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KDM Disconnect Enclosure

KDM disconnect enclosure is a premier solution for protecting disconnect switches, HVAC, batteries, etc., against moisture, dust particles, and unsanctioned access. Crafted from the finest carbon steel and die-cast aluminum, this enclosure guarantees optimum performance and resilience against brutal environmental conditions.

Our disconnect enclosures come in various sizes, shapes, colors, and features to meet your electrical infrastructure’s unique demands. Whilst complying with the NEMA, IEC, and NEC 2020 6 disconnect rule, they also have protective coatings, weatherproof seals, secure locks, and easy-access panels for quick and safer operation and maintenance. 

You get all these features and more at unbeatable prices. To get started, submit your inquiry right away!

Why Choose Our KDM Disconnect Enclosure?

  • KDM disconnect enclosures are made from durable and high-quality stainless steel and aluminum for long-lasting performance.
  • Our disconnect enclosures have secure locks, weatherproof seals, and powder-coated finishes for long-lasting protection, safe operations, and easy maintenance.
  • We configure our disconnect enclosure for easy installation and flexibility in various applications.
  • Our enclosures comply with NEMA, IEC, IP, and NEC 2020 rules and standards for reliable security and performance.
  • Our enclosures have brackets and panels with proper labels for easy use and maintenance.
  • Made of 304, 316 stainless steel, and carbon steel.

We offer a wide range of disconnect switch enclosures at competitive prices. Please use this form to contact us for more details.

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Types of Disconnect Enclosures KDM Designs

Single Door Free-Stand Disconnect Enclosure

This is a free-standing, IP65, or IP66-rated KDM fabrication with one access door that protects your critical electrical disconnects against corrosion, dust, and powerful water jets. It is available in various custom dimensions, including 84x25x18 and 72.12×34.25×18.12 inches. You’d also love its lockable door for secure access, a sloped top to prevent water accumulation, a back panel, and mounting provisions.

Free-Stand Disconnect With Quick Release Hinge Enclosure

The most notable feature of this KDM fabrication is the quick-release continuous hinge for seamless door removal and reinstallation. However, you’ll appreciate its seamless foam-in-place one-piece gasket, body stiffeners for extra rigidity, and the 3-point latch/padlock handle system that provides secure, easy access for disconnect switches and control equipment in demanding environments.

This enclosure features a single door with a durable quarter-turn cam lock latch system, providing manageable access and enhanced security. It also has continuously welded seams, an externally-formed 90-degree body flange, a 2-point or 3-point lock system, concealed hinges for a sleek design, and an integral door alignment device to properly align the door and gasket. It is available in various custom dimensions, including 42x38x12 inches and 48x38x12 inches.

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Keep these in Mind When Customizing a Disconnect Enclosure

  • Disconnect Switch Dimensions: There is no one-size-fits-all in this type of enclosure. That’s why you need to measure the disconnect switch height and other dimensions to ensure it can comfortably house the switch and any other component you need.
  • Disconnect Switch Enclosure Price: Several things affect the price of a disconnect switch enclosure, including the brand, size, capacity, location, and material it’s made of. At the end of the day, you need to get something that is both reliable and falls within your budget.
What Is a Disconnect Box Enclosure?

A disconnect box enclosure protects a disconnect switch by safely isolating electrical circuits and equipment from the power supply. It also protects the switch from environmental factors, physical impacts, and unauthorized access.

How to Install a Disconnect Box

Installing a disconnect box involves mounting the enclosure in the desired location. Then connect the power lines to the switch inside and bolt the enclosure with screws or bolts. Finally, ensure all connections are properly insulated and labeled. You may also follow KDM’s manufacturer’s instructions for specific steps.

What Is the Purpose of a Disconnect Box?

The main purpose of a disconnect box is to protect and provide easy access to the disconnect switch. It also allows for easy maintenance, repairs, and emergency shutdowns, preventing electrical hazards and ensuring safety regulations compliance.

How to Open a Disconnect Box

To open a disconnect box or enclosure, ensure the power is off for safety. Use the provided key or unlock the lock if it has one. Carefully remove or lift the cover to access the internal components. Always follow safety protocols like wearing an insulated glove to avoid electrical hazards.

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