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Over 10 years of Expertise in Manufacturing PVC Enclosure.

In KDM, you can find great selection of attractive, stylish and stunning design of PVC enclosure.

KDM PVC enclosure has strong ability to source and achieve necessary protection for your project.

KDM PVC enclosure has exceptional strong and durability to withstand constant stress in wider range of environmental conditions.

Offered enclosures are available wide range of styles and sizes to keep every electrical, instrument, and other equipment secured and safe.

The PVC enclosure is lighter than other materials such as stainless steel or fibreglass. This enclosure type offered easier installation.

KDM design PVC enclosure rated and listed to UL and NEMA standards.There are PVC enclosure which meet NEMA type 1, 3, 3R, 4, 4x, and more.

Our PVC enclosures are available in variety of sizes, shapes and configurations to meet every application needs.

KDM PVC Enclosure

4X4 PVC Box

KDM 4×4 PVC box is made from plastic raw material which provide highest degree of protection and durability to be used in toughest application.

Orange PVC Junction Box

The orange PVC junction box is assembled and manufactured to innovative technology. KDM has great capability to produce and develop safe, reliable and unique panels.

Indoor Electrical PVC Enclosure

KDM design indoor electrical PVC enclosure with plenty options of shapes, sizes, colors and mounting options. KDM is your ideal one-stop solution for your needs.

PVC Utility Box

PVC utility box are made from superior materials ensures reliability and efficiency. With KDM, you can find great way to showcase your brand.

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Your Premier PVC Enclosure Manufacturer and Supplier in China

  • Durable and tested-quality PVC enclosure on well-defined parameter
  • Premium quality PVC enclosure is made from high-grade raw material
  • Full selection of customizable PVC enclosures
  • Custom PVC enclosure ship out on-time
PVC Enclosure
Stainless steel enclosure Laser Cutting

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  • 100% guaranteed-quality PVC enclosure
  • Stunning, modern and innovative design PVC enclosure
  • Engineered and built to meet standard
  • Safe, secured and functional PVC enclosure

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KDM PVC Enclosure

PVC Enclosure

These are perfect solution for commercial, industrial and residential application.

Our PVC enclosure meets and exceeds different standards and quality requirements.

With KDM, you can ensure a reliable and dependable PVC enclosure to showcase your brand.

The PVC enclosure offered by KDM has been best choice for many customers for a variety of reasons.

Our kind of enclosure outstands with its advantageous property and robustness.

They are able to withstand greater impact and harsh conditions where they are housed.

The following elements include rain, dust, sun, and dirt.

In KDM, you can find stunning, intelligent, smart and versatile design PVC enclosure which looks great in your brand.

The enclosure reliable construction makes it preferred choice to showcase your business.

At the same time, KDM can fabricate additional accessories with the panel such as locking system to prevent theft and accidental escapes.

If you would want to custom design panel, you can speak with our professional engineers to meet your requirement.

PVC Enclosure

Our top of the line enclosure offered maximum capability to build up to market standard.

With multiple accessories included, you can ensure functional, beautiful and modern product for your business.

KDM as leading manufacturer of PVC enclosure, we are dedicated to offer superior quality products.

For over 10 years now, we have vast manufacturing background to offer very best PVC enclosure for you.

KDM is engage in designing and building highly reliable panels to our valued customers since then.

Guaranteed functional, long lasting, safe and secured PVC enclosure is attained with KDM.

All our PVC enclosure are tested and rated on various parameters to ensure durability and efficiency.PVC Enclosure


With skilled and experienced craftsmen to manage production, you can guarantee well-built enclosure.

For any critical electronic and electrical equipment uses, our enclosure can be a reliable source.

Whether you want to wholesale or buy in bulk PVC enclosure, you can always ensure full technical support in your customization.

We utilized quality raw materials when providing custom solution.

Thus, the processed is performed in our modern control unit.

Our R&D team will keep an eye during the production process to make sure quality work is done.

For your orders, please contact KDM right away!

PVC Enclosure: The Ultimate FAQs Guide

What is PVC Enclosure?

PVC enclosure is lightweight. Therefore, they can be moved around easily.

PVC enclosure is quite durable without the risk of breakage.

The best thing about PVC enclosures is that most reptile accessories are mountable inside.

These accessories include T5HO lights, radiant heat panels, and heat lamps.

PVC Enclosure
PVC Enclosure

What is the Benefit of PVC Materials for PVC Enclosure?

PVC materials are durable and weather-resistant.

They do not conduct electricity and chemical resistance.

What is the Purpose of PVC Enclosure in Industrial Application?

PVC enclosure is helpful to house equipment, electrical components, and devices.

Also, it can protect people from accidental injury even when the equipment is working.

A PVC enclosure also prevents environmental contaminant ingress like water and dust.

Industrial PVC Enclosure
Industrial PVC Enclosure


Is the PVC Enclosure Water Resistant?

Yes, it is. In fact, most reptile cage manufacturers use PVC enclosures because of their lightweight and water-resistant properties.

It can also hold heat well, can be bent, and heated.

Is the PVC Enclosure Safe?

PVC enclosure has no recognizable health effects on animals or humans.

Actually, PVC enclosure is one of the most suitable reptile cages because it maintains humidity and heat.

What is the Feature of PVC Enclosure?

PVC enclosure has various features that make them ideal for specific applications.

It includes the following:

  • Modern and sleek
  • Heat retention qualities
  • Versatile
  • Customization

What is the Benefit of PVC Enclosure?

Using PVC enclosures for specific applications will provide several benefits, including:

  • Lightweight
  • Matte surface finish
  • Sound and vibration absorbent
  • Low thermal conductivity
  • Non-corroding, chemical resistant
  • Low water absorption

Can PVC Enclosure Be Handmade?

Yes, it is. Imperfections or visible variations of handmade PVC enclosure may be present.

But it has no effect on the PVC enclosure’s function.

What is the Factor to Consider When Selecting PVC Enclosure?

When choosing PVC enclosures, you need to consider the adequate protection and correct size.


The PVC enclosure size depends on what’s encapsulated.

Most industrial enclosures are T-shaped and rectangular.

Also, it may include slanted or sloped surfaces.

PVC enclosures are available in various sealing configurations, sizes, and mounting styles.

It also comes with standard shapes and dimensions that can be custom-built or stacked for assembly.

Rating System

To indicate the PVC enclosures suitable for non-hazardous and hazardous areas, it must comply with NEMA ratings.

All PVC enclosures that are rated to NEMA can protect people from accident-enclosed equipment contact.

Will the PVC Enclosure Last?

PVC materials are one of the most used in plumbing applications.

They are long-lasting and very durable.

Actually, most PVC pipes last up to 100 years.

Therefore, it is undeniable that PVC enclosures will last for a long time.

Is the PVC Enclosure Good For the Reptile?

PVC is an excellent material for small and large reptile enclosures.

Most reptile cage manufacturer uses PVC materials for reptile enclosures.

How Heavy is the PVC Enclosure?

The 4x2x2 PVC enclosure weighs only 53 lbs.

How Big is 4x2x2 PVC Enclosure?

Dimensions are 24 inches tall x 24 inches deep x 48 inches wide.

If you are looking for the best PVC enclosure, KDM has a wide option for your selections.

We can also customize your PVC enclosure based on your specific requirements.

For more information about PVC enclosure, please don’t hesitate to contact our team now!

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