KDM Gas Generator Enclosure

KDM gas generator enclosure provides protection, ventilation, and security to the equipment. These enclosures stand as a reliable panel to be used in the short and long term.



The gas generator enclosure serves as a protective and secured barrier to the housed generator, in indoor or outdoor applications.Gas generator of all sizes and shapes can be housed with our enclosures.

We have a high-quality generator enclosure set that can be used in different industrial and commercial applications. Also, this can be of great use for residential installation. Identifying the ideal and right enclosure for the standby power system of your facility will help you get high-performance panels.

  • KDM gas generator enclosure is designed and built for better protection and efficiency
  • Over 10 years of gas generator enclosure design experience
  • Professional technique and advanced unit where the enclosure is machined
  • Excellent after-sale services for your orders

KDM Gas Generator Enclosure Series

Weather-resistant Gas Generator Enclosure

A weather-resistant gas generator enclosure is assembled to allow better protection and flow of current. Enhancing security and accessibility. Completely waterproof.

Outdoor Gas Generator Enclosure

The outdoor gas generator enclosure is offered to meet and exceed the environmental level of protection. The enclosure is designed with unique features for more reliable operation.

Soundproof Gas Generator Enclosure

KDM soundproof gas generator enclosure has the ability to reduce noise intensity without preventing the cooling and airflow requirements of the system. They can be an ideal use for a range of industrial and commercial applications.

Custom Gas Generator Enclosure

Are you looking for a custom solution for a specific application of the cabinet? KDM can engineer a gas generator enclosure to your own specification.

Commercial Gas Generator Enclosure

Commercial gas generator enclosure is made up of sturdy, durable material. The enclosure was built to last and withstand heavy and tough conditions.

Portable Gas Generator Enclosure

Portable Gas Generator Enclosure effectively increases the life cycle and efficiency of your generators and equipment.

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Gas Generator Enclosure
Gas Generator Enclosure

Gas generator enclosure is designed and engineered to deliver powerful airflow of the system. They are manufactured and fabricated with high-quality material and machined into the state of the art technology. Thus, they can offer complete and absolute protection for your system.

However, they can also house fuel tanks and other facility equipment. Depending on your location of elements, we offer you the appropriate type for your specific needs. Our gas generator enclosure types include soundproof, weatherproof, portable, commercially, and industrially applicable.

  • The enclosure is available in all sizes and shapes
  • Meet requirements of international standard
  • Customize product for a special project
  • Excellent after-sales services

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KDM Gas Generator Enclosure

Our gas generator enclosure types include soundproof, weatherproof, portable, commercially, and industrially applicable.

A high-quality set of gas generator enclosures for your business and other special requirements will be met.

Also, we can custom-engineered panels that will instantly fulfill particular applications.

Gas Generator Enclosure

Quality is assured as our company adheres to the ISO9001 quality management system.

We had already 10 years of design and engineering experience.

We know what will be the best panel in your application.

For instance, we will give you useful suggestions and advice for you to have competitive and reliable packaging for your component.

The gas generator enclosure KDM offered is designed under the supervision of our qualified engineers.

With their wide manufacturing knowledge and expertise, they had professional techniques to develop innovative and long-lasting products.

Whether your emergency generators are installed in corrosive, wet, and high-risk conditions, KDM panels surely stand strong.

Moreover, if you wish to customize the order for your special project, we can provide bespoke services in order to fully meet your requirement.

The enclosure design will depend on the protection required at the location of installation.

All gas generator enclosures fully met and exceeds various international standards.

Due to that, you can rely and depend on our panels thoroughly.

This is built to withstand environmental conditions such as rain, snow, dirt, debris, and other elements.

KDM gas generator enclosure ideal used where noise and weather are an issue.

This enclosure protects sensitive types of equipment from present-day threats and attacks.

They can be ideal use in nuclear facilities, data centers, research labs, and other industrial and commercial applications.

Our enclosure provides additional security and protection against mentioned risk.

Undoubtedly, KDM is your premier and leading gas generator enclosure manufacturer and supplier in China.

We offered enclosures at a reasonable price.

KDM also provides pre-sale service and professional after-sale service for you.

If you want more info regarding our product and services, contact us right away!

Gas Generator Enclosure – Your Ultimate FAQs Guide

Gas Generator Enclosure

What is Gas Generator Enclosure?

A gas generator enclosure makes it easier to control your generator with its own space. It provides both support and protection.

It is also responsible for reducing excessive noise to a sensible level.

In addition, its primary aim is to provide backup power to the generator, which is interconnected to a transfer switch.

What Are The Gas Generator Advantage For Any Applications? 

When tragedy hits, gas generators can maintain your home or business. It has energy storage and it is intended to be protected.

The gas generator needs to be secured into its surroundings, regardless of whether users considered it a cabinet or enclosure.

Here are some of the most important motives to construct an enclosure for your gas generator.

