KDM Handheld Enclosures

KDM is a leading handheld enclosure manufacturer for the industrial and electronics industry among others.KDM is both retail and manufacture customizable and high-quality standardized enclosures.



We are committed to providing a wide range of industrial and electronics enclosures including handheld enclosure, plastic enclosure, diecast aluminum box, and many more. Our wide range of KDM handheld enclosures will meet most of your demands.

Each and every handheld enclosure has an optional battery compartment. It comes with a cap for easy uninstalling or installing batteries. Some of our handheld enclosure has a removable part that can be returned to an infrared port. Plus, KDM has wide options of open terminal color, window, and mounting kits.

  • Short lead time and reduced initial tooling
  • 100% customizable handheld enclosure
  • A wide array of handheld enclosures is available in a variety of finishes and colors
  • Expandable design, and easy to install.

KDM Handheld Enclosures Series

IP65 Handheld Enclosure

The IP65 handheld enclosure is fabricated with sturdy tools, reliable materials. We have a complete line in our production, maximizing tool performance effectively.

IP40 Handheld Enclosure

Our IP40 handheld enclosures are widely used in various applications. You can get this highest quality product at budget-friendly rates.

IP54 Handheld Enclosure

With our rich experience in supplying, manufacturing, and on-site support from our top-quality facility, we are capable to provide the best solution for your IP54 handheld enclosure.

IP67 Sloped Plastic Case

We are a professional exporter, manufacturer, and supplier of a wide array of IP67 sloped plastic cases. KDM offers our valued customers a top-quality range of IP67 sloped plastic cases that are manufactured from high-rate raw materials.

IP67 Portable Plastic Case

KDM IP67 portable plastic case is available in number of finishes and colors. The offered product is designed to withstand solid construction, sound reduction, and temperature control.

Handheld Case with Shockproof

KDM is offering an extraordinary variety of styles and sizes of the handheld cases with shockproof to fit both outdoor and indoor electronic devices.

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Handheld Enclosures
Handheld Enclosures

Through the years, KDM has been focused on manufacturing an ergonomic and advanced handheld enclosure. Nowadays, KDM is offering an extraordinary variety of styles and sizes to fit both outdoor and indoor electronic devices.KDM handheld enclosure has a timeless and aesthetic design.

The offered products are very comfortable to hold. Thus, it guaranteed fatigue-free and safe operations.KDM’s standard enclosure has various in-built features that make them conformable with advanced electronic assemblies.

  • Equipped with a skilled and professional team
  • Economical rate of wide array handheld enclosure
  • Approved and certified to NEMA, IP, and UL

Related Product with Handheld Enclosures

  • Pocket Size Enclosure
    The pocket-size enclosure from KDM is manufactured for more heavy-duty electronic devices and as well as simple mobile controls.
  • Wall Mount Enclosure
    For more than 10 years in this field, you can ensure that all of the KDM wall mount enclosure is guaranteed quality!
  • Diecast Enclosure
    We have a wide range of diecast enclosure to meet your application need. All of these have passed to any industrial quality standard.
  • Sloped Desktop Enclosure
    Our sloped desktop enclosure can be customized. You can get the lowest price only in our factory. These are fabricated using premium-grade raw materials for their durability.

Handheld Enclosure

KDM handheld enclosure has a wide range of accessories.

Thus, it allows the user to fit the enclosures with additional features.

The accessories include wall stations, desk, lanyards, and pocket clips with contact for data transmission, battery charging, tilt stands and more.

In our factory, you can choose the KDM handheld enclosure whose design and size meet your own specifications.

Additionally, the KDM handheld enclosure is a protective case for electronic and controller instruments.

Handheld enclosure from KDM is manufactured for more heavy-duty electronic devices and as well as simple mobile controls.

Our wide array of the handheld enclosure has an ergonomic and modern shape that makes them very comfortable and practical to hold.

KDM handheld enclosure is mainly made from aluminum.

It comes with various lengths to fit a wide range of PCBs and assemblies.

Moreover, the KDM handheld enclosure is manufactured to mount analog or digital LCD display modules.

It can protect the display modules because of its acrylic window.

KDM handheld enclosure is ideally suited for control technology and housing measuring such as voltmeters, continuity checkers, digital thermometer, field intensity meters, and flow meters.

For more than 10 years in this field, you can ensure that all of the KDM handheld enclosure is guaranteed quality!

You can always rely on KDM when you need a handheld enclosure.

Also, at KDM, we can cater to your customization request.

Just tell us what you need by contacting us!

What is Handheld Enclosure?

The handheld enclosure is molded from flame-retardant plastic.

It is available in a wide range of styles and sizes for handheld electronics.

Most of the handheld enclosure has a battery compartment.

What is the Use of Handheld Enclosure?

A handheld enclosure is built for mobile applications and remote control.

It fits comfortably in your pocket and hand.

A handheld enclosure can keep your handheld electronics secure.

It is also used to protect product labels and membrane keyboards.

Additionally, a handheld enclosure is used for mounting analog and digital instruments.

What is the Advantage of Handheld Enclosure?

A handheld enclosure has numerous advantages to your applications, including:

  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Timeless and aesthetic design
  • Comfortable to hold
  • Fatigue-free and safe operation
  • Reinforced molding
  • Impact-resistant
  • IP 65 and IP 54 protection classes
  • High-strength and rigidity
  • Excellent for functional use

What is the Application of Handheld Enclosure?

A handheld enclosure is applicable for outdoor and indoor electronic devices.

It includes data loggers, network devices, medical equipment, controllers, heavy-duty electronics, and many more.

Since it is impact-resistant, the handheld enclosure is ideal for industrial use and remote-control signal.

Plus, it is suitable for housing control and measuring technology like voltmeters, continuity checkers, digital thermometers, field intensity meters, and flow meters.

What is the Feature of Standard Handheld Enclosure?

There are many built-in features of a handheld enclosure that can be harmonized with modern electronic assemblies.

This option includes:

  • Battery compartment for 9 V, C, AA, AAA, and N-type cells
  • PCB mounting points
  • PCMCIA connectors and cards
  • Belt/pocket clips
  • Wall and desk station with contacts for data transmission and battery charging
  • Tilt stands

What Are the Materials to Construct Handheld Enclosure?

A handheld enclosure is made of ABS plastic, Mild Steel, Polyamide, PVC, Nylon, HIPS, and so much more.

What is the Available Shape of Handheld Enclosure?

A handheld enclosure can be right-angle, rectangular, square, T-shaped, and customized.

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