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KDM is one of the Professional Metal PC Cases Manufacturer and Supplier in China

Our metal pc case can contain radiators to normalize the temperature inside the cases. If you want or need some customizations and upgrades for your pc cases, just send us your requirements and KDM will create everything you need.

  • Guaranteed top-quality metal PC cases and excellent services
  • Brilliant, innovative, and stylish design metal PC cases
  • Huge selection of metal PC cases to meet every project
  • All metal PC cases can be custom-made according to their own specification

KDM Metal PC Case Series

mid tower metal pc case

The mid-tower metal PC case is designed in accordance with international and national standards. This mid-tower metal PC is made from robust steel material and is available in several styles, sizes, and color options.

masterbox500 pc case

This masterbox500 PC case is built for every enthusiast. This can be avail at the leading prices. Whether you need to order a small quantity or a larger amount, then you can count on KDM.

horizontal pc case

Trendy horizontal PC case which features higher performances than usual is offered in KDM at an affordable cost. Our selection of trendy cases will help you find products that meets your details.

tempered glass metal pc case

KDM Tempered glass metal PC case serves as the best cooling solution for every valuable component. These are designed will full-size features which meet every builder’s taste.

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metal pc case
Metal PC Case

Our metal pc cases feature the latest innovations that will surely excite you such as future-proof design and easy reconfigurations. These are the perfect metal pc case for home, office, and gaming computers.

  • Compact, powerful, and trendy design metal PC cases
  • Custom design to provide a unique and innovative solution
  • All fabricate to latest and modern technology machinery
  • Expert team to manage orders professionally and effectively

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  • plastic computer case
    The plastic computer case offers lightweight yet durable cooling and packaging solutions for every builder.
  • glass computer case
    This glass computer case is designed in a great way to make the newly built one extremely durable and attractive.
  • rackmount mining case
    The rackmount mining case is made up of high-quality raw materials which provide an innovative solution.
  • ITX Case
    This itx case is the perfect solution for every built gaming PC. We have a perfect-sized case that suits your taste.

KDM Metal PC Case

KDM is the largest manufacturer and distributor of metal pc cases for over 10 years.

Our metal pc case is manufactured as first-grades, latest designs but with affordable prices.

We have the widest variety of metal pc cases ranging from cheap to luxurious, small to large, compact to powerful and with different colors and designs fabricated by modern technology machines.

Our metal pc case can mount and perfectly contain all the components and parts inside a computer.

We designed our product with enough room to help you create your perfect computer.

You can also install best lighting effects to our metal pc case to uniquely enhance the outlook of your computer.

Metal PC Case

KDM also manufactures metal pc cases for gaming computers.

It is designed with moved-up drive cages to allow direct airflows.

We have all the high-end metal pc cases offered in great deals suitable for your budget.

It has noise isolating foam to avoid obnoxious noise.

Our metal pc case also has wide space for long graphic cards, fans and for any other expensive components.

Metal PC Case

KDM fabricates your ideal concepts of metal pc cases into reality.

The safety of your computer components especially the motherboard is our main priority in manufacturer pc cases.

We manufacture metal pc cases with the latest innovations and upgrades, characteristics,s and looks.

Our cases can be installed on all kinds of computers.

Metal PC Case

Over a decade of experience in the manufacturing industry, we are able to provide all the products in the industrial, mechanical, electrical and environmental needs of our customers.

KDM only supplies the best metal pc cases.

We assure you that our products will satisfy all your expectations in pc cases.

Each product is carefully checked by our well trained employees to avoid damages and wasted products.

With the help of our professional engineers, we are able to supply all the demands of our customers internationally.

We only use superior quality raw materials to manufacture and develop perfect metal pc cases.

These metal pc cases are fabricated by modern manufacturing process to ensure that we have the most advanced products.

Either you order our product or not, we are still happy to assist you and provide all the solutions you need for metal pc cases.

We all know that looking for a reliable manufacturer is not easy.

Rest assured KDM is here now. We have a team available 24/7 willing to help you.

We aim to provide durable and reliable products in this industry.

If you need further information for metal pc cases and for our company, be sure to contact us today!

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