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Communications Enclosure
Outdoor Communications Enclosure
Outdoor Communications Enclosure

KDM outdoor communications enclosure offers an interface between voice/data building networks and mobile communications platform. It features exterior door and environment friendly.

Fiber Optic Service Communications Enclosure
Fiber Optic Service Communications Enclosure

Our fiber optic service communications enclosures are made from galvanized steel. It features captive screws, nail holes on side, and more. Its size, colors, and shapes are fully customizable according to your needs.

Military Communications Enclosures
Military Communications Enclosures

We manufacture military communications enclosures that are full-steel construction, ballistic proof, and installed with clean and security agent systems.

Die-Casting Aluminum Waterproof Communication Enclosures
Die-Casting Aluminum Waterproof Communication Enclosures

KDM die-casting aluminum waterproof communication enclosures are manufactured with IP65-68 protection grade, anti-electromagnetic interface, anti-corrosion, and anti-static.

Free Standing Custom Communications Enclosures
Free Standing Custom Communications Enclosures

Our free-standing custom communications enclosures are made by our expert engineers. It comes with different designs and sizes that are fully customizable. These are made using world-class quality metals.

Related Products with Communications Enclosure

KDM manufactures ATEX certified flameproof enclosures. KDM ATEX enclosures are certified to be applicable for both outdoor and indoor use.
KDM is a professional manufacturer of sloped roof enclosures that are used to prevent debris, dust, and waste build-up. These are best for industrial, commercial, and more applications.
Our wireless enclosures are specifically designed to protect routers. It has a sturdy assembly that is readily available for mounting.
KDM modular enclosures are made from premium quality raw materials. These protect and provides easy control to electrical equipment.

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KDM Communications Enclosures


Communications Enclosure

For more than 10 years, KDM becomes one of the most leading manufacturers and suppliers of communications enclosure in China. We have been trusted by thousands of international customers. All our communications enclosure quality is proven and tested by satisfied clients.

Our communication enclosures are designed specifically for protecting electrical cables and more equipment against damages. It can protect your components from external heat, ice, rain, or dust.

Aside from that, it can also keep your equipment organized so you can use it easily.  With KDM’s high-quality communications enclosures, you can achieve organizational configurations.

Communications Enclosure

All of our communications enclosures have conformed to NEMA Standards. Each products are rated to withstand various environmental conditions. Whether you need communications enclosure for outdoor, indoor, dry, or wet application, KDM can provide your needs!

Additionally, KDM communications enclosures are built with climate control features. It can prevent the components from overheating while expanding the life service of the product. Thus, our communication enclosures are suitable to be used in locations with external coolers and air conditioners.

Moreover, KDM manufactures communications enclosures with safety features. We used high-quality materials such stainless steel and aluminum to ensure stability, security, and safety. These also have high corrosion resistance.Communications Enclosure.

At KDM, we always aim to reach every customer’s requirements and needs. Therefore, KDM manufactures customizable communication enclosures. We have wall-mounted communication enclosure, free standing communications enclosures, floor-mounted communication enclosures, and more.

If you are a businessman looking for the best quality communications enclosure, KDM is your best manufacturer! We offer reliable quality products, reasonable prices, fast delivery, and the customer service. KDM is indeed the best partner for your needs!

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