KDM Modular Enclosures

Is your business in need of a modular enclosure? KDM has choices to offer. The Modular enclosures from KDM are constructed from high-grade materials. They completely offered typical flexibility and easy controlling of electrical equipment within the enclosure.

All KDM modular enclosures in the factory are competitively rated. This is the best enclosure, used to develop the transforming demands of recent business operations. This enclosure type can be manufactured to fulfill the specific needs of the facility. It has standard operating temperature, heaviness, thickness, that only kdm team knows.

KDM Modular enclosure actually comes from various styles, features, advantages, and characteristics that are helpful to re-boost your marketing capacities. One practical reason why KDM Modular enclosure is constructed is to provide support on facilitated loads for industrial employments. It completely provides protections needed for industrial equipment, drives, and controls.

  • Standard Modular Enclosure Designs
  • Good for Business Inclusions
  • Perform the Finest
  • Easy to Operate

KDM Modular Enclosures Series

Basic Modular Enclosures

This is a combination of two-segment numbers; a pair of sidewalls and a  core frame. The core assembly on these basic modular enclosures includes panel mounting as an addition. It has high-quality steel constructions.

Common Modular Enclosures

The common modular enclosure presented by KDM is protected from environmental harm. It has conventional unibody configurations that contribute a lot to the power system operations.

Electrical Modular Enclosures

This is one of a kind modular enclosure. KDM electrical modular enclosures offered reliability in storing various electrical elements. Commonly used at industrial applications and most choice of many.

Industrial Modular Enclosures

The KDM industrial modular enclosure has important uses. One important use is to provide protection to all electronic equipment and to electric equipment as well. It is more focused on providing efficient system operations.

Mild Steel Modular Enclosures

Available in different color finish like grey mild steel modular enclosures, white mild steel modular enclosures, or black mild steel modular colors. You can print your brand name all the way here to achieve popularity.

Modular Enclosures Socket

KDM Modular enclosures socket is available in 345 mm width, 225 mm height, and 156 mm depth standard sizes. If you want customizations, ask KDM to cater.

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Modular Enclosures
Modular Enclosures

This modular enclosure is fabricated to deliver realistic flexibility. The flexibility capacity of this instrument is used to develop the transforming needs for further business. Besides, when purchasing in wholesale ways, huge money savings are really expected.

As a modular enclosure solution provider, KDM continues to show support for every client`s business. A lot of stocks are offered by our factory. However, to talk about their important applications, they are both suitable for industrial and commercial applications. Easy to apply and install for further applications.

  • Has Wide Experiences to Produce Modular Enclosures
  • Well-reputable Manufacturer in China
  • Completely Certified Manufacturer
  • Great Constructed Enclosure

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  • Switchgear Enclosure
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KDM Modular Enclosures

Modular Enclosures

KDM raises the level of fabrication, value, and quality in producing modular electrical enclosures. These modular electrical enclosures are created with supreme tested operations. It was intentionally manufactured by our team to meet your branding needs.

So when you`re not contented with past purchase experiences, switch to KDM! All the products offered by our market are built to last.

If you`re interested, then, ask assistance from KDM now! Reach us from the e-mail provided.

What is Modular Enclosure?

Modular enclosures are industrial electrical boxes. It delivers excellent protection needed in electronic and electrical apparatus.

It can handle harsh environments while maintaining its great appearance.

Modular enclosures

Modular enclosures

Modular enclosures assure safe and dependable power control and current distribution.

You can find most of it in networking systems, industrial applications, telecommunications, and more.

What are Modular enclosures Applications?

Modular enclosures are commonly used for the following applications:

  • EIA standard rack mount tools
  • Satellite communication installation
  • Cable television, Fiber optics
  • Military, Navigation and positioning area
  • Wireless backhaul applications

What are Modular Enclosures Options?

A variety of options is accessible in modular enclosures manufacturing. Here are some of the following:

  • Modular Enclosures door with transparent window
  • Door option with cam-type key-lock
  • Snap-fit style neutral terminals
  • Custom modular enclosure depth
  • Various modular enclosure colors
  • Extruded earth terminals

You can choose the best enclosure options for your applications.

What are the Advantages of Modular Enclosures?

Modular enclosure

Modular enclosure

Improve your space with a durable modular enclosure system. It offers many benefits compared to traditional enclosures. Below are the following advantages when using modular enclosures:

  • Infinite Configurations

Modular frame enclosures come in pre-manufactured holes. It has spaced at standardized units of measurement allow for adding interior accessories. There’s no need for drilling and welding.

  • Compartmentalization

Another benefit of modular enclosures is that it’s easy to compartmentalize. It enables more equipment to be installed in the same cabinets.

