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  • KDM manufacture LCD monitor enclosure from superior grade materials
  • High-quality enclosure products offered at best prices
  • Innovative and reliable LCD monitor enclosure meets stringent standards
  • Custom LCD monitor enclosure supported by professional engineers

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LCD Monitor Enclosure
Weatherproof LCD Monitor Enclosure
Weatherproof LCD Monitor Enclosure

KDM offered weatherproof LCD monitor enclosure with superior protection to the environmental conditions. We have a wide variety of options available for you to choose from. 

Industrial LCD Monitor Enclosure
Industrial LCD Monitor Enclosure

Industrial LCD Monitor Enclosure is designed to accommodate the largest LCD screens. Discover high-quality industrial LCD monitor enclosure offered at competitive prices. 

Outdoor LCD Monitor Enclosure
Outdoor LCD Monitor Enclosure

If you need an outdoor LCD monitor enclosure for your business, KDM is your ideal solution. We had a comprehensive range of operational units that can be customized to own design. 

Dustproof LCD Monitor Enclosure
Dustproof LCD Monitor Enclosure

Dustproof LCD Monitor Enclosure offered the best protection with the sensitive LCD monitors. Find a simple, safe and secure enclosure in KDM to keep every valuable. 

LCD Enclosure For Computer Monitors
LCD Enclosure For Computer Monitors

LCD Enclosure For Computer Monitors comes in different styles, sizes, shapes, and configurations. KDM is the leading LCD PC monitor enclosure manufacturer in China. 

Custom LCD Monitor Enclosure
Custom LCD Monitor Enclosure

As a professional manufacturer, KDM offered bespoke service for custom LCD monitor enclosure need. We have skilled engineers that are capable to design new and innovative products. 

Stainless steel LCD Monitor Enclosure
Stainless steel LCD Monitor Enclosures

KDM design enclosure from superior grade stainless steel material. It has great properties where the structure makes it more reliable and effective. 

Touch screen LCD Monitor Enclosure
Touch Screen Monitor Enclosure

The Touch Screen Monitor Enclosure manufactured by KDM is engineered through the most advanced and innovative production equipment. 

Indoor LCD Monitor Enclosure
Indoor LCD Monitor Enclosure

Indoor LCD Monitor Enclosure manufactured by KDM is available in a complete range of sizes and styles. All panel is designed to give protection and efficiently maintain displays. 

Wall mounted LCD Monitor Enclosure
Wall mounted LCD Monitor Enclosure

KDM is one of the leading manufacturers of all kinds of an enclosure including wall-mounted LCD monitor enclosure. We thereby produced products according to standards required. 

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The CCTV cabinet comes in different sizes, styles, materials, and whole configurations. Find fit most in your application.
KDM is dedicated to offer high-quality TV enclosure. Rigorous testing is executed during production.
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  • New and unique design LCD monitor enclosures
  • High-quality enclosure comes with sophisticated features
  • Compact cabinets built according to NEMA and IP standards 
  • KDM LCD enclosure offers the best to protect sensitive LCD monitors

KDM LCD Monitor Enclosure

LCD Monitor Enclosure1

KDM designed an LCD monitor enclosure to accommodate a range of LCD screens and digital signage sizes. The enclosure can house different dimensions of computer monitors, LCD TVs and more valuables from the harmful effect of environmental conditions.

All enclosures are carefully crafted to meet the main standards presented by a national and international authority such as NEMA and IP standards. Each panel has a great structure to prevent potential damages, theft, vandalism, and more.

KDM LCD monitor enclosure offers the best defense to be used in harsh and most demanding environmental applications. Locked, secured and sealed every LCD monitors mechanical parts and components.

Our skilled and professional staff will assist you to build the ideal enclosure, either used for branding or business, we will give the best possible solution for you. Our top-quality engineering skills will help you gain a competitive and complete solution to your requirements.

Over 10 years in the industry, our experienced in designing and manufacturing quality enclosure held us to serve the growing needs of customers. Our LCD monitor enclosure can be easily mounted where the display is.

LCD Monitor Enclosure2

It can simply affix to corner as it comes with accessories to make mounting convenient and simple. Equipment would be completely protected from dust, dirt, impacts, and any damages. Whether the final application is outdoor, indoor, public or any dusty and harsh industrial environment, an enclosure will stand firm.

All possible entry of liquids and small particles of dust will be protected. KDM mostly used steel sheets in constructing enclosures as it gives extra robustness of the structure. Our standard enclosure is shipped-ready and mountable. It can simply affix on the wall or ceiling, wherever the desired application might be.

Our compact LCD monitor enclosure will be your cost-effective way to showcase your brand and business. We have a comprehensive range of enclosure sizes, design and mounting options where you could choose the best solution based on your requirements.

LCD Monitor Enclosure3

Our LCD monitor enclosures will surely be your easy, flexible and affordable way to be used in establishment digital signage, LCD monitor needs. For special applications, we are also offering efficient bespoke solutions to exactly meet yours.

KDM is your one-stop-shop solution for all LCD monitor enclosures need. Over 10 years, we had deployed successful operation and services to thousands of clients from different industries.

With KDM, you will save time and money as worked the best for you, your satisfaction is guaranteed here with us. We will serve you the most cost-efficient way for your business.

KDM is always looking forward to providing you a trustworthy LCD monitor enclosure. For more info, please feel free to contact us today. Our customer-friendly sales staff will guide you along the process. 

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