KDM Marine Electrical Enclosures
  • Custom enclosure for Marine
  • IP65/IP66 Certification
  • Low MOQ from 1 PC

KDM Marine Electrical Enclosures for Your Project

  • Electrical Enclosure is featuring high graded steel materials
  • Wide range offer for Marine Enclosure
  • Custom made designs
  • Perfect choice for marine application


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IP68 Electrical Enclosure manufacturer

KDM Marine Electrical Enclosure features high-grade steel, galvanized or stainless steel (304L/316L). The material for this marine enclosure box is durable, reliable, and corrosion-resistant, even in adverse sea weather conditions.

At KDM Steel, we offer a range of marine electrical enclosures for the most demanding marine applications. KDM Steel marine enclosures manufacturing policy emphasizes R&D, improving performance, and reducing production costs.

Electrical Enclosure laser-cutting
Electrical Enclosure Laser Cutting

4000W high-performance laser cutting machine, +/- 0.05mm accuracy. No burr, no scratching.

Electrical Enclosure Welding
Electrical Enclosure Welding

Multi-Functioning flexible welding equipment, high accuracy, no deformation.

Electrical Enclosure Bending
Electrical Enclosure Bending

+/- 0.5mm bending precision, smooth surface without bending marks.

Electrical Enclosure Polishing
Electrical Enclosure Polishing

10+ welding experienced workers, perfect overall appearance.

Electrical Enclosure Foaming
Electrical Enclosure Foaming

High speed and accuracy foaming machines, fast and qualified Gasket

electrical enclosure assembly
Electrical Enclosure Assembly

The expert assembling team, consistent assembly quality on every KDM enclosure

KDM: Your Professional Marine Electrical Enclosures Manufacturer

KDM Marine Electrical Enclosures also adhere to the NEM 4 and 4X requirements, making them a perfect choice for most marine applications. Whether for any wet environment or temporary submerged, KDM Marine Enclosures protect switches, control systems, cables, electronic and other electrical components.

Marine Electrical Enclosures Manufacturing

Marine Electrical Enclosures Manufacturing

KDM Marine Electrical Enclosures are specially made for the maritime industry. They are also called offshore marine enclosures or marine electrical boxes.

Unlike other enclosures in the market, KDM Marine Electrical Enclosures conform to the RoHS, CE, NEMA, and IEC requirements. Furthermore, their design conforms to the IP65 and IP66 protection levels.

Marine Electrical Enclosures Accessories

Marine Electrical Enclosures Accessories

Electrical enclosures for the marine industry come in many shapes and designs such as floor standing marine electrical enclosure, modular marine electrical enclosure, freestanding marine electrical enclosure, lockable marine electrical enclosure, and marine electrical enclosure with windows, amongst others.

Electrical enclosures for the marine industry are designed with high accuracy and precision. KDM Marine Electrical Enclosures have a smooth surface, no sharp edges, and tight locks, isolating contents from the external environment.

Marine Electrical Enclosures

Marine Electrical Enclosures

For safety, KDM Marine Electrical Enclosures feature continuous or concealed hinges, with/without captive pins for easy removal. Besides, the KDM Marine Enclosures have a cable management system and are easy to open/close sealing.

Our technical and design team collaborates with customers, to design unique and custom-made marine electrical enclosures. KDM Steel engineers will help you choose the design and material for the marine electrical enclosure.

Talk to our technical team for custom-made and OEM partnerships for marine electrical enclosures.

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KDM marine electrical enclosures are specifically designed to cope with the harsh marine environment. These marine electrical enclosures guard the apparatuses inside with leak protection and complete shielding. Whether for any wet environment or temporary submerged, KDM marine enclosures protect your electrical system and other electrical components from any environmental elements.

Our marine electrical enclosures are manufactured using high-grade corrosion materials such as steel, galvanized steel, 304L stainless steel, 316L stainless steel, which ensure that our enclosures are the best for your applications. These enclosures stand out as incredibly robust and are designed to last.

KDM marine electrical enclosure is available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and configurations. Every marine electrical enclosure we offer has a smooth surface, no sharp edges, and tight locks, isolating contents from the external environment. The size and quantity vary according to enclosure size. Thus, a full range of other color options is available upon your request. The extra option includes separate enclosures/compartments for fiber optic cable terminations, heaters, air purging, and IP68 underwater versions.

