KDM Handheld Instrument Enclosure

KDM designs a handheld instrument enclosure with a great focus on providing advanced and unique products. Offered enclosure now comes in an extensive range of sizes, styles, and features to suit any possible application.



In the indoor or outdoor applications of electronic devices, the enclosure has a great capacity to operate efficiently. They had an aesthetic and modern design which makes them convenient to hold and use. Guaranteed safe and reliable products that allow soft and smooth operations of devices. For many years in the field, KDM has been well-informed on the strategies of effective construction and solution for every application.

Our standard handheld instrument enclosures are a feature many built-in features which allow a quick and fast assembly period.

  • KDM is amongst the reliable handheld instrument enclosure manufacturers in town
  • Simple, robust, and cost-effective solution for your business
  • Wide range of high-quality enclosures that can be customized
  • The custom solution offered to satisfy each project need and requirements

KDM Handheld Instrument Enclosure Series

KDM has a wide variety of handheld enclosures for mobile electronics. Each enclosure meets the stringent standard for the enclosure.

Handheld Plastic Instrument Enclosure

Shop the largest range of high-quality handheld plastic instrument enclosures in KDM. We are engaged in offering superior products to meet every investment desired.

Soft-sided Handheld Instrument Enclosure

Soft-sided Handheld Instrument Enclosure offered by KDM is made of high-grade material and components. We have perfect choices for you.

Wall mounted Handheld Instrument Enclosure

A wall-mounted handheld instrument enclosure with rich features is what are you after? Find the perfect solution for KDM.

KDM has the full capability to design a unique handheld instrument meter enclosure. In our modern production unit, this unit is assembled and developed.

Custom Handheld Instrument Enclosure

Need help on custom solutions for handheld instrument enclosure? KDM offers full service in designing, engineering, production to packaging.

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Handheld Instrument Enclosure
Handheld Instrument Enclosure

Moreover, we can add a lot of options such as display modules, cards and connectors, battery compartments, data transmission, and so on. There is a wide range of accessories available for better and efficient uses. You can choose the handheld instrument enclosure that perfectly meets your own specific requirements. Plus, labeling will be attached to any desired position.

We design enclosures utilizing impact-resistant materials for industrial and commercial uses.  We have a wide variety of handheld instrument enclosures that can satisfy most of your demands.

  • Economical handheld instrument enclosure meets your own special requirements
  • A comprehensive range of units to fit all types of devices, electronic appliances, and more.
  • Additional features and mounting options can be installed
  • Completely assembled to the state of the art manufacturing components

Related Products of Handheld Instrument Enclosure

  • Handheld Enclosure
    KDM design handheld enclosure is able to store compact and sensitive devices and components effectively.
  • Handheld Plastic Enclosure
    All handheld plastic enclosure has a convenient design where it can be pre-assembled with functional objects.
  • Polyester Enclosures
    KDM offer full technical service, from designing a polyester enclosure to custom packaging, KDM works,
  • Ex Enclosure
    KDM Ex enclosure is available in a large selection of styles and sizes, suits indoor and outdoor uses.

KDM Handheld Instrument Enclosure

Handheld Instrument Enclosure

We are always open to any customization request. Tell us what you exactly need and we will build an enclosure just the way you want it. With our expert and knowledgeable team of engineers, we are able to develop unique and innovative solutions for every need.

Also, We have a sort of new technologically advanced production equipment where the fabrication undergoes. The following production unit includes engraving, surface coating, printing, drilling, milling, and more.

Our factory is equipped with high-performance machinery where you can fully customize the enclosure and carry out modifications easily. KDM is full of skilled workers who had been providing professional services from the start.

Custom handheld instrument enclosure and cases that will boost your business productivity with KDM. Our sales team will always be glad to accommodate your request.

Handheld Instrument Enclosure

So there contact us for more information. All our enclosures have been fully tested during the production process and reviewed before being shipped out. Our strict QC team performs rigorous testing to ensure zero compromises on quality.

Based in China, KDM is the leading and foremost manufacturer of handheld instrument enclosures for all types of electronic instruments. We are manufacturing high-quality enclosures in different shapes, designs, and materials to meet diverse fields of instrumentation applications.

Call our sales team today and find out the latest offers. We will do our best for your next project!

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