KDM Medical Enclosure

KDM medical enclosures are fabricated and manufactured to provide ease of maintenance and repair. Our wide range of medical enclosures can accommodate the medical field and business requirements.

Together with professional engineers and state-of-the-art components, we can completely execute the final assembly skilfully. Over years of specialization in enclosure fabrication, we can manufacture a medical device enclosure with robust features.

KDM is proud to offer real promising products that ultimately fulfill your issues and challenges faced. In designing a medical enclosure, our engineers take more consideration to deliver easy-to-install, durable and aesthetically-pleasing tools. When the need for special projects, you can send us your drawings, after concept designing, we then start the fabrication process.

  • All medical enclosure meet healthcare industry certifications
  • Carefully and precisely crafted to meet high complexity
  • A broad range of medical enclosures made of the finest quality material
  • Completely custom medical enclosure to meet own specification

KDM Medical Enclosure Series

Medical Device Enclosure

KDM design medical device enclosure which is certified to ISO and registered to FDA. For your own requirements, we can specify cabinets based on your needs.

Medical Plastic Enclosure

KDM medical plastic enclosures are made of either PC or ABS. We can custom design cabinets including dimensions, shapes, and material, and more.

Custom Medical Equipment Enclosure

Custom medical equipment enclosure into stylish, unique, and intelligent forms can be professionally performed into our advanced production unit.

Medical iPad Enclosure

If you need a medical iPad enclosure for your business, you can always find reliable service with KDM. We have a comprehensive range of state-of-the-art equipment where the whole production process happens.

Pressure-formed Medical Housing

KDM pressure-formed medical housings are durable and easy to integrate. We are glad to create a custom pressure-formed medical device housing to meet your specific needs.

Thermoformed Medical Device Enclosure

The thermoformed medical device enclosure is one of the top choices of many healthcare providers. KDM can provide various types of devices design for you to choose from.

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Medical Enclosure
Medical Enclosure

We design a custom medical enclosure for the detailed production process. We know that planning and precision are critical factors, therefore we make sure individual components fit and work best according to the intended design. Selecting and choosing the appropriate finish for your product is one of the very important factors.

Though it does not play a structural role product aesthetic factor is essential.

  • Safe, innovative, and technologically advanced medical enclosure
  • Tough and high-quality with specialized design features
  • Specified enclosure perfectly for your business need
  • More than 10 years of experience in the production industry

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KDM Medical Enclosure

The medical enclosures manufactured by KDM passed and approved medical and pharmaceutical industry standards.

We, in KDM, have the ability to provide knowledge and expertise into the production of the medical enclosure.

We play a role to provide be one of the reliable manufacturers of medical enclosures.

When it comes to the standard and custom medical enclosure, KDM is the best.

KDM has more than 10 years of experience in the production industry.

Our customer ranges from a businessman, mechanical and design engineers.

Our quality medical enclosure products are being designed and manufactured by our skilled technical team. They can design and develop special-purpose medical enclosure.

We can cater production procedure starting from concept designing, engineering to finished product production, KDM offered complete finishes and branding.

Medical Enclosure

Medical enclosure, cabinets, and racks are design to withstand tough and most demanding applications.

While complying with required safety certifications, you can guarantee a rugged enclosure to protect valuable medical equipment and devices.

Harmful elements such as dust, dirt, corrosion, and others will be prevented.

These are specifically designed to meet unique safety requirements.

Numerous sets of medical enclosure can house a wide variety of sensitive medical electronics.

KDM expertise in the manufacturing industry allowed us to help create a unique medical enclosure.

Let KDM help you bring innovations with your business.

KDM offers a complete medical enclosure solution.

You will have the ability to send your custom medical device to the sample for certification and further tests.

Since 2008, KDM has worked with many customers for many types of applications.

We not only design sturdy, reliable and pleasing medical enclosure.

These enclosures are offered at a lower cost.

With a decade of experience, KDM engineering team knows the sophisticated demand of the industry.

To learn more about or medical enclosure products and processed, Contact KDM today.


What is Medical Enclosure?

1-Medical Enclosure
Medical Enclosure

Medical enclosures are used in the medical industry.

Hospitals, clinics, surgical uses, and other healthcare provisions have extreme demands of medical enclosures.

The medical enclosure is built to clash diseases caused of bad sanitation.

The medical enclosure employs more advanced or non-invasive techniques.

With these functions, it’ll result in a safer, convenient to test, and painless operation.

How is the Medical Enclosures Fabricated?

2-Medical Enclosure

Medical Enclosures are fabricated with the ability to deliver rigid features.