  1. Weather
  • An enclosure shields the gas generator from inclement weather which includes storms, extreme cold, and strong winds.
  1. Noise
  • If your gas generator is too loud, it may even be in violation of local noise ordinances.
  • An enclosure reduces noise and keeps your neighbors happy.
  1. Wildlife
  • It is beneficial in remote regions because it maintains endangered animals away from one’sgas generator.
  • By tugging thru the power lines, squirrels and other small mammals can start causing power failures.
  • You also don’t want to deal with animal waste.
  1. Security
  • Make sure your gas generator is both theft-proof and reliable to be around.
  • You don’t want inquisitive people visiting becoming stuck or injured within the enclosure.
  1. Storage
  • An enclosure makes more space available in your exterior storage shed or driveway.
  1. Aesthetics
  • You can select a gas generator enclosure that is visually appealing and blends in with the surroundings.
  1. Access
  • In an urgent situation, an enclosure allows for quick and easy entry to your gas generator.
  • You’ll know where it may be and how to get there.

Cost of a Gas Generator Enclosure:

If you want something huge, be prepared to spend more money.

Basically, the size of the gas generator enclosure is determined by the budget you have available.

You must think about the cost of the generator enclosure apparel as well as the decorations you want to include.

What Are The Factors To Consider When Buying a Gas Generator Enclosure?

Gas Generator Enclosure

When it comes to finding the best gas generator enclosure, consider these factors before deciding on its design:

  1. Cost
  • Gas generators can be costly; you may want to save money wherever you can. You may not want to overspend.
  1. Size
  • Make sure your gas generator is capable of handling the weight that will be placed there during a power interruption.
  • An appropriately sized enclosure will be slightly larger than the gas generator, leaving more room for air circulation.
  • The more space you have, the quicker it will be to access and manage the gas generator.
  1. Location
  • The surface must be level, stable, and out of water’s way. Do not put it in a slope or a depression.
  • Your enclosure really should be located away from windows, doors, and other combustible material.
  1. Surface
  • A steel-reinforced floor joist provides the most reliable, level, long-lasting, and watertight foundation.
  1. Climate
  • The weather patterns is an essential aspect to consider when selecting the area on which it will be placed.
  • The enclosure should resolve your local climate’s environmental circumstances.
  1. Security
  • A gas generator can be susceptible in certain situations.
  • Placing devices that allow you to lock the enclosure can make sure to protect you from dangers.

What Are The Advantages Of A Gas Generator Enclosure?

The primary functions of all enclosures are to guard and silent a generator. Here are some of its advantages and benefits:

  • Putting your gas generator in a lockable enclosure may deter robbers from attempting to steal it.
  • It keeps children safe as well. It prevents them from serious harm.
  • A gas generator enclosure could also keep animals out when they are looking for safety or a place to live.
  • It is built to safeguard them from the elements such as severe weather conditions.
  • It includes a sturdy, firm foundation for running your generator in sweaty, humid conditions.
  • It serves to maintain your investment safe and protected while it is in use.
  • It has the capacity to use sound-dampening alternatives.
  • Some of it is made out of heat-reflective foam.
  • It does not only avoid the heat but also soak up some of the sound generated by generators.
  • It protects gas generators from unwanted vandalism and damage.
  • It will give you peace of mind knowing that the gas generator is secured
  • It avoids gas generators from overheating.

What are The Types of a Gas Generator Enclosure?

There is a wide selection of gas generator enclosures out of different materials. These are available at a variety of price levels, sizes, and designs.

Here are a few types of gas generator enclosures available:

  1. Noise-cancelling Gas Generator Enclosure
  • It aimed at keeping nearby areas peaceful.
  • They function best when enclosed with sound-absorbing components.
  1. Hardwood Gas Generator Enclosure
  • A hardwood enclosure in a plain, inverted or other design can be created for a low cost.
  1. Galvanized SteelGas Generator Enclosure
  • This structure is composed of galvanized steel sheets.
  • It is extremely crucial that steel institutions have sufficient hinged open spots for adequate ventilation.
  1. Concrete BlocksGas Generator Enclosure
  • It is particularly strong, has sound insulation, and safe.
  • It also necessitates special consideration for access and air circulation.
  1. Weather ProtectiveGas Generator Enclosure
  • Gas generator enclosures can be made completely water-resistant.
  1. Walk-ins Gas Generator Enclosure
  • It enables more space and room to monitor and operate the mechanism than is the possible indoor environment.

What Are The Material Used For Gas Generator Enclosure?

Gas Generator Enclosure Materials

Consider using weather-resistant components that will not rust, so your generator will be safe when the temperature turns bad.

Sheet metal, as well as turmeric aluminum, are both options that will not rust or corrode.

If you don’t want to operate with steel, concrete blocks encased with mortar or treated lumber are good alternatives.

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