units come with full customer support.

For value-added experiences, you can rely on us to give you a fair price.

Electrical Enclosure Fans

We are excited to hear from you. 

We offer our valued customers the very best products at the most affordable pricing.

We will render you the one-stop solution for all your electrical enclosure fans’ requirements.

Any types of an electrical enclosure fan, contact KDM Steel, we will provide you the best enclosure fans solution, order or no order, we’re always happy to help your business.

KDM ensures maximum control over quality and the ability to design and produce custom to customers’ specifications.

We can help you design your product and have the capability of fastly producing for your evaluation.

Our products undergo extremely accurate quality control for the quality you request.

KDM can also manufacture other that is related to electrical enclosure fans such as Fiberglass Vented Weatherproof Heated NEMA Enclosure with Cooling Fan, Electronic Equipment Enclosure Box with Back Plate, Plastic Style A Utility Box, IP65 ABS Plastic Electric Junction Box and more.

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Electrical Enclosure Fans: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

What is Enclosure Cooling Fan?

An electrical enclosure cooling fan is an electromechanical device, which uses rotating blades or vanes to displace hot air from electrical enclosures.

Normally, electrical fans displace hot air in the enclosure, while replacing it with cool air from outside.

This action results in a cooling effect in the electrical enclosure and its contents.

Enclosure fan

 Enclosure fan

How Does Electrical Enclosure Cooling Fan Fail?

Electrical cooling fans may fail due to many factors such as:

i. Mechanical damage of the blades, electrical connections or fan system

ii. Due to wear, brought about by aging

iii. Working conditions – electrical enclosure cooling fans turning faster are likely to wear (fail) within a short period of time.

However, an electrical enclosure cooling fan will not fail abruptly.

It is a gradual process.

But still, with proper maintenance procedures, enclosure cooling fan can serve you for a long time.

Can Electrical Enclosure Fans Provide Economical Cooling Mechanism?

Yes, but for basic level cooling.

In most cases, a fan filter unit provides economical cooling when:

  • Ambient temperature is less than electrical components operating temperature
  • Environmental conditions are not harsh, such as extremely humid or temperature conditions.

Air conditioner and fan

Air conditioner and fan

For some situations, going for more advanced cooling systems such as enclosure air conditioner will be more economical.

How Do You Select Fan for Enclosures?

Before you buy a fan for electrical enclosures, you should consider the following:

i. Consider the type of material for the fan (choose either plastic or metal filter fans)

ii. Specify electrical enclosure fans standard requirements such as CE, CCC, NEMA and IP rating

iii. Know enclosure fan CFM

iv. Consider working conditions and environment

v. Calculate the number of heat components in the enclosure generate

vi. Understand enclosure cooling requirements

vii. Know other fan specifications such as size, blade shape, RPM, efficiency, power, etc.

Fan air flow

Fan air flow – Photo Credit: Jeff Smoot

What is CFM of a Fan?

CFM refers to cubic feet per minute when you are dealing with fan systems.

Basically, it quantifies the amount of airflow a fan can handle within a specific time.

Therefore, it is an essential aspect of the electrical enclosure fan rating.

A reason why you can also refer to CFM as a volumetric airflow.

In short, you can get the value of the fan CFM by:

In case you want to learn more about fan systems calculations, here are some useful resources for you:

How Do You Size Cooling Fan for Electrical Enclosure?

You should know the following:

i. Amount of heat you want to remove from the electrical enclosure or power the electrical components dissipate in watts

ii. The temperature difference between acceptable internal temperature and the ambient temperature outside the enclosure

Once you have all these, it will be easier to specify the size or rating of the cooling fan for an electrical enclosure.

It implies CFM is:

Once you have the electrical enclosure CFM, it will be easier to choose the right size of the fan.

Can You Use Fans in NEMA 3r Outdoor Enclosures?

Yes, you can use fans in NEMA 3r enclosures just like the case for ventilated outdoor enclosures.

However, even as you intend to maintain free air flow using the filtered fans, it must not compromise the key properties of NEMA 3r enclosures.

