KDM Hard Drive Enclosure

Are you looking for a brand new hard drive enclosure at a very economical price? Don’t go far, KDM is the solution for your necessities. We can manufacture and distribute a wide range of hard drive enclosures worldwide.



If you are importing a hard drive enclosure from KDM, you will get advantageous benefits. All of the KDM hard drive enclosures can be installed easily, conveniently, and easy to use.KDM hard drive enclosure is made up of excellent grade materials like aluminum, nylon, steel, plastic, brass, alloy, copper, iron, and custom machining.

KDM is capable to manufacture different types of hard drive enclosures. Whether you are looking for unique styles, designs, and sizes for hard drive enclosures, KDM is always the best choice!

  • The brand new high-quality hard drive enclosure
  • Wide range of hard drive enclosure sizes
  • Easy to install
  • Support hard drive up to 2TB

KDM Hard Drive Enclosure Series

Aluminum Hard Drive Enclosure

KDM has a stylish Aluminum Hard Drive Enclosure for HDD / SSD with SATA and USB 3.0 Type-B interface.

Handheld Enclosure Plastic Terminal

KDM has the tough, attractive, and highly functional Handheld Enclosure Plastic Terminal. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for your orders.

4 Bay HDD Enclosure

Get the best deals on KDM 4 Bay Hard Drive Enclosure and find everything you’ll need to improve your home office setup.

8 Bay HDD Enclosure

If you are looking for a high-quality 8 Bay HDD enclosure, you’re in the right place. KDM offers a wide range of 8 Bay HDD enclosures at a very affordable price.

HDD Electrical Hard Drive Enclosure

Through years of industry experience, KDM ensures that all of our clients can get the best HDD Electrical Hard Drive Enclosure products and services at the right place.

Waterproof Aluminum External Hard Drive Enclosure

We endeavor to offer you the most cutting-edge solutions and quality workmanship in Waterproof Aluminum External Hard Drive Enclosure fabrication.

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Hard Drive Enclosure
Hard Drive Enclosure

Also, KDM hard drive enclosure’s size can be customized. Just send us your detailed requirements. In China, KDM is a well-known manufacturer of hard drive enclosures for different applications. We can expertly manufacture hard drive enclosures for the fastener, auto and motorcycle accessories, hardware tools, machinery accessories, and more.

Aside from a hard drive enclosure, we also offer excellent quality HDD enclosure, USB cable, hard drive disk box, and many more.KDM has thousands of hard drive enclosure options that will satisfy your customer’s needs.

  • High-quality guaranteed
  • Professional after-sale service
  • Very competitive prices
  • Equipped with expert and professional team

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Hard Drive Enclosure

At KDM, you are ensured of the quality of our hard drive enclosure.

We make sure that you and your customers will satisfy the unique designs of our hard drive enclosure.

With more than 10 years in this field, KDM manufacturing factory in China is trusted by the top 500 companies worldwide.

We can definitely help you boom your business!

KDM makes sure that you got the highest quality hard drive enclosure among other competitors.

As a professional manufacturer and supplier of hard drive enclosure in China, KDM has obtained quality certifications such as SGS, BSCI, CE, and ISO 9001.

We are indeed your one-stop and reliable solution for your hard drive enclosure needs.

Send us your inquiry for a hard drive enclosure now. You will get a quick quote for your order.

What is Hard Drive Enclosure?

A hard drive enclosure can turn the internal drives into a portable or external ones.

It can be plastic or metal housing.

Usually, it contains a technique for attaching the host computer from the drive.

Moreover, a hard drive enclosure can be a stand-alone device that can supply power to the drives.

Hard drive enclosures are designed to remove from and insert into carriers and frames that are built to a host device.

This host device can be a laptop, computer workstation, or other device.

What is the Purpose of Hard Drive Enclosure?

Hard drive enclosures are used for different purposes.

It can provide portability between laptop and desktop, office, or home.

Additionally, a hard drive enclosure is used for protecting and covering disk drives from damage.

It can house multiple or single drives.

A hard drive enclosure is an external drive that offers storage expansion for a desktop computer or laptop.

It can also house electronics for connecting between the host computer and disk media.

Why I Need Hard Drive Enclosures?

A hard drive enclosure offers many benefits.

For example, the hard drive enclosures can give the portability of a traditional internal hard drive.

Using a hard drive enclosure makes transferring data to external hard drives easier on operating systems or computers.

Plus, the hard drive enclosures will reduce data corruption or data loss portability.

How to Determine What Hard Drive Enclosure I Need?

When buying a hard drive enclosure, it must match the drive size you have.

For example, a 2.5 inches drive for a 2.5 inches enclosure.

A 3.5 inches drive for a 3.5 inches enclosure.

New computers nowadays feature USB 3.0 ports.

Therefore, you might go with USB 3.0 enclosures.

What Are the Factors to Consider When Buying Hard Drive Enclosure?

  • Connection Type

Depending on the configuration of your device, you can select any connection type.

Most USB 3.0 connectors are compatible with USB 2.0 ports.

So, nothing to worry about when buying either of these because of their matching technical characteristics.

Most importantly, the data transfer rate is based on the connection type you have.

For example, 3.0 USB can supply up to 5Gbps.

SATA 3.0 is capable of transferring data up to 6Gbps.

And a 3.1 USB can serve up to 10Gbps.

  • The Disk Interface

Your disk interface should match your enclosure.

Unmatched disk interface to the enclosure will lead to modification requirements.

For that reason, you can use your enclosure easily without suffering more expenses in installing adapters for interfaces.

