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KDM design pneumatic control panels with cabinet attached. It is also called hydraulic control panels fabricated with our environmentally monitored working areas. Making reliable control panels to lessen system danger, especially in flammable places.

We produce pneumatic control panels with safe and efficient execution capacity. We effectively design for some critical applications such as the petrochemical industry.

KDM Pneumatic Control Panel Series

3kw Pneumatic Control Panel

3kw Pneumatic Control Panel designed with superb durability performance. These are ideal in commercial and residential applications. Compacted high-quality and reliable components with rugged construction.

220v Pneumatic Control Panel

220v Pneumatic Control Panel manufactured with proven tested superior performance. It features easy installation and operation.

Automatic Pneumatic Control Panel

Automation Pneumatic Control Panel from KDM offers multiple variations. These are tailored in features, material use, components, sizes, and so on.

Ex-Proof Pneumatic Control Panel

Ex-Proof Pneumatic Control Panels are suitable for unsafe environmental conditions. Provide with ATEX compliance with complete quality panels built by an expert.

Free-Standing Papermill Pneumatic Control

Free-Standing Papermill Pneumatic Control features an environmentally friendly operating system. These are ideal for many applications due to their low maintenance and repair rates.

Single-Phase Pneumatic Control Panel

Single-Phase Pneumatic Control Panel features heavy-duty finishing quality and operational efficiency standards. These panels are quality approved and provide various technical requirements to meet your demands.

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Make your own ideas come true for your pneumatic control panels for your project requirements. KDM can let you send your own drawings and create high-quality pneumatic control panels according to your layout. Whether you are a retailer or distributor, KDM is always an excellent choice for your project needs.

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  • Will support everything from design and integration
  • International standard confirmed certified
  • Skilled and expert engineers to do fabrications

Related Products of Pneumatic Control Panel

Pneumatic Control Panel

Are you searching for an authentic-built Pneumatic Control Panel?

KDM presents pneumatic control panels that come from steel, stainless steel, and coppers.

Our team has wealth experiences in manufacturing kdm pneumatic control panel. Based on your technical requirements, we can

provide your ideal pneumatic control panel demands.

Pneumatic Control Panel 1
KDM design pneumatic control panel or hydraulic control panels with cabinets attached.

Each KDM assembly is manufactured in our environmentally monitored work areas.

All these are reliable and work to lessen system dangers in some flammable place.

KDM produces pneumatic control panel versions with a capacity to give safety and efficient executions.

So for a guaranteed pneumatic control panel version, KDM provides various options.

Pneumatic Control Panel 2
Additionally, KDM pneumatic control panel permits a practical and simple control solution of all pneumatic actuators and cylinders.

This complies with a definite pneumatic fitting and powered by pressed air.

Generally, KDM pneumatic control panel works exceptionally in the electrical control system.

Our pneumatic control panel versions are perfect for achieving simple yet durable and maintenance-free power control systems.

It features rugged cabinets incorporated within.

Pneumatic control panels required to fulfill wanted services like fine flow control valves, regulators, filters, and other cases.

This brings great advantage to control panel systems.

However, KDM pneumatic control panel is appropriate for petrochemical industry applications.

This precisely works in some critical applications as well.

Critical applications may occur when using stainless steel tubing, hazardous gases, and many more.

To avoid such hazardous incidents, better to purchase a pneumatic control panel from KDM.

KDM Pneumatic control panel passed from vacuum leak testing and pressure inspections.

When you required KDM pneumatic control panel for your project, we provide sample drawings, pneumatic diagrams, and safety manuals.

Pneumatic Control Panel 3

Also, there`s nothing to worry about! Our pneumatic control panel is IP67 and NEMA 4X class protected.

This can protect itself from any harms, fire incidents, and other hazardous gases.

KDM team supplies more than a thousand stock of Pneumatic control panel within a week.

We can fully support your business and projects.

So, no need to be uncertain. Purchase now!

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