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KDM is a leading PCB enclosure manufacturer for the industrial and electronic industry, among others. We both retail and manufacture customizable and various high-quality standardized enclosures.

We can supply to our customers a wide array of industrial and electronics enclosures such as plastic enclosures, diecast aluminum boxes, rackmount enclosures, and many more. If you are looking for a custom PCB enclosure, then you are in a right place.

KDM has a wide range of PCB enclosures which ensures a perfect finish and fits your circuit board.

As a plastic enclosure and casing manufacturer and PCB custom assembly expert, KDM is equipped with technical expertise to ship a high-quality PCB enclosure to meet your requirements.

  • Full Customization of PCB Enclosure
  • The pocket-friendly rate for PCB Enclosure
  • Professional and excellent services
  • Wide range of PCB enclosures suitable for your applications

KDM Panel Board Enclosures Series

Diecast Aluminum Enclosure

The KDM diecast aluminum enclosure can be tailored-made according to your own design or layout. It is highly efficient and very robust, even in the most demanding application. This kind of diecast aluminum enclosure can be availed at very affordable prices.

Stainless Steel Enclosure

As a professional manufacturer and supplier, KDM is offering you a stainless-steel enclosure at a nominal rate.

Customized Enclosure

This customized enclosure can be availed in a variety of dimensions, materials, finish, and other specifications. We strive to give you the best-customized enclosure you needed most at a competitive price.

PCB Shielded Enclosure

KDM PCB shielded enclosure is available in wide selection of finishes materials. We also customizeyour PCB shielded enclosure in KDM. Source now at KDM for your high-quality PCB shielded enclosure needs.

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PCB Enclosure

Our KDM custom PCB enclosure has no tooling and molding costs. It comes with an aesthetically pleasing design and the prototypes are available quickly.KDM will be your one-stop PCB enclosure supplier and manufacturer. With more than 10 years of experience in the manufacture and design of circuit board enclosures, boxes, and casings.

We are acquiring a tooling-free method which means no high-cost molding tools.

  • Fabricated in accordance with international standards and norms
  • Manufactured using premium grade raw materials
  • On-time delivery in every PCB enclosure orders
  • Professional after-sale service

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KDM PCB Enclosure

We can develop quickly the prototypes and changes are accommodated easily.

For that reason, clients are not pushing with an obsolete and expensive injection mold tool.

Guaranteed by our professional personnel, KDM will work with you to have a circuit board securely mounted by using a variety of methods.

It included a slot, wall grooves slide-in side, bosses or standoffs, and standard pillars with inserts threaded to secure or mounting in sidewall grooves.

PCB Enclosure

KDM has stock a wide array of materials to fit your printed circuit board (PCB).

Plus, we can supply a selection of digital printing or screen printing.

In addition to this, the option of the RFI shielding to your casing.

In our factory, we also have an N2U enclosure.

It is a cost-effective and simple way of manufacturing PCB enclosure.

In China, KDM is an instrumental supplying and manufacturing a wide array of PCB enclosure for more than 10 years.

Our KDM PCB enclosure are fabricated according to quality industry standards.

The PCB enclosure from KDM are manufactured and designed from premium grade materials along with our modern technology.

PCB Enclosure

Furthermore, KDM can provide aesthetically pleasing design customized enclosure for PCB without splitting the difference of electronic component and PCB design selection.

All of the KDM PCB enclosure are easy to assemble.

At KDM, we guarantee you that our offered products are functional in addition to the exterior look.

KDM is also experienced in manufacturing dust proof and waterproof enclosure by giving proper gasket and sealing.

Along with our years of experience and strong engineering background, KDM specializes in designing IP68/IP67/IP66 enclosures.

This enclosure is done considering the appearance, styling, safety factors and heat dissipation.

KDM will suggest the proper material for your enclosure which increases the durability and performance of your product.

Moreover, we can also evaluate or suggest the internal placements of spacing and components for PCB drawing design bearing in mind the overall development of your product.

In order to discuss your requirements or for a quick quote, kindly contact KDM now and we will be in touch!

PCB Enclosure – FAQs Guide

Choosing the best PCB Enclosure is an overwhelming task.

This guide will take you through every detail you should know about PCB enclosures materials, types, advantages, and more.

So, keep reading to learn more.

What is a PCB Enclosure?

PCB (printed circuit board) enclosures are cases utilized to protect PCB against external conditions and contaminants. It stores PCB safely from accidental damage or breakage.

PCB Enclosures

PCB Enclosures

It covers PCB (printed circuit board) aesthetically and with a pleasing appearance allowing you to engage with it when necessary. These are crucial to electrical device functionality.

What are the Types of PCB Enclosure?

PCB enclosures are available in various sizes and materials. Depending on your choice, you can get standard and custom PCB enclosures from your provider.

Here are some of the PCB enclosures use in various applications such as extruded aluminum, plastics, and folded metal.