With KDM marine electrical enclosure, you can ensure top-grade marine enclosure products, as KDM strictly adheres to the exact NEMA standards. These enclosures are built adhering to NEMA 4 and NEMA 4X standards, making them a perfect choice for most marine applications. All products have been through rigorous testing.

When fabricating our marine electrical enclosure, we used high-grade equipment which ensures accuracy and consistently high quality on our marine enclosure products. Our marine electrical enclosures have a smooth surface, no sharp edges, and tight locks, isolating contents from the external environment.

Furthermore, the marine electrical enclosure has continuous or concealed hinges, with/without captive pins for easy removal. Besides, the KDM marine enclosures have a cable management system, and are easy to open/close sealing.

In addition to our marine electrical enclosure excellent design, we also offer numerous customization options for your enclosure and installation. From personalized screen printing and cutouts to windows and a range of sizes, we tailor each enclosure to your specific needs.

KDM, as a leading manufacturer of electrical enclosures in China, we offer standard marine enclosure products as well as custom modification for more than 10 years. Our team has decades of experience designing and manufacturing various electrical enclosures. With superior products and excellent service, we can supply the perfect unit for your needs.

Our range of high-quality marine electrical enclosure, meet the demands of our clients. Whether it is used in commercial or recreational marine applications, KDM marine electrical enclosure can satisfy your requirements.

At KDM, we have a strict quality management system to control every marine enclosure’s quality. Choosing the exact enclosure for your specific needs will help you save costs and guarantee that your equipment is adequately defended. With our expert team, we are capable of meeting the demands of our clients as per their choice, preference, and requirements. If you are interested in our standard enclosure or need to custom design, please feel free to contact us, any time

Recent Marine Electrical Enclosures Design

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  • steel wall mount electrical enclosure
  • table electrical enclosure
  • free standing enclosure with file bag

Marine Electrical Enclosure – Your Ultimate FAQs Guide

What is a Marine Electrical Enclosure?

Marine Electrical Enclosure is designed to withstand the harshest maritime constraints. It is built to last for a long time.

It provides security from elements such as dust, wind, water, and chemicals. It is engineered to survive in high temperatures.

Marine Electrical Enclosure provides comprehensive barrier protection and leak prevention for the equipment inside.

It is primarily utilized in a waterproof marine environment and it is also be tough on its own.

What are the Functions of a Marine Electrical Enclosure?

Marine electronic enclosure can be used in a series of things, in fact, in almost all day-to-day operations these days.

The marine electronic enclosure can be used for a range of functions ranging from storage to packaging and much more.

Marine electronic enclosure protects internal electrical & mechanical elements in any setting especially in marine aspects.

It is built to last and are particularly created to surpass numerous prerequisites, makes them perfect in any application.

It is used in application domains in which delicate machinery or connection points require extra security.

It is commonly used in marinas to:

  • Store power cables and infrastructural facilities
  • House wireless connections or base stations
  • Secure gate operating systems or other connection control devices
  • House a security system completes with cameras

What Security Features does this Marine Electrical Enclosure Provide?

Because of their environmentally sealed nature, this enclosure aids in the prevention of fire if one occurs within the compartment.

It serves an important special purpose by lowering the risk of fire propagation, which can ultimately save lives.

Marine Electrical Enclosureis long-lasting, high-quality and is built to withstand the marine environment.

Other Features:

Apart from security features, Marine Electrical Enclosurealso have a wide range of characteristics such as the following:

  • Fuse holders that are water resistant for safety precautions.
  • Fully water resistant and high-quality steel materials are used in the construction process.
  • Kits include everything you need, including a water resistant cord glands, and an adapters block with mounts.
  • Simple to use, simple to set up and a wide range of compositional accessories are available.
  • It has intrinsic connectivity wiring blocks, busbars and includes air circulation screensand shade structure.
  • Port selection is flexible and fit the provided glands to ensure water resistant authenticity.
  • Designs are made to orderand is ideal for marine applications.
  • It has universal mounting brackets for walls and poles and the back plate configurable and detachable.
  • It has surveillance camera lock, foam stripping for weatherproofingand insulation.
  • These multifunctional storage boxes are heatproof and can be customized.
  • These have tight-fitting lids and distinct molded handles for a strong grip.
  • It has personalized screen printing and cutouts to windows and a variety of sizes.
  • Variant with a glass roof for outdoor use, preserving the seal’s quality.
  • There are a lot of installation options and numerous coupling options.
  • Combination of the four versions, each with three different types of doors and a rear door instead of a panel.

