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The KDM wall-mounted junction box is intended to accommodate electronic control systems, tools, and constituents that are used in an inside or outside environment. Designed to safeguard the devices inside the compartment from the intrusion of sturdy foreign objects as well as the negative effects of water on the machinery.

Aside from preventing fires and electric shocks, our wall-mounted junction box connects multiple outlets and fittings in a room without any need for multiple long cords.

KDM Wall Mounted Junction Box Series

Square Cast Iron Wall Mounted Junction Box

These are best for all types of electrical fittings. We can customize its dimensions as per requested. KDM can provide the best solution for your needs!

IP65 Surface Mounted Junction Box

KDM manufactures IP65 Surface Mounted Junction Box that offers jet water and dust resistance. It comes with different dimensions and surface finish. At KDM, you can choose the best IP65 surface mounted junction box!

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Wall-mounted junction boxes are accessible in various styles, including those with detachable covers or knockouts, as well as those that can be mounted on the wall or a pole. We have boxes that are developed for use on the ceiling, wall, and floor. It’s simple to find the ideal wall-mounted junction box solution with acrylic, metal, and steel choices offered in a multitude of sizes. Check out our article on the various types of wall-mounted junction boxes.

  • Best designs with premium quality
  • Made from total grade materials
  • Upgraded technical specifications

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    KDM is one of the largest ATEX junction box manufacturer in China. These ATEX junction box are manufactured in wide range of specifications and materials to suit your applications.
  • Heavy Duty Junction Box
    We offer affordable yet quality-guaranteed heavy duty junction boxes. These make our heavy duty junction boxes perfect for your business!
  • Industrial Junction Box
    KDM industrial junction box are mainly used for securing multiple cables and wires through its ports of entry. KDM offers the broadest range of industrial junction box for your needs.
  • Instrument junction Box
    KDM produces instrument junction box that are perfect for instrumentation, control, and electrical installations. These are commonly used for interconnections of the field devices.

KDM Wall-mounted Junction Box


Wall Mounted Junction Box

KDM aims to give customers a level of satisfaction with our products. That is why KDM prioritizes to manufacture the best quality wall mounted junction box. For more than 10 years, we never ceased to supply worldwide customers wall mounted junction box with advanced features, characteristics, and specifications. Thus, KDM is a top-rated manufacturer of wall mounted junction box in the market.

KDM manufactures wall mounted junction box with one or two doors to house electrical components, instruments, and controls. Our expert team specifically designed our w

all mounted junction box to provide maximum protection against harsh outdoor conditions and environments. These enable our wall mounted junction box to be suitable for your different applications.

Wall mounted junction boxes at KDM are available in various sizes and dimensions. We have wall mounted junction box with 108x108x64mm, 162x116x76mm, and more. When choosing the size of your wall mounted junction box, always consider the features of the components to be housed and other factors.

wall mounted junction box imageKDM wall mounted junction box is composed of a lid that can be fixed by a captive screw that is very durable. All our wall mounted junction box is fabricated with holes for fixing hinges. Our professional team can also customize your wall mounted junction box that can provide simple access to the enclosed electrical components.

Our wall mounted junction boxes are constructed using different high-grade materials. Mostly, these are made from sheet steel, superior grade aluminum, carbon steel, etc. All our wall mounted junction box are NEMA rated. Indoor wall mounted junction box NEMA Type 1 are best for harsh environmental conditions. While wall mounted junction box NEMA Type 3R and Type 4 are guarantee protection against rain, snow, and sleet. KDM wall mounted junction box is indeed suitable for your specific needs.

Wall-mounted Junction Box

KDM is a professional manufacturer of wall mounted junction box in China. We fabricated wall mounted junction box according to international quality standards. We guarantee you a durable, authentic, and optimized quality wall mounted junction box. Due to that, we have gained a good image as a trusted Chinese manufacturer and supplier of wall mounted junction box.

As a world-leading manufacturer, KDM supports worldwide customers. We offer high-quality products, competitive prices, and timely delivery. Our professional sales team offers you excellent pre and after services. KDM is certainly your top solution for your business needs!

We are looking forward to working with you. Contact us for more information about our wall mounted junction box!

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