Generator Tap Box
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  • Emergency Electrical Solution
  • IP 65/IP66 or above grade

Your Leading Generator Tap Box Supplier and Manufacturer in China

KDM is your one-stop shop for portable generator options and motor-generator tap boxes. To mention a few of the features of our patent-protected tap boxes, we have phase shift screens, mechanical transfer routers, and shaped case breakers.

Our dedication is to develop and make premier off-the-shelf materials that will enable your infrastructure to be “Emergency Power Ready.” Call us to discover more about the advantages of working with KDM.

  • KDM Generator Tap Box brings out fast power when utility power is interrupted for short-term or even long period of time.
  • These boxes stand as a connector to any portable generator to the electrical system.
  • They can deliver electrical power in order to protect any establishment power outages. Whether power disruption happens because of natural disaster, utility system failures, or any other circumstances, KDM Generator Tap Box is a great solution.

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KDM Generator Tap Box Series

Dustproof Generator Tap Box

The dustproof generator tap box comes with security features that avoid the theft of cables. Best suited in gas stations, convenience stores, and banks. Prevent damage to the components inside and reduces unwanted specks of dust.

Floor Mount Generator Tap Box

The floor mount generator tap box can reduce the noise intensity without inhibiting cooling requirements.  Mounted on the floor that is perfect for festivals, vacation homes, food trucks, and any events.

Generator Tap Box Cam Lock

Generator tap box cam lock provides a safe and efficient means of connecting wirings. Features a cam lock that is most frequently situated on exterior applications. Features a customizable capacity range to meet all of our client’s needs.

Generator Tap Box with Side Compartment

The generator tap box with a side compartment is designed to be portable and self-supporting. Can be assembled easily anytime and anywhere. Comes with compartments on the sides and can be used in a lot of applications.

Lockable Generator Tap Box

A lockable generator tap box is intended for use in a portable power unit. Arrives with a hinged door and locking mechanisms for extra safety and security. Frequently used for power distribution and other industrial applications.

Modular Pad Mounted Generator Tap Box

The modular pad-mounted generator tap box is portable and weatherproof. Ensures noise reduction for portable or standby generators. Guarantees improved overall comfort and safety. Arrives with a modular pad for mounting purposes.

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Our generator tap box allows a residential or commercial business to hook up to a versatile or supplementary power source in a highly efficient manner. Our generator quick-connect tap box is usually mounted on the outside of a building, either on the wall or on the floor, based on the focus of the company. Fill out our service request form to obtain more details on KDM goods or services.

Related Products of Generator Tap Box

  • Aluminum Generator Tap Box
    The aluminum generator tap box is built to withstand permanent and long-term use of the generator. Engineered from high-grade aluminum and provide additional security and protection against various types of attacks.
  • Stainless Steel Generator Tap Box
    Stainless steel generator tap boxes provide a rugged and safe connection point in any type of generator. Highly customizable with a lot of quick connections. Made with stainless steel and available in custom paint colors.
  • Finished Generator Tap Box
    The finished generator tap box is designed to meet any requirements. Readily accessible and avoids potential hazards. Guarantees increased safety and reliability during lost-power conditions. Can be installed outside of a building.
  • Heavy Duty Generator Tap Box
    Heavy-duty generator tap box is characterized by high stability and long running time. Features heavy-duty and superior design that allows for flexible solutions in any residential or commercial applications. Guarantees long service life.

KDM: Your Premier Generator Tap Box Manufacturer

IP galvanized Wall mount Generator Tap Box

This Generator Tap Box can be mounted into the outside of the building or to any specific installation area. KDM manufacture generator tap box featuring hinged doors and a front door as well. It helps the workers or any assigned personnel to access components safely and easily. Both doors on the unit can be locked firmly. With KDM Generator Tap Box, you can guarantee a helpful backup for any power outages of your system.

galvanized double door Generator Tap Box

In KDM, we have a huge range of generator tap boxes. There are different configurations, sizes, colors, shapes and types of boxes that perfectly fit in your requirements. Depending upon your request, we can also offer you custom boxes. Our engineers can design and fabricate generator tap boxes according to your drawings or layout. Furthermore, we can add accessories with generator boxes production. This includes short circuit protection, snap covers, and many more.

Generator Tap Box Acccessories

For any emergency tap boxes needs, KDM is your one-stop-shop solution. Our professional designer has the capability built enclosures perfectly fit in your business/ projects. Whether you need generator boxes for office buildings or small business establishment, our boxes can perform well. Moreover, these boxes also ideal use big establishments such as stadium, university, hospitals, banks, and more. KDM Generator Tap Box will allow your business to continuously operate even electrical failure.

Generator Tap Box offered by us undergoes rigorous testing during the production. With high attention to details, a team of staff adheres to produce and supply the highest quality standard generator boxes. Our facility and our emergency tap boxes comply to the different industry standards such as CE, UL, NEMA and so on. All KDM Generator Tap Box qualified to the main testing and has the ability to be used for long years. With no doubt, KDM is your resource for your generator tap box business or personal needsGenerator Tap Box Welding

KDM Generator Tap Box provides a dependable and affordable way to run your business even in a poor state. These fully customizable boxes of products allow to meets different customers requirements. Apart from it, we can discuss further specific needs for your job to obtain your particular job site demand. Gathered over 50 technical engineers to manufacture and develop your enclosure, we can ensure you unique, best enclosure solutions.

For over the last 10 years, we gain rich manufacturing experience and understanding to create the finest quality materials. Any types of Generator Tap Box, you can find it here in KDM. All these boxes are offered at the economical prices, therefore, you can assure budget-friendly product in KDM yet in best quality form.

Generator Tap Box welding

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