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lighting junction box
Waterproof Lighting Junction Box
Waterproof Lighting Junction Box

KDM manufactures high-quality waterproof lighting junction box with advanced features. It has customizable dimensions so it can satisfy your needs.

IP66 Lighting Junction Box
IP66 Lighting Junction Box

We offer the best quality IP66 Lighting Junction Box with high-quality and affordable price. KDM is your total solution for your IP66 Lighting Junction Box needs!

Stainless Steel Lighting Junction Box
Stainless Steel Lighting Junction Box

Our stainless steel lighting junction box comes with customizable dimensions. These are manufactured according to international quality standards such as RoHS, CE, and more. We offer stainless steel lighting junction box at competitive prices.

Explosion Proof Lighting Junction Box
Explosion Proof Lighting Junction Box

Our explosion proof lighting junction box is made from high-quality aluminum. These are IP65 rated and are manufactured with advanced features. KDM is a reliable manufacturer of explosion proof lighting junction box.

20A 4T Small Lighting Junction Box
20A 4T Small Lighting Junction Box

KDM is a trusted manufacturer of 20A 4T small lighting junction box that are customizable according to your requirements. Our 20A 4T small lighting junction boxes are offered at reasonable price and excellent services.

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KDM is always trusted by thousands of customers worldwide as the best partner for every instrument junction box needs. Our goal is to manufacture the best quality instrument junction box that will satisfy all your requirements and applications.
KDM ATEX junction box or Explosion Proof Junction Box are especially made for hazardous location. We have been producing high-quality ATEX Junction Box for more than 10 years now. KDM is one of the best manufacturers of ATEX junction box in China.
KDM prioritizes to manufacture the best quality wall mounted junction box. Our expert team specifically designed our wall mounted junction box to provide maximum protection against harsh outdoor conditions and environments.

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KDM Lighting Junction Box


lighting junction box

KDM is one of the trusted manufacturers of lighting junction box in China. We provide customers with wide variety of lighting junction box. Our expert engineers are committed to develop high-performance products with optimized quality.

Through our advanced technology, KDM becomes expert in manufacturing most types of lighting junction box. Our wide range of lighting junction box includes 20A 4T small lighting junction box, explosion proof lighting junction box, IP66 lighting junction box, and more.

We have standard sizes of lighting junction box such as 200x200x150mm, 1200x1000x300mm, and more. However, we offer customization of your lighting junction box dimensions to satisfy your application demands.

lighting junction box

At KDM, we designed lighting junction boxes that are available in various surface finish. It can be mounted securely to another structure with its wide range of mounting options. Our lighting junction box are designed specifically to cover wiring connections.

With our lighting junction boxes, electrical connection can be easily repaired and relocated. While using KDM lighting junction boxes, fires can be prevented due to overheating of wires. It also protects people against shocked from live wires.

To ensure the best quality, KDM manufactures lighting junction boxes using superior grade materials. Commonly, our lighting junction boxes are made from stainless steel sheet, aluminum, and more. You can always assure that KDM lighting junction boxes are durable and long-lasting.

Aside from that all of KDM lighting junction boxes are IP and NEMA rated. We manufacture high-quality lighting junction box while adhering to the high standards of international quality requirements. Because of our strong commitment with quality, KDM is known as a trustworthy manufacturer of lighting junction box in China.

lighting junction box

At KDM, we guarantee that you can purchase worth-the-price lighting junction boxes. Our professional team also assures excellent services. For your standard or customized lighting junction box orders, we assure the best pre and after sales assistance.

Other than lighting junction boxes, KDM also manufactures wall-mounted junction box, heavy duty junction box, ceiling light junction box, electrical junction box, and more.

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