KDM Switchgear Enclosure

KDM switchgear enclosure has the ability to protect every electrical equipment part from the building. These are constructed and manufactured from stainless steel, aluminum, and steel.

With the rapid growth of technology nowadays, we also active upgrade our range of products so that we could meet the market standard and optimize our manufacturing capability.

KDM has a wide range of high-tech and state-of-the-art electronic and mechanical system packaging. They can resist and withstand heavy and most complex industrial projects. For any high-performance operation, this cabinet will surely integrate your building’s safety. Enhance your system prevention through high-quality KDM cabinets.

  • Switchgear enclosure constructed and built from finest quality material
  • Complete range of switchgear panels for any project
  • The switchgear enclosure is ideal for any high-performance applications
  • Our panels offer easier maintenance, enhance the security of component

KDM Switchgear Enclosure Series

Low Voltage Switchgear Enclosure

Highly dependable solution for power control and protection from any hazardous effect of ingress of environmental elements. KDM low voltage switchgear enclosure is ultimately the simple, fast, and flexible solution for your next project.


Compact Switchgear Enclosure

KDM compact switchgear enclosure is the most cost-effective solution for your portable components. Reduced installation cost and saved charges effectively.


Metal-enclosed Switchgear Enclosure

KDM design and manufactured metal-enclosed switchgear enclosure to your exact requirements. In any critical infrastructure installation, our metal-enclosed switchgear enclosure ensures a safe and reliable operation.

Low Voltage Switchgear Enclosure

The outdoor switchgear enclosure provides extra safety and reliability in the system than indoor panels. They have great protection from any weather conditions.

Gas-insulated Switchgear Enclosure

All gas-insulated switchgear enclosure provides excellent strength and extra safety to the valuable equipment. They are consist of powerful properties which deliver high mechanical strength.


MV Switchgear Enclosure

The MV switchgear enclosure takes lesser space for low operation cost. This will reduce the risk of damage and the hazardous effect of any deficiency.

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KDM has a full line of switchgear enclosures that is amongst the best in the industry. We manufacture and supply panels that come in all sizes, shapes, and colors. With this selection of components, you can find the right and appropriate solution for all your needs.

At KDM, we are experts in providing and supplying new, innovative, and top-quality enclosures. We aim to fully meet every client’s requirement and desire. By accommodating the different levels of project standards, we will assure you guaranteed-quality products right for your needs. Our technical engineers will supervise the entire production. We will assure you of on-time and efficient output.

  • Professional engineers to design and develop orders
  • The enclosure will be delivered on-time
  • Customize panel to meet special project requirements
  • Instant solution for all your switchgear packaging need

KDM Switchgear Enclosure

At KDM, our team of experts will offer you the models that meet your site requirements.

However, we will design your enclosure that specifically fulfills your special need.

We can provide a bespoke service that ensured you meet all your specifications.

Structure engineering, designing, fabrication, and all other responsibility, we will execute the entire production in our unit.

This is fully assembled considering all the international standards.

The enclosure is guaranteed reliability and durability.

We provide you with a superior quality switchgear enclosure at a competitive cost.

Our switchgear enclosure is fully designed and engineered to meet and exceed NEMA, ANSI, and IEC standards.

Manufactured in China, KDM’s innovative switchgear enclosure is proven to be reliable, operational, and cost-effective.

Over 10 years of expertise in production, KDM has gained a rich understanding and knowledge to develop an enclosure fully satisfies your needs.

This comprehensive range of products delivered safety and reliability to the component.

The switchgear enclosure is ideal for high-performance applications.

With KDM’s activeness of managing new and innovative solutions, our creativity is limitless.

All components are installed with an excellent and certified level of protection.

Switchgear Enclosure c

The range of KDM cabinets can be applied in different locations such as substations, food and beverage facility, and more commercial and industrial applications.

Cabinets can be created inside with compartments and wall construction.

These are done for structure unsurpassed durability thus keeping your equipment at the right temperature.

KDM is your one-stop-shop supplier for all kinds of switchgear enclosure needs.

If you are looking for a reliable and professional switchgear enclosure manufacturer and supplier in China, contact KDM today!

What is Switchgear Enclosure?

Switchgear enclosure is often housed in the facility for safety purposes.

Most private industries and power-generating utility companies use switchgear enclosures for high-voltage electrical equipment.

What is the Purpose of Switchgear Enclosure?

Switchgear enclosure is used to keep a high-voltage power system protected from overload.

Also, it keeps your switchgear and electronic controls safe from the weather.

A switchgear enclosure can shelter switchgear devices from potential vandalism and the weather.

Is the Switchgear Enclosure Dangerous?

Switchgear enclosure without reliable structures to protect your equipment will cause damage.

As a result, it can be dangerous when the equipment or devices are outdoors.

Why I Need Switchgear Enclosure?

As mentioned earlier, the switchgear enclosure can be damaged. It is dangerous to the equipment.

That’s why it is important to protect electrical equipment or switchgear power system with a reliable switchgear enclosure structure.

In addition to this, it is necessary to shelter the switchgear, especially in sub-stations and power stations.

For that reason, it safeguards the personnel or operators during maintenance and operation.

Switchgear enclosure will ensure the gear’s fault or effects on any section are confined to limited regions.

What Are the Materials Used to Construct Switchgear Enclosure?

Switchgear enclosure can be available in aluminum, concrete, steel, and fiberglass.

What is the Advantage of Switchgear Enclosure?

A reliable switchgear enclosure gives advantages to your specific applications, including:

  • Protect the equipment from environmental challenges.
  • Match existing layouts and footprints
  • Minimize customer downtime
  • Limit installation time

What Does the Switchgear Enclosure Look Like?

Switchgear enclosure is a box-like structure.

It is made up of front panels, side panels, rear panels, and external panels.

These panels can determine chimneys that are attached to an enclosure through apertures.

What is the Feature of Switchgear Enclosure?

Switchgear enclosure comes with excellent features, such as:

  • Mounting plate
  • 180 degrees hinge door
  • Double-bit insert cam lock

What is the Available Surface Finish for Switchgear Enclosure?

Switchgear enclosure is available in powder-coated, dip coat primed, 7035 powder coating, textured RAL, and more.

What is the Application of Switchgear Enclosure?

Switchgear enclosure is useful for commercial and industrial applications.

What is the Switchgear Enclosure Use for?

Switchgear enclosure has multiple uses, such as:

  • Battery isolating switches
  • Entertainment controls
  • Electrical switch panels

For more information about switchgear enclosure, you can contact one of our sales representatives.

KDM is a leading switchgear enclosure manufacturer in China that meets all your requirements.

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