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Your Best Stainless Steel Mailbox Manufacturer in China

  • KDM stainless steel mailbox is fitted with secure key locks, allowing you to keep your mail safe. The brushed finish on the stainless steel mailbox carries an exclusive, stunning look in front of your surroundings.
  • When it comes to choosing stainless steel mailbox models, with KDM, you’ll find a choice of sizes, so you don’t need to worry about finding a post box to suit your property.
  • Stainless Steel 316 Mailbox
  • Stainless Steel Mailbox

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Questions You May Ask About Our Stainless Steel Mailbox

KDM Stainless Steel Mailbox

KDM stainless steel mailbox will keep your mail secure as it can be. This mailbox can withstand the attacks of weather (from rain to heavy snow), constant use and rowdy teenagers without harm.

Every stainless steel post box from KDM is fabricated with exceptional craftsmanship and highest grade materials, makes them be weather resistant and durable. And can accommodate all volumes of mail, ensuring that it’s protected from thieves.

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KDM Stainless Steel Mailbox

KDM stainless steel mailbox with modern, curvaceous design standing features a stylish yet simple with a clean look, straight-forward design. The smooth sleek design of our selection of stainless steel mailboxes is available for both wall mount and post mount installation.

Stainless Steel Mailbox Manufacturing

Stainless Steel Mailbox Manufacturing

The box stays efficient and attractive from year to year. This mailbox from KDM can be installed onto a wall or on a separate stand. KDM makes many of these modern mailboxes that meet your needs and style.

KDM stainless steel mailbox not just feature durability but also they are popular for their sleek, contemporary appearance. With an arced shape this modern mailbox is spacious enough for magazines to lay flat and includes a magazine compartment. At KDM, we offered a stainless steel mailbox perfect for commercial and residential installations.

Stainless Steel Mailbox Accessories

Stainless Steel Mailbox Accessories

KDM uses an extra thick latch made of tough stainless steel to provide strong resistance to pry attacks. Stainless steel mailbox has 3 drain holes in the bottom and also available with a window. Further, mailbox accessories or spare parts are also available. With KDM range of stainless steel mailbox, you can find mailbox exactly what you’re looking for.

With KDM stainless steel mailbox, you have the opportunity to keep your mail secure, preventing it from being damaged by any weather conditions and potential thieves. Our stainless steel mailbox offers unmatched protection against rust in corrosive environments. The stainless steel mailbox that we supply are made to last, makes them suitable for any outdoor installations.

Stainless Steel Mailbox Material

Stainless Steel Mailbox Material

As a leading manufacturer of stainless steel mailbox in China, KDM has offered this box for over 10 years. Our engineers evolve and keep developing an innovative range of stainless steel products for any applications it suited. For a decade in the industry, we strive to provide the best mailbox solutions to our customers.

With professional and experienced designing, fabricating team, and advanced fabricating technology, our stainless steel mailbox meets the most premium and large quantity demands for different industrial projects. Our mailbox products are a highly popular mailbox in the market.

Stainless Steel Mailbox Manufacturing 2

Stainless Steel Mailbox Manufacturing 2

For additional assistance in choosing the best stainless steel mailboxes solution for your needs, or looking for the best product regarding a specific contemporary mailbox model, please contact us.

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