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  • Completely Integrated Compact Layout
  • Robust-Constructed Finishes

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Hydraulic Control Panel
3.8kw Hydraulic Control Panel
3.8kw Hydraulic Control Panel

3.8kw Hydraulic Control Panel structured with superior quality materials and reliability, exclusive designs. Commonly utilized in the Elevator control network.

Elevator Hydraulic Control Panel
Elevator Hydraulic Control Panel

Elevator Hydraulic Control Panel offers an anti-corrosive structure. Features easy-maintenance, systematically designed by KDM that surely like by customers.

Hydraulic Oil Filter Control panel
Hydraulic Oil Filter Control panel

Hydraulic Oil Filter Control Panel provides cost-effective solutions. These are rated IP54 with excellent performance bring in to your facility. A wide range of this product is offered in the industry.

Hydraulic Power Pack Control Panel
Hydraulic Power Pack Control Panel

Hydraulic Power Pack Control Panel is a type of equipment made according to the specifications of clients. Applicable to all gas and oil industry, power plants, plastic industry, etc.

Single-phase Hydraulic Control panel
Single-phase Hydraulic Control panel

Our Single-phase Hydraulic Control panel built with a sturdy exterior surface that delivers high-resistance characteristics. Suitable for any type of industrial, residential and commercial applications.

Three Phase Hydraulic Control Panel
Three Phase Hydraulic Control Panel

Three Phase Hydraulic Control Panel from KDM is highly recommended by our esteemed clients, due to its durability and finest functionality. Plus, these could be avail at very affordable prices.

Pharma Hydraulic Control panel
Pharma Hydraulic Control panel

Pharma Hydraulic Control panel design with a completely enclosed structure with the hydraulic power device. Features with safe installations, dependable and fitted with secured glass viewing console.

Low voltage Hydraulic Control Panel
Low voltage Hydraulic Control Panel

Low voltage Hydraulic Control Panel engineered according to IEC, NEMA, ATEX explosion-resistance acquirements. That’s why these are suitable for dangerous area applications.

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Offers in high-quality solution that meet clients specifications. Maintenance-free and applicable in various industry..
PLC Control Panel designed from high standardized components that delivers more efficiency and fantastic performance.
Generator Control Panels are constructed from exceptional materials. Because of that, these are well-built and heavy-duty.
Lighting Control Panel implemented by our experienced team is so popular due to its superb function that made to last longer.

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  • ISO9001 Certified Company
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Hydraulic Control Panel

Interested in getting the most efficient Hydraulic Control Panel?

No need to worry!

KDM is skillful in manufacturing competent and complete partner for all your fluid technology requirements Hydraulic Control Panel.

We are so pleased to offer our KDM Hydraulic Control Panel fabricated with integrity and reliable designs.

As a world-leading manufacturer in China, KDM is expert and provides the most durable Hydraulic Control Panel at very economical prices.

KDM Hydraulic Control Panel has a lot of types and advantages to offer.

Hydraulic Control Panel

For this reason, our technical engineers have motivated to construct a Hydraulic Control Panel from acknowledged and well-known elements of high-standard quality materials.

Made from mild steel and stainless steel components, that’s why KDM Hydraulic Control Panel offers the longevity service life in any project.

KDM is capable of creating a Hydraulic Control Panel with various finishes, styles, sizes, and designs.

Due to robustness and lightweight, our product becomes appreciated by many industrial sectors.

Our exceptional finishes include elevator hydraulic control panel, pharma hydraulic control panel, single-phase hydraulic control panel, hydraulic oil filter control panel, low-voltage Hydraulic Control Panel and many more.

The choice is up to you! Whatever you choose, you can assure the high-quality unique equipment from KDM.

Plus, we can customize your Hydraulic Control Panel specifications.

Hydraulic Control Panel

Why you can assure the best quality of the KDM Hydraulic Control Panel?

These have so many advantages and features you will surely like.

These have ATEX compliance accessible.

Proven-tested that can withstand harmful environmental conditions.

Added with the SCADA control system for secure and speedy functions.

Design with long life service and operates the finest in any given functions.

Built-in pneumatic or electrical pumps provided.

Pressure switches designated for high-pressure indicating purposes.

KDM Hydraulic Control Panel is essential and can be attached to various systems and stipulations.

KDM assemble hydraulic control panels structure to acquire maintenance and service accomplish more efficient and faster.

Your customer will satisfy the usage of this product because it is so logical and easy to operate.

They will feel so comfortable with this premier product from KDM.

Whether you are a Hydraulic Control Panel distributor, retailer or supplier, KDM is always the best solution.

We will certainly help you, succeed in your business project.

Apart from this, our capacity to maintain quality in the variety of KDM Hydraulic Control Panel is guaranteed by our professional team.

We are so potential in producing a broad range of this product and can ship your large orders timely.

KDM can make numerous Hydraulic Control Panel according to your specs.

In China, KDM is one of the most trustworthy and top-notch suppliers that obtained NEMA, CE, UL, RoHS, and many more certifications.

To put it briefly, KDM is so qualified and outstanding in manufacturing and implementing your request.

Whatever your projects are, you can count for KDM.

Hydraulic Control Panel

Whether its WellHead Control Panel, PLC Control Panel, Generator Control Panels, Lighting Control Panels sourcing, KDM can always provide and satisfy your needs.

We are a proficient and ultimate partner for all your fluid technology essentials.

For more details, feel free to send your KDM Hydraulic Control Panel inquiries to us.

We are glad to support and see your business boom with us.

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