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Modular Enclosures
Basic Modular Enclosures
Basic Modular Enclosures

This is a combination of two-segment numbers; a pair of sidewalls and a  core frame. The core assembly on this basic modular enclosures includes panel mounting as an addition. It has high-quality steel constructions.

Common Modular Enclosures
Common Modular Enclosures

The common modular enclosure presents by KDM is protected from environmental harms. It has conventional unibody configurations that contribute a lot to the power system operations.

Electrical Modular Enclosures
Electrical Modular Enclosures

This is one of a kind modular enclosure. KDM electrical modular enclosures offered reliability in storing various electrical elements. Commonly used at industrial applications and most choice of many.

Industrial Modular Enclosures
Industrial Modular Enclosures

The KDM industrial modular enclosure has important uses. One important use is to provide protection to all electronic equipment and to electric equipment as well. It is more focus on providing efficient system operations.

Mild Steel Modular Enclosures
Mild Steel Modular Enclosures

Available in the different color finish like grey mild steel modular enclosures, white mild steel modular enclosures, or black mild steel modular colors. You can print your brand name all the way here to achieve popularity.

Modular Enclosures Socket
Modular Enclosures Socket

KDM Modular enclosures socket is available in 345 mm width, 225 mm height, and 156 mm depth standard sizes. If you want customizations, ask KDM to cater.

Semi-Modular Enclosures
Semi-Modular Enclosures

KDM is a premier manufacturer of unique semi-modular enclosures type. This offered durable welded frames and modular depth measurements as well. Avail customization for semi-modular enclosures.

Modular Enclosures for Power Infrastracture
Modular Enclosures for Power Infrastructure

The Modular enclosures for power infrastructures are the most popular market demand. They were pre-tested, UL- protected, pre-wired, integrated, and cost-effective equipment. KDM provides a modular solution for your needs.

Related Products of Modular Enclosures

An electrical cabinet used in mounting displays, knobs, and switches. Used to keep the electrical operator away from electrical shock.
Consists of fuses. circuit breakers, disconnected switches, etc. Has numerous applications like for industrial and commercial buildings.
KDM has large invention of aluminum enclosures. Functional to house sensitive electric wiring assemblies in commercial environments.
Also called as Printed Circuit Board Enclosure. Useful to keep printed circuit boards and secured them from hazardous environment.

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KDM Modular Enclosures

Is your business in need of a modular enclosure? KDM has choices to offer. The Modular enclosures from KDM are constructed from high graded materials. They completely offered typical flexibility and easy controlling of electrical equipment within the enclosure.

All KDM modular enclosures in the factory are competitively rated. This is the best enclosure, used to develop the transforming demands of recent business operations.

Modular Enclosures

This enclosure type can be manufactured to fulfill the specific needs of the facility. It has standard operating temperature, heaviness, thickness, that only kdm team knows.

KDM Modular enclosure actually comes from various styles, features, advantages, and characteristics that are helpful to re-boost your marketing capacities.

One practical reason why KDM Modular enclosure is constructed is to provide support on facilitated loads for industrial employments. It completely provides protections needed for industrial equipment, drives, and controls.

Modular Enclosures

This modular enclosure is fabricated to deliver realistic flexibility. The flexibility capacity of this instrument is used to develop the transforming needs for further business. Besides, when purchasing in wholesale ways, huge money savings are really expected.

As a modular enclosure solution provider, KDM continues to show support on every client`s business. A lot of stocks are offered by our factory. However, to talk about their important applications, they are both suitable for industrial and commercial applications. Easy to applied and install for further applications.

Modular Enclosures

KDM raises the level of fabrication, value, and quality in producing modular electrical enclosures. These modular electrical enclosures are created with supreme tested operations. It was intentionally manufactured by our team to meet your branding needs.

So when you`re not contented with past purchase experiences, switch to KDM! All the products offered by our market are built to last.

If you`re interested, then, ask assistance from KDM now! Reach us from the e-mail provided.

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