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  • 100% Well-built Project Enclosures
  • Provides Complete Electronics Protections
  • Exact Assembly for your Specified Applications
  • Long-lasting, Toughest Enclosure Types

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Project Enclosure
Aluminum Extrusion Project Enclosure
Aluminum Extrusion Project Enclosure

KDM Aluminum Extrusion Project Enclosure demonstrates its vulnerability in electronic solicitations. It is a hand-held type of enclosure box and comes from diecast, aluminum, and even plastic durable materials.

Standard Aluminum Project Enclosure
Standard Aluminum Project Enclosure

The Standard Aluminum Project Enclosure is intended for free-standing electronics applications. It is IP66-rated and suitable for industrial industry applications.

Custom Project Enclosure
Custom Project Enclosure

Within 2-3 days, free layout designs of custom project enclosure will be presented. KDM Custom Project Enclosure is for housing and protecting all electronics-related devices.

Electric Project Enclosure
Electrical Project Enclosure

Electrical project enclosures are available with different customized designs. These are usually assembled from high-quality diecast aluminum materials. It is proposed into different classifications.

Electronics Project Enclosure
Electronics Project Enclosure

The exact design, custom, and the material used can be polished with KDM trusted engineers and staffs. Available with plastic or metalize construction formations.

Extruded Project Enclosure
Extruded Project Enclosure

KDM Extruded project enclosure is a type of high-quality heat dissipation electronic cases. With this, enclosing all cable wiring, circuit boards, and other electronic components will be implemented with ease.

Large Project Enclosure
Large Project Enclosure

KDM Large Project Enclosure is provided with waterproof, tight weathering endurance, and free-sizes availability. This helps for an electronic project to be fulfilled in most speedy ways.

Metal Project Enclosure
Metal Project Enclosure

To have well-enough robust and powerfully built enclosures, a metal-structured type would surely contribute a lot. It is often the most pricey one and most preferred type.

Plastic Project Enclosure
Plastic Project Enclosure

KDM Plastic Project Enclosure supposed generality purposes in electronic applications. These are assembled in the strongest and easily altered or flexible plastic materials.

Small Project Enclosure
Small Project Enclosure

KDM-structured Small Project Enclosure is available with stainless steel, aluminum, diecast aluminum, and from plastic-formed designs. It is suitable for portable and easy to carry electronic instruments.

Related Products of Project Enclosures

This is an ISO 9001 certificated production. It has complete customizing designs which has weatherproof purposes.
It can be purchase even with small budgeted prices. Most intended for electrical assemblies and constructions.
These have shining and glamoured appeals. It is highly comprised of cooling-air conditioners for your needs.
The most recommended and high-quality type of enclosure. Well-known for its high collision resistance and tough designs.

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  • Most Unified and Skilled Engineers to do Fabrications
  • With 1 Decade in Manufacturing Services and still Continues
  • Wide-ranging Strategies to Use in Assemble Activities
  • Adjustable, All-around Project Enclosure Purposes

KDM Project Enclosures

KDM Project Enclosures are usually made from high quality and durable aluminum and plastic materials.

It is for electronic and electrical applicable boxes and enclosures.

Well-fitted enclosures for giving secured complexity, for science kits, video, audio, and for robotic applications.

These are molded from all relating motor vehicle classifications.

All KDM Projects enclosure is fabricated into most durable and constant levels.

Extruded Project Enclosure

High standard project enclosures are able to protect all electronic components inside.

Components included at project enclosures are offered for huge options and in the highest standard.

Metal and plastic fabricated enclosures for electronic projects are most suited for our project enclosures.

It has elevating flanges incorporated, available also in small up to large sizes for easy carrying and removable purposes.

An aluminum fabricated enclosures are intended for musical apparatus effects, water-proof outdoor boxes, and enclosures.

A unique chassis grade enclosures are highly offered to reach upon your customers` requirements.

All of these offered project enclosures are industrial fitted and are accessible in huge-ranging electronic designs.

These also can be available with durable plastics, aluminum, diecast aluminum type, handheld, stainless steel, IP-rated plastic enclosures, etc.

All high-quality designs are available in various quality grade and custom sizes, standards enclosure types.

All standardized project enclosures are for most industrial construction industries.

Stylish, fashionable, unique and in-inclusive enclosure designs are now purchasable with factory priced basis.

Custom Project Enclosure

However, there are no included batteries when operating the most excellent quality project enclosures.

All the designs highly involve chamfered edges, Strongly IP67 weatherproof enclosure box.

Project enclosures are elastically and functioned in most flexible ways.

It provides more safety hold onto.

This is practically engineered to have side latches onto, positioned at the corners of the enclosures that functions well to lessen drop collisions.

Project enclosures are fitted for industrial industry measuring devices, controlling centers, medic tool, and others. It has elegant and sleek surface appearances.

These enclosure models are RoHs and IP65 outstretch compliant.

Plastic Project Enclosure

KDM has complete abilities to manufacture good quality Project Enclosures.

We have over a decade of experience in manufacturing industries.

So, you can rely upon our good services in relates to accurate fabrications.

We custom and surely gives you 3D sample drawings for the desired design of your in-demand project enclosures.

These are well-suited to include in business areas.

It can boom your business automatically.

We have widest tactics and strategies to handle well-fabricating processes.

If you wish to manufacture your favorable Project Enclosures through us, high-quality services are awaited to provide.

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