Qualified, well-experienced manufacturers are authorized to handle the entire medical enclosures fabrication.

Manufacturers used the most advanced, high-tech manufacturing machines.

A better-built medical enclosure will provide ease of restoration and maintenance.

The overall fabrication process can start once the design has been completely confirmed and finalized.

What to Consider when Planning to Purchase Medical Enclosure?

There are two factors needed to take considered when you plan to purchase a medical enclosure.

4-Medical Enclosure

First factor; Consider their capacity to produce compact tolerances.

This ability makes sure that each component will serve its intended use.

Second factor; Choose the exact finish for medical enclosures.

Choose the exterior finish which can help determine their strength and durability.

Their aesthetic factor in medical enclosure brings impact to various applications.

What are the Key Designs Features of Medical Enclosures?

Medical enclosures are available in various key design features to fit your uses.

They serve long service life, higher strength, and versatility to any intended use.

Another 6 key design characteristics to consider, such as the following:

  • Aesthetic Appearance

In medical uses, a patient’s self-assurance is important. Therefore, a beneficial-looking medical enclosure can help.

  • Better UV Stability

Discoloration caused by the sun’s rays can affect the product.

Not only discoloration, but the sun’s rays can also be the reason for the weakening and degrading of the medical enclosure.

Good thing, medical enclosures have UV stability features for sunlight protection.

  • Extreme Strength/ Flexibility

Medical enclosures are extremely stronger and provide extraordinary quality.

Their strength makes them capable to withstand rigorous environments.

3-Medical Enclosure

  • User-friendly Designs

Not only comfortable, but medical enclosures also have user-friendly designs.

Medical equipment is used by patients or physicians/ doctors so convenient use is important.

  • Simple Maintenance for Contamination Control

Medical fields such as clinics and hospitals are at high risk of HCAIs, which stands for Healthcare-associated Infections.

For that reason, medical enclosures should be easier to sanitize and clean.

  • Protection is Important

This medical tool is required to be child-proof and safeguarded.

What are the Types of Standard Medical Enclosures?

PROTEC Desktop Medical Enclosure

This enclosure has the latest design.

Protec desktop medical enclosure is molded using UV-stabilized ASA+PC-FR.

They are also UL 94 V-0 graded for fire resistance.

BODY-CASE Wearable Medical Enclosures

The body-case wearable medical enclosure is IP 65 protected.

It has a digital watch design, which is built to suit an 18 mm watch strap.

STYLE-CASE HandHeld Medical Enclosures

The style-case medical enclosures are designed with IP65 standard protection.

They are portable enclosures used to handle medical tools.

These can be controlled using infrared or cable remote control.

EVOTEC Contoured Medical Enclosures

The Evotec contoured medical enclosures have IP65 protective designs.

These types are perfect for laboratory and further medical electronics.

You can install these enclosures on a wall or by desktop.

They provide attractive built and convenient duration in healthcare industries.

There are 3 varieties of these enclosures including:

  • Flat top ( with sizes 3.93″ x 2.44″ to 9.84″ x 6.10″)
  • Liable top without or with a recess ( two sizes available, 7.87″ x 4.88″ mm and 9.84″ x 6.10″)

Both of them are constructed using ASA+PC-FR.

CARRYTEC Handheld Enclosures

The Carrytec handheld enclosures are IP 54 security designs.

It features a unified grip handle.

With this feature, you can possibly make the housing operation more effortless.

Carrytec handheld enclosures also allow wire-free bed tenancy tracking.

What are 6 Considerations for Manufacturing Medical Enclosure?

If you’re a manufacturer of medical devices such as diagnostic enclosures, this info can help you.

  1. Precision and Accuracy –The accuracy of medical enclosures’ designs must be considered extremely precisely.
  2. Lifespan –You should know the enclosure’s maintenance schedule and expected existence.
  3. Travel Range –Considered your required travel limits. To avoid the risk of unpredicted failure in transporting, use extreme durability sensors.
  4. Serviceability – Consider asking yourself as a manufacturer: Will it break or be weak in short time use? Is it a noise-free enclosure? Always think about the user’s satisfaction and allows victorious serviceability authentication.
  5. Mechanical Security –If often exposed to patient or user, hazards is possible. These hazards should be avoided as soon as possible. Medical enclosures must meet IEC 60601-1 standard for mechanical safety.
  6. Safety against Debris –Medical enclosures should be dust-free. Equipment prone to debris can result in contamination, intervention with optics and electronics, loss of nanostructures, and more problems.


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