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  • High performance and powerful external telecoms cabinets
  • All cabinet is completely assembled in own advanced facility
  • KDM external telecom cabinets entire design can be customized
  • ISO9001 certified manufacturer of external telecom cabinets

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External Telecoms Cabinet
Double-wall external telecom cabinet
Double-wall External Telecom Cabinet

The double-wall external telecom cabinet is manufactured using best materials and high quality tools. Cabinet has great resistant to any environmental elements such as dust, dirt, and any damages.

Waterproof external telecom cabinet
Waterproof External Telecom Cabinet

Waterproof external telecom cabinet has great capacity to withstand toughest weather conditions. They will remain strong and solid after several environmental conditions.

IP55 external telecom cabinet
IP55 External Telecom Cabinet

An IP-rated 55 external telecom cabinet will increase the system protection and reliability. Different material can be used using the production, we can used stainless steel, galvanized steel and more. 

Floor-standing external telecom cabinet
Floor-standing External Telecom Cabinet

The floor-standing external telecom cabinet is intelligently design and engineered with high prevention against dust, rain, ice, and external heat. It is fully comply with NEMA, IP, CE., etc. standards.

External Telecom Metal Rack Cabinet
External Telecom Metal Rack Cabinet

The external telecom metal rack cabinet is constructed to control and prevent impact damages. All panels have been through rigorous testing in order to ensure quality products being supplied.

Outdoor pole-mounted telecom cabinet
Outdoor Pole-mounted Telecom Cabinet

Outdoor pole-mounted telecom cabinet has great dustproof, waterproof, and sun proof when used in outdoor environment. The cabinet are made up from flame-redundant materials.


NEMA outdoor telecom cabinet
NEMA Outdoor Telecom Cabinet

Outdoor telecom cabinet is certified to NEMA standards. They can be manufactured with different NEMA ratings according to area of installation and environmental factors. They provide absolute mechanical and environmental protection.

Stainless steel telecom cabinet
Stainless Steel Telecom Cabinet

This stainless steel telecom cabinet are available in wide range of styles and configurations to meet every application required. Also include the material and production process can be pre-engineered.

Wall mount telecom cabinet
Wall Mount Telecom Cabinet

Secure and protect your valuable equipment with state of the art wall mount telecom cabinet manufactured by KDM. We offer products at competitive cost.

Outdoor rack mount telecom cabinet
Outdoor Rack Mount Telecom Cabinet

The Outdoor rack-mount telecom cabinet is designed to suit various telecom equipment and components. It has heavy-duty construction to withstand most demanding weather conditions.

Related Product with External Telecoms Cabinet

The telecom street cabinet offered highest protection to the equipment that is housed in the field.
Weatherproof data cabinet are designed to specifically suited to enclosed and protect all data com units.
Outdoor IT cabinet are tested and certified from different authoritative testing authority for assuring quality.
An external comms cabinet is made up from highly reliable, flexible and robust material for long-lasting operation.

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  • Factory-tested, field proven external telecom cabinets
  • Strong construction to withstand harsh conditions
  • All equipments meet main standards
  • Well-trained professionals to completely design new and unique products

KDM External Telecoms Cabinet

External Telecoms Cabinet

KDM external telecom cabinet have been tested to cater diverse telecom equipment and system.

Different kinds of cabinet can be a great solution for industrial building, utilities, and public systems.

We, in KDM, provide ultimate solutions for every challenge sent upon us.

Having the modern technology and top-of-the-line equipments as our working foundation, we assure you the excellent solution for your needs.

KDM is one of the professional manufacturer and supplier of external telecom cabinet in China.

Undoubtedly, you can guarantee up-to-date housing for your system.

Otherwise, if you need sort of cabinets for specific purposes, you can always count on KDM.

We will offer you one of a kind electrical solution.

KDM has rich experience to work different special requirements and constructing new and unique product.

All external telecoms cabinet has been designed to meet the most rigorous country and international standards.

Over years, we understand that quality is primary concern for all supplied equipment.

Customers need to guarantee they will get the reliable and efficient tools to enclose and housed their system.

Accordingly, KDM has surrounds with expert and skilful team of engineers to designed and create innovative solutions.

Not to mention the latest technology being utilized during the production.

KDM has great source of knowledge and expertise to produced and delivered completely new products.

The cabinets can also be designed with accessories for accessible and convenient usage.

KDM has a lot of enclosure accessories that will be attached if needed. It is optional.

We will base on your specifications.

External Telecoms Cabinet

Our external telecom cabinets have now enhanced its range of application.

Due to continuous market development, we also actively design and keep on enhancing product reliability and efficiency.

We supply from large standard range of equipment cabinets for business needs.

Whether used for specific requirements, we can provide bespoke solutions, from concept to whole production process.

If required, we also design enclosure rated and certified with IP, NEMA standards.

With today’s modern communications infrastructure, we also actively developed newest telecom housing.

Most especially for outdoor applications, we design cabinets with truly great prevention to harshest environmental conditions.

Cabinets have optimum dustproof, weatherproof, heat-resistant, moisture and other more.

Environmental issues will be eliminated thoroughly.

KDM has solutions to meet every site demand.

External Telecoms Cabinet

Our sturdy, rugged external cabinet for telecom, data com, and related equipments has been factory-tested.

They are proven to withstand different field issues.

With KDM, you can guarantee stress-free shopping.

Depending upon where you deploy enclosures, they can be built-in with practical accessories such as air conditioners, heaters, fans, etc., to safeguard components effectively.

Furthermore, each cabinet has been protected with a powder-coat finished to guarantee long lasting usage.

KDM manufacture large selection of external cabinet to meet the ever growing needs of sensitive products housing.

For all the designing and custom solutions, you can count on KDM.

We have expert technical engineers to support you in any stage of the project. KDM is an ISO9001 registered company.

All equipments meet main standards.

For more info on our product and services, contact us to obtain a quotation.

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