What Materials Does a Marine Electrical Enclosure is Made of?

Marine Electrical Enclosure is made of durable polymeric materials that are good enough to defend the objects kept within them.

It is made of aluminum and captive stainless-steel fixings and offers excellent resistance to corrosion and ingress protection.

Marine Electrical Enclosure can also be available in plastic, aluminum, and steel.

It can be machined and squeezed with a variety of thread forms and is excellent for extensive machining on all sides.

What are the Benefits and Advantages of a Marine Electrical Enclosure?

It comes in a variety of forms, dimensions, colors, and designs that can perfectly fit your needs while also saving money.

These marine electronic enclosures are inspected and tested to guarantee best performances and itis extremely useful.

Here are its additional benefits and advantages:

  • It is extremely dependable and durable.
  • It is suitable for professional advanced manufacturing use with excellent corrosion resistance.
  • It safeguards the silicon seal and keeps contaminants out of the main enclosure.
  • It keeps electrical & electronic devices secure in damp environments.
  • It is perfect for marketing or recreational marine applications and in the hottest engine rooms.
  • It is ideal for new installations as well as substituting devices on your boat.
  • It has long-lasting polycarbonate composition and deteriorates rusts over time.
  • It is eco-friendly and fashionable.
  • It is built with highly specialized technologies that enable them to last a long time.
  • It is particularly developed and produced for clean and easy integration.
  • It stands out because they are extremely durable and built to last.
  • It is light weight that allows for simple installation and has a strong resistance to shocks.
  • Longevity without the need for maintenance.
  • There are no electrical contact hazards and it is really resistant to harsh environments.
  • It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and can be used across a wide temperature range.
  • It is UV resistant and immensely powerful, with abrasion resistance.
  • It has polyester enclosure on the floor.
  • Machining is simple, and there is no corrosion as a result of the process.

In What Industries Does Marine Electrical Enclosure Widely Serve?

Marine Electrical Enclosure is used by professionals all over the industry and are a very worthwhile investment.

It is used in a wide range of industries including the following:

  • Solar and Wind Power
  • Agricultural Production
  • Oil and Gas
  • Food and Beverage
  • Marine
  • Pumping Water
  • Aquarium Filtering
  • Car Industry
  • Energy Industry
  • Medical Industry

What Ratings Does Marine Electrical EnclosurePassed?

Marine Electrical Enclosure has been rigorously tested and have managed to pass all of the following benchmark tests:

  • International IP and NEMA performance standards
  • UL/CUL Requirements
  • Rohs Regulations
  • Chemical Resistance is Excellent.
  • Atex Requirements
  • Exceptional Impact Ratings
  • UV Characteristics

What are the Essential Components Inside a Marine Electrical Enclosure?

Marine Electrical Enclosure is capable of housing intrinsic devices that contains the following components:

  1. Wiring Harness for Heavy Duty
  • It is responsible for convenient and simple service delivery.
  • It guarantees the consistency of all electrical power and signal circuitry.
  1. Capacitors with Soft Start
  • These devices safeguard the compressor and fan motors against opening cycle surge voltages.
  • Itconstrains energy spikes in the air conditioning unit circuitry.
  1. Thermal Overload Protection for Motors
  • It is used to meet potentially dangerous location requirements.
  • It is properly sealed and act to cut power when excessive winding temperature is detected.
  1. Thermal Overload Protection for Compressors
  • This device safeguards the cooling system by evaluating head temperature and flow of current.
  • It avoids compressor temperature fluctuations and premature failure.

How to Choose the Proper Size of a Marine Electrical Enclosure?

The size of your application is the most essential factor to consider when choosing a Marine Electrical Enclosure.

It’s a simple technique to choose the correct one once you know the size of your area and the parts that will go in the enclosure.

It will give you lots sufficient space both inside and outside to allow for some wiggle room.

The last thing you want is for everything to be stuffed in so tightly that it puts strain on connectors or terminals.

When choosing your enclosure, another thing to be certain of is the safety features it includes.

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