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NEMA 4 Junction box
NEMA 4 Cast Junction box
NEMA 4 Cast Junction box

Highly-available with cast iron and cast aluminum material used. These NEMA 4 cast junction boxes are for network transmissions. With excessive protection from bags of dust. Also high protected from watery sections and environments.

NEMA 4 Coupling Junction box
NEMA 4 Coupling Junction box

These are very useful for electrical-related constructions. With resilient designs, highly-proofed from specks of dust and from waters. These are also applicable for electrical networking applications. 

NEMA 4 Dead Front Junction box
NEMA 4 Dead Front Junction box

Comes from very raw and non-metallic substances. NEMA 4 dead front junction boxes are for FA dominance. For outdoor and washboard exercises. If you have own design ideas about these, give us some. We provide the best manufacturing services based on your drawings. 

NEMA 4 Drip Shield Junction box
NEMA 4 Drip Shield Junction box

Usually locates wall-mounted. NEMA 4 drip shield junction boxes are proven very simplest to install. Hanged or not, these products surely give fair and quality-marked performances.

NEMA 4 Fan Cover Junction box
NEMA 4 Fan Cover Junction box

This product equipment is very known in giving the most greatest-quality electrical functions. Offers sincerely in the KDM market for competitive rates. Industrially functional. 

NEMA 4 LED lights Junction box
NEMA 4 LED lights Junction box

These were usually for indoor applications only. NEMA 4 LED lights junction box provides personnel`s electrical safety. Also compatible with any electrical lighting-related tasks. 

NEMA 4 Sun Shield Junction box
NEMA 4 Sun Shield Junction box

NEMA 4 Sun shield junction boxes are majorly functional on electrical assemblies. Multiple or only one mechanism and electrical devices are protected while operating this kind of junction box.

NEMA 4 Vent Junction box
NEMA 4 Vent Junction box

NEMA 4 vent junction boxes are with federate-shaped equipment type. Helpful to make sure of censorious electronic units keep away from electrical harms and fire cause. Efficiently operating.

NEMA 4 Window Junction box
NEMA 4 Window Junction box

These are used to encased electrical-connected boxes. Organized cable wiring for having well-delivered quality electrical flows towards industrial places. Intend for outdoor implementations.

Stainless Steel NEMA 4 Junction box
Stainless Steel NEMA 4 Junction box

First and foremost need in outdoor uses. Stainless steel NEMA 4 junction boxes are place hinged for safest locating. Performed uninterrupted electrical distributions process. 

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Lockable for tight security program. IP rated and NEMA rated as well. Truly made in standard quality for your benefits.
Proven long-lasting uses. A perfect cover to protect all your cable wiring and safe from any dangerous circumstances.
Expert from KDM made enclosure boxes in polycarbonate for fulfilling any of your electric-required applications.
Absolutely an IP-rated type of enclosure box. Gives numerous advantage within exterior uses. Made 100% high-quality.

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KDM NEMA 4 Junction Box

KDM NEMA 4 Junction box is enclosures type assembled for exterior and interior implementations.

These provide the highest protection degree to some personnel from accessing dangerous electrical fragments.

Not just that, NEMA 4 junction box is functional to provide a high protection degree to any equipment types within inner enclosures areas.

 Also, these are highly proof of foreign solid entry items. Foreign solid entry items might include windblown specks of dust and dropping dirt.

And In addition, these were highly protected from dangerous equipment that results due to water ingress.

Sleet, rain, splashing liquids, and snows are some of the substances that water probably enters the main equipment.

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But these NEMA 4 junction boxes are highly resistant from any dangerous prospects.

Your NEMA 4 rated junction boxes will completely be unblemished and undamaged. Even though some water or ice will enter, NEMA rated enclosure will remain secure.

You can access NEMA 4 junction boxes with either small or larger sizes.

Standard sizes are also available with competitive rates offered. However, these are generally adaptable for transmitting non-wired connections.

Our standard designed NEMA 4 junction box is fit for erosive environments and well-suited for higher temperature rates.

And have the highest capacity to secure all controls equipment.

For outdoors and indoors constituents, these are also applicable. With over-all energized UV protection for outdoor applications.

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In KDM, you can realize different sub-panels and enclosures with optional designs for fiberglass box applications.

Not only for that application motive, but our NEMA 4rated junction boxes are also made non-metallic programs to have ease insulation and protecting electric controls.

And specifically, all paired indoor and outdoor applicable components should innovate on the highest standard. That is required for smooth electrical flow performances.

KDM NEMA 4 junction box is specialized for erosive functions.

And have appropriate sizes to suit your constructed projects.

For those projects highly required NEMA 4 junction boxes, use this into commercial or even industrial applying.

Our boxes and enclosures product equipment is tailored from powder-coated carbon steel, stainless steel, and from aluminum electrical enclosures as well.

                                                      Image result for NEMA 4 Junction Box

Designed to suit product guidelines and requirements. These ensure quality and product constancy.

A fair process of designing could give good feedbacks towards your operating business.

For important applications, standard-made and NEMA-rated junction boxes are very helpful.

Gives cost-effective, continuous and ruggedness designed junction box.

When talks about how these junction boxes actually functioned, these give rotating optimum axial.

And provide the finest crucial movements and activities. Covers that attached at junction boxes surface are replaceable and detachable at the same time.

It gives perfect solutions for your incoming projects.

KDM prior gives good-quality and proven-quality NEMA 4 junction boxes.

With over decades in manufacturing your desired items, we know much about the innovation process.

To let us help you, we can provide a great partnership. Let us handle fabrications of enclosures perfect for your electrical or plumbing projects.

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