The drives such as M.2, IDE, or SATA should match your hard drive enclosure accordingly.

  • Casing Material

The casing materials have a great impact on your memory disk lifespan.

The proper material is very important to secure your data.

The casing can secure your hard drive and offers an attractive appearance.

Depending on the working environment and condition, you can choose a casing material that is capable to protect your HDD from electrostatic and physical shocks.

  • Capacity Limitation

Most of the external hard drive has limited capabilities than internal memory disk.

External hard drives have inbuilt controllers that restrict the connected memory’s size from 4T to 8T.

If you need to buy the right hard drive enclosures, you need to put this in your mind.

  • Quality Vs. Prices

Maybe we believe price matters.

But sometimes it doesn’t always work.

It would be best if you look at the reviews than speculating by personal judgment and price comparison.

  • Mobility

The dimension and weight of the enclosure determine the ease of hard drive portability.

If you planning to purchase a hard drive enclosure, be sure to consider how easy it is to carry and handle.

The shape and size of your hard drive enclosures will show how easy to organize and arrange your HHD.

Especially, if you have some external hard drives.

  • Cooling

Most of a hard drive needs more cooling air.

At this moment, you can choose an enclosure that has a premounted fan.

While other storage needs a heat sink only.

So, be sure to think about the requirements of heat sink transfer.

A proper hard drive enclosure allows maximum heat transfer and airflow.

This could be ideal if you have installed draft fans in your disk for minimizing noise.

What Are the Materials Used to Construct Hard Drive Enclosure?

As mentioned earlier, the material of a hard drive enclosure is one of the common factors to consider when buying a hard drive enclosure.

There are three different materials to construct a hard drive enclosure, including:

  • Metallic Hard Drive Enclosure

The metallic enclosure is the commonest among plastic enclosures and polycarbonate enclosures.

The metallic hard drive enclosure protects your hard drive and acts as a heat sink for storage.

However, metallic security depends on the metal type you use.

In most hard drive enclosures, an alloy is commonly used to provide heat transfer properties and excellent protection.

  • Plastic Hard Drive Enclosure

A plastic hard drive enclosure is suitable for aesthetic purposes.

You can use a plastic hard drive enclosure if you are fine with encompassed physical security.

  • Polycarbonate Hard Drive Enclosure

This enclosure is popular as a PC casing.

Polycarbonate hard drive enclosure is versatile and robust.

It offers a beautiful outlook and protection to your HDD.

Most of the polycarbonate hard drive enclosure or PC casing is transparent.

Therefore, you can envisage the internal hard drives conveniently.

What Are the Benefits of Hard Drive Enclosure?

There are ten benefits of hard drive enclosure, such as:

  1. Adding additional media types and storage space to laptop and small form factor. It also sealed embedded systems like digital video recorders.
  2. Add more drives to the workstation and server than the chassis can carry.
  3. It can transfer data allying non-networked computers, known as sneakernet.
  4. Add a backup source with a power supply separate from the connected computer.
  5. Sharing data on the drives in the network-aware enclosure.
  6. It can prevent heat from the disk drives against increasing heat within operating computer cases.
  7. A cheap and simple approach to hot-swapping.
  8. It can recover data from a damaged or broken computer.
  9. Reusable hardware to lower removable storage costs designed for internal use.
  10. It can protect sensitive data when the virus attacks a computer.

How Can I Use A Hard Drive Enclosure?

A hard drive enclosure works as an external hard drive by housing the internal hard drives.

Here are some steps to prepare your hard drive enclosure.

  1. Determine the hard drive enclosure type you use according to its connection type. USB may be the safest option. Other options would be Fireware or SATA hard drive enclosure. If you through with the interface, you can proceed to other steps.
  2. You can open the enclosure. After that, place the internal hard drive.
  3. Connect all the critical cables like putting a hard drive into a hard drive enclosure and enclosure’s power cable. Then, connect the hard drive enclosure to your computer.
  4. That’s it! Most of the hard drive enclosures can transform an internal hard drive into a plug-and-play system.

How Can I Install Hard Drive Enclosure?

Follow the steps below to install a hard drive enclosure.

  1. Loosen all visible screws and remove them from the enclosure.
  2. Slide-out the cover from a case.
  3. Put a drive into the enclosure.
  4. You can connect a 15-pin SATA and 7-pin SATA power cable to your device.
  5. On the housing, you can align the drive with a screw hole and screw it into place.
  6. Put the cover again on the case and screw it.
  7. Connect your external SATA or USB cable to the matching spot on the enclosure.
  8. The USB or eSATA slot has been plugged to other ends on your computer.
  9. Switch on the enclosure to USB or eSATA.
  10. Finally, the power jack is connected to the drive and you can plug it into power outlets.

How Can A Hard Drive Enclosure Recovers Data?

If you will experience failed external hard drive, nothing to worry about.

You can still recover data. How?

First, pull out the hard drive and put it in a new enclosure.

You will be glad to know that sometimes the hard drive enclosure is actually failed.

It’s not your hard drive.

Once you’ve done replacing an enclosure, your data will be okay and you can continue your work.

However, if you have a bigger hard drive or your computer dies, take that hard drive and move it to a new enclosure.

Then, you can use it as an external hard drive.

If you badly need to recover data, take out the old hard drive in your dead computer.

After that, put the hard drive in the enclosure and get out any files you need.

How Much Does the Hard Drive Enclosure Cost?

You can buy a hard drive enclosure at your local computer store or online.

It is relatively inexpensive about $10 to 30$, including the shipping fee.

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