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Wire Cage Enclosures
4-Sided Cage Wire Enclosures
4-Sided Cage Wire Enclosures

4-Sided cage wire Enclosures are designed with hardwearing substance to suit every client requirement. A wide variety of designs and cages are available depending in your specifications.

Adjustable Wire Cage Enclosures
Adjustable Wire Cage Enclosures

Adjustable wire cage enclosures are very functional enclosures. These have an adjustable panel that makes it more versatile. It will keep the equipment secure inside.

Hinged-door Wire Cage Enclosures
Hinged-door Wire Cage Enclosures

Hinged-door wire cage Enclosures are manufactured with the strong and sturdy exterior. These applications ensure to last no matter what hazardous conditions appear.

Modular Wire cage Enclosures
Modular Wire Cage Enclosures

Modular wire cage Enclosures are made from high-quality elements that give a modified creation. KDM offers excellent and good-looking designs.

Powder-Coated Wire Cage Enclosures
Powder-Coated Wire Cage Enclosures

Powder-Coated Wire Cage Enclosures are enclosures commonly used in an indoor locations. These applications contain unobstructed visibility yet provides maintenance-free.

Rackback Wire Cage Enclosures
Rackback Wire Cage Enclosures

Rack-back Wire Cage Enclosures feature a safety barrier to any device or machine. It has the ability to prevent theft by controlling access. This is easy to install wire-cage enclosures.

Single-Wall Wire Cage Enclosures
Single-Wall Wire Cage Enclosures

Single-Wall Wire Cage Enclosures can withstand interior utilization. Manufactured with transparent visibility of the loads inside. It allows the circulation of heat and air while letting the light in.

Super Lockable wire Enclosures
Super Lockable wire Enclosures

Super Lockable wire Enclosures ensure the security of wire very satisfactory. KDM can customize and design your commercial and industrial solutions.


Woven Wire Cage Enclosures
Woven Wire Cage Enclosures

Woven Wire Cage Enclosures offers long-lasting dependability and durability functions. These are heavy-duty applications that suit your stipulations.


Ventilated Wire Cage Enclosures
Ventilated Wire Cage Enclosures

Ventilated Wire Cage Enclosures proposing cost-effective to customer while meeting the commitment of giving the best quality performances.

Related Products of Wire Cage Enclosures
Wireless enclosures are enclosures that are ideal in protecting and securing the instruments from harsh environment conditions.
Consolidation Point Enclosure provides cable routing alternatives. Designed by KDM with impact-resistant that can suit your demand.
Backflow Enclosure provides protection to valuable equipment interior such as double checks and vacuum breakers.
Vandal-Resistant Enclosure designed with sturdy, high-security functions and specially created with vandal-proof.

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  • Provides heavy-duty applications
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  • 10 years of professionalism in the Manufacturing Industry

KDM Wire Cage Enclosures

KDM Wire Cage Enclosures are used in various industrial and commercial applications.

Particularly designed to secure all types of machinery equipment guarding, computer equipment and products whilst protecting the personnel.

These establish safe and reliable storage solutions for any kind of electrical type of equipment or materials.

Applied commonly in an indoor location to prevent security, unauthorized access to the units, and unrestricted ventilation.

These features a polished look, clean and advanced designs.

Wire Cage Enclosures

These wire cages enclosures are ideal in the industry because of its simple design yet durable and sturdy cages that indicate easier and quicker installation and uninstallation.

A barrier that well-developed to support posts with standard wedges and hold firmly in place.

Our wire cage enclosures are stackable, modular and all-welded.

Features very flexible that give unique security with heavy-duty assembly.

These are easy to set-up with scratch-resistance and low-maintenance consumption.

The heavy-duty KDM Wire Cage Enclosures provides high visibility that constructed with galvanized solution and welded-steel to provide durability.

With a strong and tough exterior, that minimizes the casting and bending.

Wire Cage Enclosures

An enclosure that offers convenient option for securing and storing products and other equipment.

Additionally, these have highly versatile solid infill options to provide long service life applications.

That ensures a security in-ceiling wire panel system.

A broad variety of KDM Wire cage enclosures are available in your specifications and requirements that well-manufactured to your accurate industrial wire enclosure needs.

With 10 years of professionalism in fabricating our product, we created established and superb units.

Our industrial product wire cage enclosures can give more efficiency and productive facility.

KDM is the premier manufacturer and supplier in China.

Wire Cage Enclosures

When you purchase to KDM, you can ensure the best yet economic-cost finishes.

With the IP66 enclosure confirmed certified, you will never regret the high-standard products you will receive.

Moreover, our staff and craftsmen are always prepared to support you with all your projects.

We provide 24/7 online assistance to cater your requirements on enclosures.

We customized your demand according to the machinery equipment, project requirements, and facility. You can choose what colors you desired in your solution. We provide lock and door options. All doors and locks are durable, secure and last for longer protection against several damages and thefts.

Get the excellent and well-made Wire Cage Enclosures from KDM. Contact us now.

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