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  • Unique, universal patented design
  •  A+ rating with the BBB
  • Only weatherproof polymer TV enclosure on the market
  • Weatherproof TV/display alternative – SAVE thousands!
32" Outdoor TV Enclosure

Our outdoor Tv enclosure is manufactured with different sizes. The front cover of our outdoor tv enclosure was made to be totally removable. That allows you to remove any chance of impeding the sound of viewing your screen.

42" Outdoor TV Enclosure

The wall mount bracket allows your TV to be held firmly and securely inside the protective case. And those brackets are made out of heavy gauge steel, protected with a coated finish.

50" outdoor tv enclosure

The motion bracket inside this enclosure allows for 180-degrees of swiveling.

55" outdoor tv enclosure

You could use basically any standard padlock alongside the KDM outdoor tv enclosure, or perhaps a fingerprint padlock to keep things interesting.

65" outdoor tv enclosure

As a leading manufacturer in China, KDM manufactures a wide range of outdoor tv enclosure that is basically a sealed box with a sheet of heavy-duty glass across the front.

75" outdoor tv enclosure

Our kind of outdoor tv enclosure provides protection from dust, insects, and rain. So there’s much less to worry about for people who are placing screens outdoors.

Storm Shell Outdoor TV Enclosure

The Storm Shell Outdoor TV Enclosure gets its name from being able to resist intense storms, theft, tampering, sun, and so on.

Outdoor TV Cabinet

Outdoor tv cabinet comes with a waterproof rubber grommet system for cable entries, anti-reflective, and UV protected glass panel or acrylic panel.


Related Products of KDM Outdoor TV Enclosure

KDM is an expert in manufacturing Outdoor TV Box, developed and designed for outside areas.
It is a weatherproof, secure and robust outdoor display enclosure built with a combination of lightweight aluminum and steel
Designed for use with any standard indoor TV or digital display.
The entire unit is secured with dual high strength chambered key locks and comes with a thermostatically controlled and filtered air circulation system.

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KDM Outdoor TV Enclosure

Have you ever dreamed of mounting your TV outside? Now you can! KDM offers the highest quality outdoor TV enclosure to satisfy your demands.

Our certified IP outdoor TV enclosure offers the ultimate standard in environmental protection for LCD TVs. KDM outdoor TV enclosure is secure, weatherproof, and strong weatherproof made by steel for sturdiness and final strength.

KDM is an expert in manufacturing outdoor TV enclosure, developed and designed for outside areas. They are ideal for residential and industrial.

KDM outdoor TV enclosure supports quickly put the TV and maintain than alternative metal enclosure and effortlessly access to the show. Our outdoor TV enclosure is wall-mounted featuring lockable bi-folding doors.

All KDM outdoor TV enclosure is rated at IP 55 that provides complete protection for TV from all water or rain directions. It has tightly sealing systems and protections in the orienting, design, and protecting ventilation.

KDM weatherproof outdoor TV enclosure is engineered and designed to suit our tough environmental conditions. The system protects from corrosion due to humidity, condensation, rain, dew, and moisture from inside & outside. However, it also allows the airflow for cooling and sounds out.

KDM is a professional manufacturer and supplier in China that fabricates different sizes and styles for outdoor TV enclosure. The most common sizes of our outdoor TV enclosures are 32” to 44”.

With respect to the kind of protection you can get from these enclosures, things look pretty good. They are somewhat resistant to moisture impact-resistant and have protections against UV rays.

As a professional supplier, manufacturer and exporter, we know your requirements on the outdoor TV enclosures. And choosing robust and durable material is a great choice.

With over 10 years, we focused on designing a unique outdoor TV enclosure based on your detailed requirements.

With the avid support of professional engineers, designing an outdoor TV enclosure is a blast. KDM can be your one-stop solution for your needs.

You can discuss your own requirements from one of our representatives. KDM will be happy and always will to serve you.

If you are interested in KDM outdoor TV enclosure, please feel free to contact us today! We will reply right away.

Outdoor TV Enclosure: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

What is Outdoor TV Enclosure?

An outdoor tv enclosure is designed to protect outdoor televisions against the wind, insects, wreckage, and harsh environment. By using an outdoor tv enclosure, your television is safe from theft and vandalism.

What are Different Types of Outdoor TV Enclosure?

There are many different types of outdoor TV enclosures. Some of them are:

DeerTV Outdoor TV Enclosure

DeerTV outdoor tv enclosures is one of the more inexpensive among other outdoor tv enclosure. These are moderately lightweight. It has two airflow vents on its rear that help to lower the internal operating temperature, especially during warm weather. Also, this has IP55 rating.It is very much helpful in securing your tv from dirt and theft.

TV Shield Outdoor TV Enclosure

These types of outdoor tv enclosure have a heavy-duty frame and thick front shield. Very convenient because it is not necessary to open or close the enclosure when you’re watching television. Itsfront line shield is shatterproof.

Storm Shell Outdoor TV Enclosure

The storm shell outdoor tv enclosure is one of the prettiest among all outdoor tv enclosures. The front cover is detachable. Also, it is very ideal against vandalism and theft.

Apollo Outdoor TV Enclosure

Apollo outdoor tv enclosure has a tough front glass that helps to shield the screen against flying objects.


This kind of enclosure is designed with a high level of portability with a good degree of protection. If you have a portable tv, this outdoor tv enclosure is best for you. You can enjoy watching movies while you’re doing outdoor activities like camping, and your tv is still protected.

What are the Advantages of Outdoor TV enclosure?

Except that it is used for TV protection, here are other advantages:

  • You can also put inside the TV enclosure some external devices such as a Blu-ray player.
  • Less hassle because you don’t need to remove it. Though you can remove it if you need to, but when you’re about to do outdoor viewing,
  • There’s no need for TV adjustments.
  • Shatterproof
  • Convenient
  • Safe
  • Weatherproof
  • Universal tv shield

What are the Disadvantages of Using Outdoor TV Enclosure?

There are also disadvantages while you’re using the outdoor tv enclosure. The few of them are in the following:

  • Broad and heavily built
  • Difficult to install
  • It has issues with sound quality because enclosures are practically closed
  • Hard to clean and maintain
  • The quality of the pictures will unavoidably lessen because of the front line glass
  • Big frames


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