Your Trusted Professional Network Rack Cabinet Manufacture rKDM Specialize Network Rack Cabinet Production for Over 10 years

  • KDM has vast manufacturing background to offer high-quality network rack cabinet
  • A complete range of network rack cabinet such as floor standing, wall-mounted, 42U and more is available
  • Network rack cabinet fully meet and exceed stringent testing by QC team
  • Custom network rack cabinet to meet project requirement

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Network Rack Cabinet
Floor standing Network Rack Cabinet
Floor standing Network Rack Cabinet

KDM offer a one-stop solution for your floor standing network rack cabinet needs. An innovative and great design cabinet perfectly showcase your brand.


Wall Mount Network Rack Cabinet
Wall Mount Network Rack Cabinet

KDM can design wall mount network rack cabinet which can maximize space and availability of components. KDM is your reliable partner to improve business productivity.


42U Network Rack Cabinet
42U Network Rack Cabinet

Customizing 42U network rack cabinet is performed in our modern production unit. KDM engineers can design heavy-duty, secure and organize equipment for your need.

Small Network Rack Cabinet
Small Network Rack Cabinet

KDM provide wide variety of small network rack cabinet perfect solution for a variety of environments including data centers, server rooms, industrial, and more.

Steel Network Rack Cabinet
Steel Network Rack Cabinet

KDM engineered steel network rack cabinet which fulfil industrial electrical system requirements. A cost-effective solution to meet your branding options.


Computer Rack Cabinet
Computer Rack Cabinet

Find high performance computer rack cabinet in KDM that suit your environment and specifications. Custom-made cabinet helps to improve your business.


Single-section Network Rack Cabinet
Single-section Network Rack Cabinet

Intelligent and high quality but cheaper single-section network rack cabinet but for your specification available in our factory. As one of leading supplier, KDM will offer you products at economical price.

9RU Network Rack Cabinet
9RU Network Rack Cabinet

KDM 9RU network rack cabinet are safe, reliable and affordable choice. This cabinet can be pre-assembled with accessory for you to get exactly what you need.

Outdoor Network Rack Cabinet
Outdoor Network Rack Cabinet

KDM will help you find the right outdoor network rack cabinet for your requirements. Our friendly team will support you throughout the production.


Server Network Rack Cabinet
Server Network Rack Cabinet

The server network rack cabinet offer higher efficiency as they can be fixed easily to the wall. KDM can custom design cabinet in our advanced technology.
KDM has capability to custom design custom serve cabinet surely meet your exact specifications.
KDM offer the best home network cabinets that will enhance your business revenue and delight customers in market.
KDM design wide variety of mini network cabinet at competitive prices. Goods all meet recommended standards.
Find high-quality server enclosure for every network solutions. You can customize products to meet your specifications.

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  • Applicable in wider networking equipment solution
  • Reliable, safe and cost-effective network rack cabinet
  • ISO9001, RoHS, UL certified network rack cabinet
  • Professional engineers to develop excellent cabinets

KDM Network Rack Cabinet

Network Rack Cabinet

KDM network rack cabinet can keep every network component organized and easy-to-access.

We have broad model of products which can meet variety of application demand.

You can find the right cabinets perfectly fit your specific needs.

As professional network rack cabinet manufacturer, we will help you figure out the best product.

Everything you need to improve your business, you can get in KDM.

We are proud to deliver real promising network rack cabinet.

We give one-stop solution for you.

Our network rack cabinet are more affordable and accessible, keeping every valuable secured and prevented to possible intrusion and theft.

Network Rack Cabinet

From small to critical infrastructure installation, KDM network rack cabinet products are your ideal solution.

Our network rack cabinet applicable for power and network equipment, data networks, electronic and instrumental devices, and more.

When you are designing or starting up your business, you can ensure efficient solutions to improve power protection, security, cooling, and network management.

In KDM, we have full capability to maximize work efficiency and reduce risks of networks.

Our network rack cabinet comes in a wide variety of depths, length, width, shapes, and mounting options.

We carry hundred of options to find the right for you.

We know how difficult it is to find the exact suitable solution you need, for that reason, we can provide bespoke service.

Our cabinets can be tailored to meet the exact environment and specifications.

Network Rack Cabinet

From standard rack cabinet to a sophisticated custom cabinet solution, KDM can help.

Network rack cabinet is precisely manufactured and assembled in advanced technology.

high-grade raw materials and state of the art equipment, our engineers can design highly cost-effective and assembly-friend cabinets.

For any kind of applications, you can ensure your customers would be delighted with your products.

Production process includes welding, assembling, laser cutting, bending, polishing and more.

KDM can produce new, unique and innovative network rack cabinet.

This cabinet outstand as it has provides excellent protection for cables and other enclosed equipment.

Ultimately eliminate risks of getting damaged and access by unauthorized people through accessing cabinet and contaminants.

Also, it has better air segregation.

In terms of mounting options, we will install piece of network objects for more convenient access.

For more than 10 years, KDM provide network rack cabinet fully comply RoHS, UL, CE certification.

We’ve been delivering excellent solution that surely suits your budget.

Our network rack cabinet range from floor standing network rack cabinet, outdoor network rack cabinet, 42U network rack cabinet, and so on.

As an ISO 9002 certified manufacturer, we have established world-class product and service.

Our staffs have expertise to design and develop perfect equipment for your business.

They had adequate production background and can help you to get right fit you’re your name.

If you are interested with our network rack cabinet, please fe

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