These include:

  • Designed for outdoor and indoor applications
  • It’s main use as a junction box
  • Protecting enclosure content from snow, and rain
  • Protecting enclosure content from dripping water and the formation of ice on the external surface

How Do You Calculate CFM of Electrical Enclosure Fan?

You can calculate the CFM of electrical enclosure fan using this formula:

How Does Electrical Enclosure Fan Work?

Once you power on electrical enclosure fan, its fins or blades will begin to rotate.

Through this rotation, the fan will draw in filtered ambient air, which it will distribute within the electrical enclosure.

As the cool air flows into the electrical enclosures, the fan will force the hot air out of the cabinet through the exhaust vent.

Forced convection

Forced convection

Through this air movement, also called forced convection, the fan will remove all unwanted heat from the enclosure.

At the same time, the exhaust system of the electrical enclosure may have a filtering system.

This creates a reasonable resistance to the flow of air leaving the electrical enclosure.

Consequently, it slightly increases the enclosure pressure, which helps to:

i. Maintain the desired operating temperature for enclosure components

ii. Prevents particulate matter or dust from entering the electrical cabinet

For efficient cooling, you should choose electrical enclosure fans with low energy consumption and ensure maximum airflow.

How Do You Calculate Heat Dissipation in Electrical Enclosures?

Heat dissipation is a process of heat energy transfer.

Therefore, in electrical enclosure thermal management, you should use a suitable cooling mechanism to control heat dissipated within the cabinet.

Here is how you can calculate heat dissipation of electrical enclosures:

a) Calculate the efficiency of all electrical components in the enclosure

It is virtually impossible to find an electronic component that is 100% energy efficient.

In most cases, the efficiency will range from 93% to 98%.

Implying, the amount of electrical energy an electronic component converts to meaningful “work” will be less than the supply (the amount it receives from the mains).

b) Add heat lost by all electrical components in the enclosure

At this point, you will add an amount of heat lost by individual components, whether VFD circuits, conduction bars, electrical components, control circuits, etc.

c) Consider environmental factors and type of enclosure

To get the total amount of heat dissipated within an electrical enclosure, you should consider other aspects such as:

i. Type and color of the electrical enclosure

ii. Environmental temperature conditions

iii. Possible thermal losses to the environment

Clearly, determining accurate heat dissipation in an electrical enclosure is a systematic process that requires careful evaluation.

However, to make the process simple, you can let the electrical enclosure manufacturer estimate it for you.

 Electrical enclosure

Electrical enclosure

How Can You Calculate Temperature Rise in Electrical Enclosures?

Of course, you can use a measuring instrument to determine the temperature of an electrical enclosure.

It is a common method, which is easier to integrate with modern control systems.

For calculations, first, determine the power input per feet in the electrical enclosure:

Second, you will use the graph below to determine the rise in temperature within the enclosure.

Note: The graph is courtesy of Border states.

Your electrical enclosure manufacturer may provide a graph for you.

Temperature rise in electrical enclosure

Temperature rise in an electrical enclosure

Once you have the values from the first calculation above, do the following:

i. From the horizontal axis, choose an appropriate power input depending on your calculations above.

Then draw a line to intersect with temperature curve (depending on the type of the enclosure)

ii. You draw another line to intersect the vertical lines (on the two extreme ends of the table).

You can determine the temperature rise in either ℃ or ℉.

What is Electrical Enclosure Internal Heat Load?

It is the total amount of electrical heat enclosure dissipates the plus amount of heat due to the external environment.

This is how you can calculate total heat load for your electrical enclosure:

i. Calculate the amount of heat within the electrical enclosure in watts.

ii. Determine the amount of heat from the external environment

iii. For total heat load, add internal and external temperatures

Is There IP Rating for Electrical Enclosure Fans?

Yes, you can get Ingress Protection rated fans.

Some of the most common IP ratings for electrical enclosure fans include IP55, IP56, and IP68.

You can use the fans with IP Enclosures.

 IP Enclosure

IP Enclosure

How Do You Troubleshoot Electrical Enclosure Cooling Fans?