  • Perfect Sizing

Manufacturers offer standard sizing based on customers’ applications and requests. This can help you find the perfect size you are looking for. Custom sizing is also available based on your request.

  • Quick, Safer Mounting and Installation

Using modular enclosures can save time and increase the safety of your components. Its construction allows faster load electronics and easier mounting.

  • Availability of sizes and types

Modular enclosures can be configured to customers’ specific needs. It is popular due to an extensive range of types, sizes, shapes of modular enclosures.

  • Built to Last Enclosures

Modular enclosures are built to last, thanks to its rigid fabrication and design. It ensures accurate performance in your applications. It has incredible cabinet strength and capabilities in protecting your electrical components.

  • Enhanced Protection

Modular enclosures must be certified to NEMA ratings and IP ratings for enhanced protection.

  • Easy Installation

Modular enclosures are easy to install with numerous mounting options. It allows you to install it yourself.

What Factors to Consider in Selecting the Right Modular Enclosures?

Choose the right modular enclosures by considering their sizes and shapes, material compositions, sufficient protection nag rating system. Below we will discuss the following:

Sizes and Shapes   

There are different shapes for modular enclosures such as rectangular or T-shaped. The shape can be designed depending on what elements are inside.

Rack Space

Rack space allows you to appropriately scale the space required by your electrical equipment. It is important to consider in your modular enclosure.

Material Types

Check the material composition of your product to ensure protection and durability. Most modular enclosures are manufactured from materials categories as metals or polymers.

Door Designs

Door designs will help you obtain a clearer look enclosure. It can give you easy access to your electronics. There is a two-door design such as single door options and 2 door options.

Panel Choices

The panel may vary, depending on your electronics and how it will organize. It has the purpose of holding your electronics and keeping them arranged.

Lockable Options

Lockable enclosures can enhance modular enclosures’ protection. It can be customized to suit your specific needs.

Rating Systems modular enclosures

  • NEMA ratings

Stands for National Electrical Manufacturers Association. It tells us whether modular enclosures are perfect for hazardous or non-hazardous environments. NEMA ratings also indicate if modular enclosures are suitable for indoor or outdoor applications

  • IP ratings – Also called The Ingress Protection (IP) rating system. It explains the degree of modular enclosures’ protection against the ingress of foreign objects and moisture.


The modular enclosure is available in various colors for you to choose from. Depending on your product specifications, a reputable manufacturer can work thoroughly with you.

Certification Ratings

Certification ratings of modular enclosures are significant. It ensures that you purchase modular enclosures suitable for your particular industry. Many providers possess quality manufacturing systems to deliver products that feature certification ratings.

Are Customized Modular Enclosures Available?

Custom Modular enclosures

Custom Modular enclosures

Yes, it is.

Custom configurations for your modular enclosures are available. Many manufacturers and suppliers offer tailored modular enclosures in different sizes, designs, materials, and colors.

You can request to meet your specific enclosure requirements.

Metallic or Non-Metallic Modular Enclosures Materials?

The durability and longevity of enclosures depend heavily on materials used in fabrication. Modular enclosures materials are classified as either metallic enclosures or non-metallic enclosures.

Metallic enclosures are made up of stainless steel, aluminum, painted carbon steel, etc. It has advantages such as high strength, density, and strength to carry the load. Type 304 and 316 stainless steel and painted carbon steel offer reliable protection against harsh environments. Due to its modular design, it’s is tamper-proof and panels can be easily replaced.

Modular enclosure

Non-metallic enclosures or polymers are constructed from fiberglass-reinforced polyester, polycarbonates, abs, and polystyrene. These materials have their own features and benefits.

These are lightweight compared to metallic enclosures. Here are the nonmetal materials or polymers with varying properties:

  • ABS material – is an affordable thermoplastic polymer that features hard and rigid. It offers excellent chemical, abrasion and creeps resistance. It can be easily machined and thermoformed. But it is prone to cracking under stress.
  • Fiberglass – modular enclosures made from Fiberglass-reinforced polyester are lightweight, strong, durable, corrosion, and impact resistant.
  • Polystyrene – this material features ease of fabrication and excellent shock absorption. It also offers dimensional stability and recovery suitable for producing modular enclosures.
  • Polycarbonate – polycarbonate modular enclosures offer UV resistance. This material can be molded to tight tolerances.

What Materials are Accessories and Hardware of Modular Enclosure Made?

Modular enclosures accessories and hardware are made up of a diverse list of materials. Here are the following:

  • cast/sheet aluminum,
  • nickel-alloy plated steel
  • clear zinc-plated steel
  • transparent acrylics
  • polycarbonates
  • opaque molded plastic


Whatever the environment and applications, modular enclosures offer great protection for electronics and electrical elements. Threats can be reduced using the right enclosures construction materials and design.

If you have any specific requirements, contact us immediately.


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