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  • KDM gas generator enclosure is designed and built for better protection and efficiency
  • Over 10 years of gas generator enclosure design experience
  • Professional technique and advanced unit where enclosure is machined
  • Excellent after-sale services for your orders

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Gas Generator Enclosure
Weather-resistant Gas Generator Enclosure
Weather-resistant Gas Generator Enclosure

Weather-resistant gas generator enclosure is assembled to allow better protection and flow of current. Enhancing security and accessibility. Completely waterproof.

Outdoor Gas Generator Enclosure
Outdoor Gas Generator Enclosure

The outdoor gas generator enclosure is offered to meet and exceed the environmental level of protection. Enclosure is design with unique features for more reliable operation.

Soundproof Gas Generator Enclosure
Soundproof Gas Generator Enclosure

KDM soundproof gas generator enclosure has the ability to reduce noise intensity without preventing cooling and airflow requirements of the system. They can be ideal use for range of industrial and commercial application.

Custom Gas Generator Enclosure
Custom Gas Generator Enclosure

Are you looking for a custom solution for a specific application of the cabinet? KDM can engineer a gas generator enclosure in your own specification. Our technical staff has the capability to design unique and innovative enclosure.

Commercial Gas Generator Enclosure
Commercial Gas Generator Enclosure

Commercial gas generator enclosure is made up from sturdy, durable material. The enclosure built to last and withstand heavy and tough condition.

Portable Gas Generator Enclosure
Portable Gas Generator Enclosure

Portable Gas Generator Enclosure effectively increases the life cycle and efficiency of your generators and equipment. Thus, they improve the overall comfort and safety of your system.

Industrial Gas Generator Enclosure
Industrial Gas Generator Enclosure

Whether use for short-term or long-term operation, KDM industrial gas generator enclosure is the perfect choice. They are design to cover and protect the system from any unwanted ingress of elements.

Stainless Steel Gas Generator Enclosure
Stainless Steel Gas Generator Enclosure

The stainless steel gas generator enclosure offer durability for the enclosed component. They are constructed to deliver heavy-duty performance.

150kVA Gas Generator Enclosure
150kVA Gas Generator Enclosure

KDM design and engineered 150kVA gas generator enclosure that has capability to cover and secure component within. Corrosion-resistant enclosure offered at economical cost.

Rubbermaid Gas Generator Enclosure
Rubbermaid Gas Generator Enclosure

Rubbermaid gas generator enclosure built to enhance facility safety. They will give protection from the plant, worker and site efficiently.

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  • Enclosure available all sizes and shapes
  • Meet requirements of international standard
  • Customize product for special project
  • Excellent after-sales services

KDM Gas Generator Enclosure

Gas Generator Enclosure

KDM gas generator enclosure provides protection, ventilation, and security to the equipment.

These enclosures stand as a reliable panel to be used in short and long term.

The gas generator enclosure serve as a protective and secured barrier to housed generator, in indoor or outdoor application.

Gas generator of all sizes and shapes can be housed with our enclosures.

We have high quality of generator enclosure set that can be used in different industrial and commercial applications. Also this can be great use for residential installation.

Identifying the ideal and right enclosure for the standby power system of your facility will help you get the high performance panels.

Gas Generator Enclosure

Gas generator enclosure is designed and engineered to deliver power airflow of the system.

They are manufactured and fabricated with high quality material and machined into the state of the art technology.

Thus, they can offer complete and absolute protection for your system.

However they can also housed fuel tanks and other facility equipments.

Depend on your location of elements, we offer you the appropriate type for your specific needs.

Our gas generator enclosure types include soundproof, weatherproof, portable, commercially and industrially applicable.

High quality set of gas generator enclosure for your business and other special requirements will be met.

Also, we can custom-engineered panels that will instantly fulfill particular applications.

Gas Generator Enclosure

Quality is assured as our company adheres to the ISO9001 quality management system.

We had already 10 years of design and engineering experience.

We know what will be the best panel in your application.

For instance, we will give you useful suggestions and advice for you to have competitive and reliable packaging for your component.

The gas generator enclosure KDM offered is designed under the supervision of our qualified engineers.

With their wide manufacturing knowledge and expertise they had professional techniques to develop innovative and long-lasting products.

Whether your emergency generators installed in corrosive, wet and high risk condition, KDM panels surely stand strong.

Moreover, if you wish to customize the order for your special project, we can provide bespoke services in order to fully meet your requirement.

The enclosure design will depend on the protection required at the location of installation.

All gas generator enclosure fully met and exceeds various international standards.

Due to that, you can rely and depend on our panels thoroughly.

This is built to withstand environmental conditions such as rain, snow, dirt, debris, and other elements.

KDM gas generator enclosure ideal used where noise and weather are an issue.

This enclosure protects sensitive types of equipment from present day threats and attacks.

They can be ideal use in nuclear facilities, data centers, research labs, and other industrial and commercial applications.

Our enclosure provides additional security and protection against mentioned risk.

Undoubtedly, KDM is your premier and leading gas generator enclosure manufacturer and supplier in China.

We offered enclosures at a reasonable price.

KDM also provides pre-sale service and professional after-sale service for you.

If you want more info regarding our product and services, contact us right away!

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