KDM Outdoor Electrical Panel

KDM outdoor electrical panel rate is offered at a very reasonable cost.

Our range of products allows you to find and get the right panel according to required.

KDM with professional service, we had been growing in the industry as a reputable and verified outdoor electrical panel manufacturer. Our name has been well-known in the market by providing a quality outdoor electrical panel and all other kinds of electrical packaging units.

  • Safe and easily installed Electrical Panel for outdoor application
  • Built and assemble using durable material and high tech machine
  • Wide range of units for various power supply conditions
  • Avail high-quality outdoor electrical panels at the best prices

KDM Outdoor Electrical Panel Series

Single-phase Outdoor Electrical Panel

KDM single-phase outdoor electrical panel is available in a wide selection. Backed with rich industry experience and marketing understanding, we are able to offer a qualitative range for you.

Residential Outdoor Electrical Panel

Our Outdoor Electrical Panel is intended for residential application is available in various specifications and dimensions. This technically advanced product can be offered at affordable rates.

Double-door Outdoor Electrical Panel

In KDM, we can construct double-door panels from stainless steel, polycarbonate, and steel. This product built to last longer in a corrosive, wet environment.

Square-d Outdoor Electrical Panel

Shop top-quality squared-d outdoor electrical panel in KDM. Innovative, reliable, and cost-efficient products offer optimal performance for any power supply project.

36-Way Outdoor Electrical Panel

KMD 36-way outdoor electrical panel is applicable for special corrosion-proof, waterproof locations. This material is easy to install for any specific project. Luxury and attractive panel design.

IP66 Outdoor Electrical Panel

IP66 Outdoor Electrical Panel available with improved design and robust material. The structure provides great resistance to the harshest and most challenging weather.

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Outdoor Electrical Panel
Outdoor Electrical Panel

Our large selection of panels and enclosures surely provide you with everything you need to create a reliable, safe, and clean system packaging solution.

For electrical enclosures special projects, you can find better than KDM.

  • Different types of outdoor electrical panels are available
  • Price range offered at reasonable cost
  • The custom-engineered unit as per specification and need
  • Well-trained technical engineers to handle your request

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  • RV Electrical Panel
    KDM RV Electrical Panel is made up of sturdy material. You can guarantee high-quality products with excellent service.
  • 200AMP Circuit Breaker Panel
    Keep your electrical equipment and any valuable component protected from any harmful aspect with the KDM circuit breaker panel.
  • Distribution Panel
    Find a high-performance distribution panel that provides protection with the fuse or circuit breaker efficiently.
  • 200 AMP Panel
    Sturdy and well constructed 200 AMP Panel by KDM professional engineers offered at a very reasonable cost.

KDM Outdoor Electrical Panel

KDM outdoor electrical panel worked efficiently to the power supply, electric distribution, and all other valuable and vulnerable equipment.

This unit has the capability to provide optimum protection to the devices from harsh and tough weather conditions.

Due to the intended application of the unit, outdoor electrical panels manufactured in accordance to the main industry testing and standards.

Over the years in the production, we, KDM, dedicated to manufacture and supply a wide array of outdoor electrical panels perfectly meet the various industry application.

Thus, we can help you with choosing a unit based on your specifications and budget.

Consequently, we can offer custom solutions to your specific project.

You can send us your design and our engineers will handle it.

With wide experience, they had gained the capabilities to developed high operational products sharply.

They will construct a product considering the location and the environmental factors around.

Combined with our latest machines, we are able to actively develop a product that can withstand heavy weather conditions.

outdoor electrical panel


Our outdoor electrical panel has a high level of efficiency.

The material used is reliable.

It provides great resistance to corrosion, fire, water, dust and it has UV protection.

For any wet locations, our outdoor electrical panel has met, rated, and exceed certification and such as CE, NEMA, IP, UL, IEC, and others.

With that, you can guarantee a highly reliable unit to protect your sensitive and expensive components.

Easy to install.

Simple yet rigid structure.

A high-quality panel is what KDM is used to provide.

These operating equipment are safe and uptime.

outdoor electrical panel

This outdoor electrical panel types available include Single-phase Outdoor Electrical Panel, Residential Outdoor Electrical Panel, Double-door Outdoor Electrical Panel, Square-d Outdoor Electrical Panel, and more.

Panels are manufactured to offer optimum performance and long-lasting performance, as well as the relevant industry standards.

These panels are highly durable and effective.

Also, it can sustain adverse weather conditions and harsh environmental situations.

With high operational capacity, modern technology, premium quality raw material, well-established manufacturing unit, you can satisfy with our system.

With a decade in the industry, we are one of the most prominent manufacturers and suppliers of Outdoor electrical panels.

Our units have been greatly appreciated by our local and overseas customers.

They admire our product for being energy efficient, functionally safe, reliable, durable, longer-lasting and secure.

Over the years, the great performance and market value of our panel positioned us to be among the best outdoor electrical panel manufacturer in the world.

If you have any questions, or you want more info about any KDM custom electrical enclosure, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

We will be glad to help.

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