If the electrical enclosure fans are not working, you should try the following:

i. Ensure the fan’s switch and control is in ON position

ii. Check the electrical connections if they are damaged or not

iii. Check is the fan fuse is working

iv. For those integrated with sensors, ensure the sensor is working and correctly configured

v. Check fan for possible wear

vi. You can grease and clean fan in case it has a lot of dirt

vii. Check the drive shaft; it could be lost

viii. Tighten contact screws

ix. Check if the polarity has not been interchanged

If any of these is not working, you need to contact the electrical enclosure fan manufacturer.

How Does Electrical Enclosure Fans and Air Conditioners Compare?

Electrical Enclosure Fan Electrical Enclosure Air Conditioner
i. Not suitable for closed-loop electrical enclosure cooling

ii. Initial installation cost is low

iii. Has few parts and components

iv. Troubleshooting is easy and straight forward

v. Not suitable for environments with harsh weather conditions and require complete isolation of enclosure contents

vi. Not suitable for enclosures with a high heat load

vii. If not properly designed, hot spots may occur

i. Suitable for closed-loop electrical enclosure cooling

ii. Initial installation cost is high

iii. Tend to be more complex, with many parts and components

iv. Troubleshooting is complicated and tiresome

v. Best for environments with harsh weather conditions where you need to isolate enclosure components completely

vi. Suitable for enclosure with a high heat load

vii. Eliminates all possible hot spots

Apart from Fans, Are There Cost-effective Ways of Cooling Electrical Enclosures?

You will choose an electrical enclosure cooling system depending on:

  • Size of an electrical enclosure
  • An environment where you intend to install the electrical enclosure
  • Size of the electrical enclosure
  • Types of electrical components in the enclosure
  • Standard rating such as NEMA, IP, CE, etc.

Depending on the situation at hand, you can choose:

  • Air conditioner for electrical enclosure
  • Air heat exchanger system
  • Liquid cooling system
  • Vortex electrical cabinet cooler

Are There Limitations of Electrical Enclosure Fans?

Yes, and they include:

i. For high ambient temperature (environmental temperature), electrical enclosure fans will not be efficient.

ii. Enclosure fans will not eliminate hot spots in enclosures

iii. Will not work in a highly humid environment or when levels of particulate matter are high

iv. Don’t use fans in electrical enclosures that dissipate heat at high rates. You should go for an air conditioner.

v. Enclosure fans are not suitable for closed-loop electrical cabinet cooling requirements

Which NEMA Enclosure With Fan Improve Energy Efficiency?

Yes, it can improve energy efficiency for some enclosures such as NEMA 1.

However, for enclosures that require complete sealing such as NEMA 3r or NEMA 4xenclosures, don’t use fans.

They will not provide efficient electrical enclosure cooling.

What is An Internal Electrical Enclosure Fan?

They are fans that you can mount in the internal section of the electrical enclosure.

Most of them are small in size with:

  • Secure mounting plate
  • Thermostat control system – they only begin to work when the temperature reaches a certain threshold
  • Easy to mount mechanism

KDM Offers Which Types of Electrical Enclosure Cooling Fans?

At KDM, we offer a range of electrical enclosure cooling fans such as:

  • From large to small cooling fans
  • Electrical enclosure filter fans
  • Automatic cooling fans
  • Manual operated cooling fans
  • Fixed and portable enclosure cooling fans
  • NEMA rates enclosure fans
  • Metal and plastic fans

Also, KDM offers custom made electrical enclosure cooling fans.

Does KDM Provide Electrical Enclosure Fan Replacement?


KDM offers both fan and other electrical enclosure cooling systems replacement.

Even if you bought a fan and electrical enclosure cooling system from another manufacturer, we could provide a perfect replacement solution.

Simply tell us the specifications of your enclosure cooling system.

Then, our technical team will help you choose a better enclosure cooling mechanism.

How Long Will KDM Take to Make Electrical Enclosure with Fan?

KDM has many designs of the electrical enclosure with fans readily available.

We can ship immediately once you the designs we have to meet your specifications.

However, for custom electrical enclosure with fans, you will get CAD drawing within 2 days.

Our turnaround will depend on the number of the electrical enclosure with fans you need.

More importantly, KDM guarantees fast delivery time.

Contact our technical team today for more information or inquiries.


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