Plastic PCB Enclosures

Plastic PCB Enclosures

Plastic PCB Enclosures

This type of PCB enclosure is an affordable option best for many customers. It is easy to customize. Plastic PCB enclosures offer different features such as mounting bosses for your circuit board and built-in battery compartments, and environmental protection advantages. It can be designed perfectly for indoor and outdoor uses. The following are plastic PCB enclosures types:

  • Polyester plastic – This material is suitable for making PCB enclosures. It offers chemical and moisture resistance, excellent insulation properties, and is lightweight. But using this material is dangerous to human health and the environment. It can take up to 200 years to biodegrade and can cause significant environmental damage.
  • PVC plastic – This material offers excellent durability, abrasion resistance, and high impact resistance. It is lightweight which lessens manual handling difficulties. These are easy to be cut, welded, shaped in a variety of styles. It is great for manufacturing PCB enclosures due to its good mechanical strength and toughness.
  • ABS plastic – It delivers many benefits in PCB enclosure fabrications. This provides strong impact resistance, strong heat resistance, and high tensile strength. It is very resistant to physical impacts and chemical corrosion, and flammable when subjected to high temperatures. ABS plastic is very structurally sturdy, that’s why good for making PCB enclosures. It is a good choice if you need a cost-effective, stiff, versatile plastic that holds up well to external impacts.
  • Polycarbonate plastic – polycarbonate is a strong plastic used in making various enclosures. It offers fire retention, high impact resistance, and high impact resistance. This material is lightweight which means you can enjoy effortless moving and storage, affordable shipping costs, and easy material handling. It provides some degree of thermal insulation, and UV protection. You can easily cut, and shape with standard sizes and thicknesses from 4mm to 32mm.

Extruded Aluminum PCB Enclosure 

Extruded Aluminum PCB Enclosure 

Extruded Aluminum PCB Enclosure

Using this material, you can improve your products aesthetically. It is an expensive material used in PCB enclosure manufacturing. It can be customized to various sizes and shapes but does not feature mounting bosses and battery compartments.  Some are the Extruded Aluminum PCB Enclosure benefits:

  • High in strength-to-weight material
  • Sustainable
  • Easy to fabricate & assemble
  • Easy to customized
  • Noncombustible, Non-magnetic & Nontoxic
  • Excellent electrical conductors
  • Excellent thermal conductors
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • High strength with flexibility
  • Offer environmental protection
  • Quick-to-market

Folded Metal PCB Enclosures

For applications that need a big physical footprint, this material is a cost-effective option. Folded metal enclosures are rust-resistant, easy to modify, and lightweight steel. It is used in various applications that provide robust protection.

Stainless steel – It is a very expensive material in making PCB enclosures. However, this is a great material that offers corrosion resistance and delivers great performance and longevity.  It has a clean and classy aesthetic, durable and low maintenance.

Fiberglass – Available in various colors, Fiberglass also offers high chemical and moisture resistance. It is great for outdoor applications due to its exceptional weather ability in near-constant exposure to harmful harsh ultraviolet light. It can carry excellent electrical properties and handle impact from outside sources.

Its temperature range of -40C to 121C. This material can be easily scratched and can produce toxic fumes.

What to Consider in Choosing the Right PCB Enclosures?

In choosing the right PCB enclosure you must consider many factors such as material, applications, dimensions, environmental considerations, modification of standard enclosures, and ease of assembly.

  • Material – You can choose whether metallic or non-metallic materials. You should choose materials based on its availability, malleability, durability, and cost. Metal for example steel and aluminum is great if you need durable and cost-effective enclosures. While non-metallic materials, for instance, plastic and fiberglass are easy to shape and offer great corrosion resistance.
  • Applications – Manufacturers can design PCB enclosures based on your specific applications. It boils down to the market or product.
  • Environmental Considerations – Your PCB enclosures will last longer depending on the material you choose, and evaluation of the environmental impact of elements like airborne debris, temperature, UV rays, etc.
  • Modification of Standard Enclosures – If you want to change your PCB enclosures, your supplier will offer additional services to cater to your needs. They will offer services such as drilling, color, milling, printing, etc.
  • Enclosure Performance Standards – For you to distinguish the degree of protection of your casing offer you must confirm enclosure ratings standardized throughout your country. These settings provide ratings for hazardous and non-hazardous applications.

Aside from the factors mentioned above, you must also consider the price, style, and manufacturer of your PCB enclosures. It will help you find a suitable product perfect for your business.

Is Custom PCB Enclosure Available?

Yes, of course.

Custom PCB Enclosure 

Custom PCB Enclosure

Various manufacturers offer custom PCB Enclosure assembly.

Depending on your applications or projects, you can have your custom PCB enclosure. You can choose the color, sizes, types, etc.

PCB enclosures are offered in various materials including Acrylics, ABS, HIPS, Polycarbonates, and more.

Why Use a Custom PCB enclosure?

There are so many benefits if you decide to customize your PCB enclosures. Some are the following:

  • No tooling and molding costs
  • Provide aesthetic and pleasing designs
  • Prototypes processes are available efficiently
  • Changes can be designed at a cost-effective rate

How Do You Design a PCB Enclosure?

Consider the PCB design process.

The mechanical drawing of your chosen product must be matched up with whatever software is being used.

This will enable accurate and timely updates in both places so that they match each other as closely as possible!

It must first be imported into the CAD software that will create its physical representation right at the start of the PCB layout process.

So that they can create a custom-made board around it based on these designs later in time.

PCB enclosures design requirements are crucial and may vary based on whether the device will be utilized outdoors, indoors, cold or hot climate, high or low high operating temperatures.


To protect your electrical components of devices, using PCB enclosures is essential. There are so many PCB enclosures offered in the market, so it can be confusing to select the right and suitable cases for your applications.

Reputable manufacturers from China are willing to help you and recommend the best PCB enclosure based on your material, applications, environmental conditions, performance standards, and modification of standard enclosures.

For your PCB enclosure needs and requirements, just contact us anytime.

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